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Good morning to all our Coffee Time Readers, I am pleased to announce I have a live interview chat about to begin with our featured author, Emma Sinclair. She will be giving up the latest scoop on all her works and with luck maybe a little more to tide us away for some future releases as well.

Lainey: Hello Emma, how are you this morning or rather afternoon where you are today?

Emma: It's kind of a dreary early afternoon here on Long Island, but I'm doing well, thank you!! I have to say you're extremely dedicated, interviewing me after pulling an all nighter!

Lainey: *laughs* shhhh...we do not need to let them know some of us do pull all-nighters once in a while ...but I will be taking a long nap once we are done with the interview *grins*

Emma: Good, you're making me want to take a nap!

Lainey: Uh oh in that case, this is perfect timing today to get our interview done then. *smiles* I hope I did not catch you in the middle of anything truly important this morning?

Emma: Edits. Important, yes. Fun, not always. So I'd much rather chat than edit.

Lainey: Perfect time to take a little chat break then for you?

Emma: Definitely a great chat break. Actually I shouldn't complain too much, these first round edits aren't bad. They're edits for Secret Agent Man which will be coming soon from Whispers Publishing.

Lainey: Now we have a choice we can get all your websites and blogs, myspace and email or anything out of the way now then just concentrate on your books and what is coming up and just out.

Emma: It doesn't matter when they go into the interview but I can give you all the info now. Webiste -
Blog -
Email -
Myspace -

Lainey: That is perfect thanks this way everything for all our readers and yours can find it at the top of the interview today. *grins*

Emma: Great!

Lainey: Now for the big question: what would you prefer to talk or tell us about first with your current work either out or just releasing?

Emma: Hmm, I guess I'll go with my story, “Welcome to the Darkness” which was recently released from Liquid Silver Books as part of the Edge of Night Anthology (whew, that was a mouthful). Also in the anthology are stories from Rae Morgan and Sherrill Quinn. Since I really love both authors, I was quite excited!

Lainey: That sounds great, would you like to give us a quick synopsis or blurb on the character and story line, to entice our readers to want to go read it and definitely pick it up? *hint hint*

Emma: Absolutely, here's a quick blurb:

Gwen has suffered from nightmares for as long as she can remember. But never before have they tried to kill her. She is the key to a never ending battle between darkness and light, where one man will be her death and the other her salvation. Derek is the King of Darkness, his mere existence depends on Gwen and her ability to balance light and dark. As their lives get more and more intertwined, will they able to save the world, and each other?

The story is darker than I generally write, though still not super dark, and for something short, it was a quite a challenge to write! But I'm proud of the end product.

Lainey: No that is perfect, it seems to be the rage now to have a slightly darker theme for some of the books, especially anything paranormal.

Emma: I actually took on the dark project because I was moving at the time and thought something dark would work well since moving is a pretty miserable thing. So maybe most of the challenge was that my mind was occupied with other things!

Lainey: Well it seems to have done the trick and from the blurb it looks like an excellent book.

Emma: Thanks!

Lainey: Can you tell us what you have coming; anything in the near future for us to be looking towards reading soon?

Emma: I *think* what will come next is “A Wolf's Eyes” also from Liquid Silver Books.

Plain Jane Applebottom is an almost thirty-year-old virgin. There may not be an actual barrier there, but the only experience she's had came from books and a few ice cream induced fantasies. She fills her life running the bookstore left her by her father, but she dreams of a man who will appreciate her generous curves and generous heart.

Donovan "Van" Wolfe is a werewolf who doesn't like people. People lead to caring which, in his experience, can only lead to hurt. But there's something about Jane, with her innocence and skepticism, and he's determined to show her just how sexy and irresistible he finds her.
When their romantic evening is shattered by an attempt on their lives, Van and Jane run for shelter to Van's fortified home. Stranded there with Van's younger brother, Aiden, and his best friend, a beautiful vampire named Kalista, they are surrounded by danger while Aiden and Kali work desperately to discover who instigated the hit that may cost them their lives. Not knowing who to trust, they cling to each other and embark on a sexual journey that entwines them mind, body and heart.

I don't have release dates yet, but "Secret Agent Man" might come first from Whispers Publishing.

Catherine "Cat" Mason has always thought that all of her problems would be solved if she could just find the father she's never known. Sam O'Neill's job has one rule - no complications. Unfortunately Cat has "complication" written all over her.

Now, the two of them are on a mission to not only save Cat's father's life, but also their own. And then there's that pesky little lust thing that keeps getting in the way...

Lainey: Ah yes, I remember you mentioned that when you found about me and my wolves. *grins*

Emma: Yes, you and your wolves. *smiles* They are cool animals.

Lainey: Yes they are and we can learn a lot from them also.

Emma: I saw a commercial for a show on the Science Channel about a guy who was trying to teach captive wolves how to be wild again. It looked quite interesting.

