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Hello Elizabeth and welcome to Coffee Time Romance.  I've got a cozy chair for you to relax, even some plush slippers to put on your feet while we share a cup of hot coffee. Readers are anxiously waiting to hear from Elizabeth Amber and especially your latest release: Dominic. As soon as you are comfortable, we will begin.

I’m happy to be here, Cherokee. I’m so glad you’re reviewing Dominic because it gives me an excuse to chat with you and pretend its work.  Plus, I like these cool Coffee Time slippers.  :o)

I recently read Dominic and, wow, I have to tell you that you did a marvelous job in creating this fantastic character. Emma, Dominic, and even Carlo are in-depth players that left an impression with this reader. I can tell you put your whole heart into writing this series.

Thanks so much, Cherokee!  In Dominic, I wrote about two characters from Nicholas that readers have been asking about:  1) Emma, Jane’s sister, who becomes involved with Dominic, and ElseWorld satyr, and 2) Vincent, Nicholas and Jane’s firstborn son, who becomes involved with a Shimmerskin female.

First Nicholas, Raine, Lyon and now Dominic, why not tell us a little about the new Lords of the Satyr book?

Nicholas, Raine, and Lyon are brothers with vineyards and estates in Tuscany. But Dominic is a royal-blood satyr from ElseWorld. He has lived twenty-five years of life as ElseWorld’s greatest weapon—a duty he didn’t ask for, but that he fulfills to keep his people safe. When he’s directed to travel through the interworld gate to find Emma in Tuscany, they share an unexpected night of passion that forever binds them.

Each of the brothers have certain traits and mannerisms that distinguish them from each other. Was it hard for you to come up with the characters and their descriptions?

My mom gave me a shirt that says: “Careful what you say--you may wind up in my next novel.” So true. I’m an observer. People’s idiosyncrasies are so interesting to me. I tried to tag each of the satyrs with major traits and minor quirks, as well personal problems, so they are distinct, individual, believable people we care about.

Did you help design the covers with the handsome hunks?

No, but Ken Sington’s design team really did a marvelous job on the covers, didn’t they? Since Nicholas’s “drape” caused such a stir on that first cover, the designer decided to continue it in the other books after the Raine cover. If you look at all four covers together, they have a cohesive look--a single image of a hunk, his name in large letters, and a dominant color scheme. They’re popular covers--I sometimes wrap the cover flats around wine bottles and give them as gifts or contest prizes.  So, although I didn’t design the covers, I love them and readers seem to as well.
What is the hardest part of creating a book? Surviving the editor? Promoting? The last chapter?

Ideas are the easiest part for me. My editor at Kensington is a dream—Audrey LaFehr.  So I’d say promo is the hardest, only because I love writing so much that it’s hard for me to take time away from it to market books. I really like writing conferences though.  It’s fun meeting readers and other authors--I’ll be at Lora Leigh’s RAW for the first time next September and hope any of your readers who attend will be sure to come up to say hello.

What are the elements of a great romance for you?

Searing, taut, sexual tension is what I want in a romance. It’s more important to me in a romance than sex, though I like reading (and writing) =2 0that, too! Stephanie Meyer did such a great job creating sexual tension in Twilight, don’t you think?

In your opinion, what are the three most essential ingredients of an excellent novel?

  1. Characters I care about and who surprise me.
  2. Characters working toward an interesting goal, with lots of twists and tangles along the way.
  3. Good pacing.

If you could go back in time, what is one thing you would want to take with you?

Newspapers.  So I could show them to politicians and charitable organizations.  I’d try to help the government head off some problems and I’d give charities the lottery numbers! Especially animal shelters.  My best friend and I went shopping this weekend for stuff I’m taking to the local animal shelter next week. Most shelters have a list online telling what they need. The most unexpected ones on the Durham shelter’s list were peanut butter, towels, and tennis balls. My husband plays tennis and has lots of worn-out tennis balls, so those are heading off with my donation next week. Some puppies will be very happy to have them.

If you were to win a trip to explore with some of the crew from the Animal Planet, and go on some hunts for alligators or crocodiles, would you accept or decline?

Decline! Life’s too short to chance shortening it.

I read your favorite food is chocolate. If you could challenge any of the cooks on the Food Network show to making a recipe using chocolate, which of the cooks, male or female, would you choose to compete with, and what would you create with chocolate?

Cool question. I’d ask Sunny to make a chocolate statue of the Nicholas cover for Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t that be a tasty treat?

I think it fascinating how you traveled to Italy and Greece with all your discoveries. Of all the places you have traveled, which area would you love to visit for thirty days and just relax?

Cinque Terre (pronounced CHEEN-kweh TEHR-reh) on the Italian Riviera. Rick Steves featured it on one of his videos. So, so, sooo beautiful.  Rocky coastline, quaint pastel-hued homes, winding stone streets, lazy days and nights.  It consists of five (cinque) towns joined by a local train system.  If you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend it.

Can you share with us your website, myspace, Facebook, email, or any links, especially to your books?

Sure. In fact, I’ve just posted two chapters from Dominic on my site.

I welcome readers to join my e-newsletter group for updates on books, excerpts, contests, and appearances:

Elizabeth, thank you so much for this interview. I really enjoyed t he time we spent together. I wish you best in your writing and look forward to any other works in progress. Thanks again.

Me, too, Cherokee.  Thanks for the coffee and for letting me cozy up in the comfy Coffee Time Romance chair for a bit to talk books.  I enjoyed it!  I’ll be writing two more novels in the satyr series, so I hope to come back and visit with you again.

We certainly look forward to it!






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