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April not only brings showers but also an Interview with some really great authors. One of those authors is Ms. Emery LaRue. Welcome, Ms. LaRue on behalf of Coffee Time Romance

Hello! We are pleased to have author Emery LaRue with us. Today, we are asking Ms. LaRue about her series - The Portal. Welcome to Coffee Time Romance, Ms. LaRue.

Could you tell us about your series - The Portal?

The Portal actually started with the two sisters determined to save the earth realm from Hades and his minions. They are vampire sisters, created by Persephone for this purpose. One is a warrior who fights with courage and strength, the other, magic. But as I started to end one story, another came to me. Tavoli, the demon in book 1 had to have his own story, so Tavolis Claiming came second. Again, with this story, I just couldn't let my characters go, so book 3 Shadow Warrior, is in and will come out soon. I plan another three books to follow Shadow Warrior. However, that number could grow. I have alot of fun with these books and characters.

Brillasse stands out as my favorite character so far. Which is yours and which seemed the easiest to write?

I really couldn't put just one character down as a favorite now. When the series started, Brillasse was my number one lady. She was so much fun to write about. Then Tavoli walked up and swept me away with his power and determination. But, in Shadow Warrior, Blayde, the hero, has won me over for the time being. I love all my characters, and I love the stories they help to unfold. But if I had to pick one character I would most like to be like, Brillasse is my choice.

How did you come up with the concept of ultimately pitting Persephone against Hades via their warriors?

Well, I wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary. There are many tales of gods and myth. I did some reading and just let all the information pile up into one concept. I thought it may be fun to have two gods play a little game, and to just add my own ideas as went. I have had alot of fun.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer and how hard was it to take the 'big' leap?

I have always wanted to write. Even while a teen I would put it all on paper and dream about one day sharing my stories. But then I had children and life was moving so quickly. However, once it settled down I decided to give it a real try. I took the leap and in September 2005 I had my first contract.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I am a plotter. For every story idea or even the ones I have contracted, they have their own file and I open it daily and plot and plan and add. I don't know why I do this, because the minute I start to write another idea hits me and sometimes it is better than the first. So I make changes and plot more. But with alot of free time at night, when the kids are sleeping, I am working on those plans.

Is there a genre you love to read you plan to tackle yourself in the future?

Yes !! I love western romances. I would love to write a western. Something about sexy cowboys and their rough and rowdy ways just gets me. I also love suspense, and I am working on several suspense novels. But the one that really gets me is a western.

Who or what influences you when you write?

Well, depending on what I am working on, I have to set the mood with some music. I can not write when it's quiet. I guess when the kids are at school, I have to fill the void. I also have some really great friends who talk to me and help keep me on track. Mary, Deb, Rene, Bob. These are truly wonderful people and when I think I am running out of ideas or stuck, I pick up the phone. My kids, though they will not be able to read moms work for awhile, always ask me what im writing today. Just the people in my life are a major influence. And the love I have for writing kepps me grounded.

Describe a 'typical' writing day for you.

My kids are off to school by seven a.m. This is when my day starts. I set a goal of so many words or hours and try to meet that goal if not go over a little. Then its my daily house routine. Most of the time, I do not set and write again until after dinner or when the kids are sleeping. But by the time I am writing again, the notebook I always use for thoughts is loaded and ready to be put into the story.

How do you break free from writer's block?

I have had this problem once, and I knock on wood alot. It's hard to see it all in your mind but draw a blank when you really wanna put it to paper. When this happens, I brainstorm with my friends and other authors. To me it is the easiest way to grab what I am looking for. Sometimes it takes another eye to see what your missing.

Can you tell us about other works you have released and give us a sneak peek at upcoming stories?

I have two stories with the Midnight Showcase Digests, Spellfire Seasons and Spellfire Hearts. There is also a Sweet Wishes/Hot Dishes digest and I was happy to be a part of it. Midnight Showcase has many great books coming. There is also Shadow Warrior: Book 3 in the Portal Series and in it you will met Blayde. He is a surprise for even the sisters. I have also contracted my paranormal ghost/ Suspense titled Relative Dreams, and the details for this can be found on my website.

How can readers find out more about you and your books?

Visit my website . There you will find all the information on new and coming, as well as my blog and newsletter. There are games and many freebies, and the newsletter has a contest every month.

On behalf of Coffee Time Romance I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. LaRue for taking a few moments from her busy schedule to answer a few questions. All the best to you and your writing endeavors, Ms. LaRue.






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