Lainey: Yes it is, a friend I know has a wolf sanctuary and habitat, and I believe they try to introduce them into the wild also.

Emma: That's really cool! Of course my wolf is actually a guy most of the time, but wolves are still really neat animals.

Lainey: So we can say yours is a Were-Wolf than part-time man and part-time wolf. Or is that a shifter, there is a difference I know.

Emma: He's a werewolf. His father is a werewolf but his mother was human.

Lainey: How did you get started on writing in this genre if I may ask? And do you have other books that our readers can look at and buy ?

Emma: Most of my books are erotic romance, and I just kind of fell into it. The love scenes always came easier to me, so it just seemed natural that I'd write sexier. I mainly write contemporary but have also dabbled in paranormal and have a futuristic coming from Whispers Publishing. I have books at Liquid Silver Book (all paranormals) and Whiskey Creek Press (quite a few stories in anthologies) and will have some at Whispers (full length) soon.

Lainey: That is perfect now all of our readers can go look on those sites and find your books you currently have out to read.

Emma: Between the ones out and the ones coming soon, I have 13 contracts under my belt. That just astounds me!!

Lainey: In your case 13 seems to be a very lucky number, congratulations Emma.

Emma: Thank you! Although hopefully I'll have lots more, too!

Lainey: How long have you been published now?

Emma: My first book came out in November 2005 (A Walk on the Wild Side from WCPT) so a year and a half now!! I signed my first contract 2 years ago last week!

Lainey: OH MY... then congratulations are definitely in order for you. To have so much success in getting all those contracts and published books in such a short time!

Emma: I've said this several times already, but it kind of astounds me. Every step of the process kind of astounds me. That people buy my books, read them, are actually interested in reading an interview I've's all crazy!!

Lainey: Not crazy at all you have been extremely lucky and have a product that people must enjoy to keep you writing and getting more and more contracts to write more. *grins*

Emma: I just hope I'm able to keep writing stories that people like (so that I can write even more stories that people like).

Lainey: With the demand out there for good books to read it seems you are a fantastic supplier for them with your writing and your books *smiles*

Emma: Thank you. *blushes*

Lainey: I do not want to keep you away from your work too much longer Emma. But is there anything else you would like our readers to know; what is happening in your life with the books, any promotions coming up or chats, that type of thing?

Emma: Hmmm, not that I can think of off hand. But readers can always keep up with my doings on my website (my blog is always the most current info, though I do try to keep the website updated, too). Upcoming books are on the "coming soon" page.

Lainey: That is fine it just means that your readers will have to keep in touch with you on your sites for updates is all.

Emma: As for more daily interaction, I, along with a group of other romance authors (from sweet to spicy) have a yahoo group called the Romance Bistro. - We talk about all sorts of stuff from writing to reading to just the rest of our lives!

Lainey: That sounds great, so your readers can definitely keep up with you on a weekly basis if not more often.

Emma: Yep!! We're a fun group, if I do say so myself!

Lainey: You have every right to be proud of what you do and all you have accomplished in such a short time, so crow all you want. *laughs*

Emma: Well thanks!

Lainey: Since this was a sort of impromptu interview today, we had scheduled it later but the timing just coincided so we were both free for a bit. I do not want to keep you too much longer Emma.

Emma: Besides, you need to take a nap! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me!

Lainey: That is nothing I can sleep the day away now. But I am so happy we had this time together today. I enjoyed it so much Emma.

Emma: Me too!! This was fun and you made it quite easy. You made me sound interesting even!

Lainey: You are interesting, that is part of why we wanted to interview you. And now I hope when everyone reads this interview they will hurry and go run out and check out all your books. *grins*

Emma: My fingers are definitely crossed that it works that way. And I'll have you to thank!

Lainey: No thanks needed. I get to do something fun and meet new people especially authors and with luck they keep in touch and turn into real friends afterwards.

Emma: Great. I'll definitely try to keep in touch.

Lainey: Have you joined our Coffee Time Romance Readers forum? If not go and introduce yourself to everyone and you may just end up with a forum thread of your own... just ask our great web mistress very nicely... and bribe her with LOTS of chocolate. That should do the ticket. Then you can chat and post on there and keep up with everyone and they can talk to you too. We have a lot of new authors there this last month, we would be glad to add you if you like.

Emma: Great. Thanks for letting me know. I'll check it out!

Lainey: Perfect. And on that note I should let you get back to your editing. I know this break was a happy break for you. *grins*

Emma: Thanks!! great...more editing. *smiles* And you really do need a few hours sleep!!

Lainey: I will I promise, in just a few minutes I will be done here and go grab those needed ZZZ's. But I just wanted to thank you so much again for coming today and telling us of the wonderful books coming out soon.

Emma: Thank you so much!

Lainey: Take care and have a great rest of the day.

Emma: You too. Bye!!





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