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Welcome Everyone to Coffee Time Romance, March is coming in like a lion and we have some of the fiercest authors chatting with us. Like today we have Dreama Faire who will be talking about her latest book Charade and talking a bit about herself. Coffee Time wants to extend a warm welcome to Ms. Faire. Welcome!

Dreama, I just finished Charade and loved it! It was a very hot tropical romance I noticed you said somewhere that this was probably your favorite book to write. Is it and if so why?

First of all, I love to travel and, when I do, I dream up all sorts of intriguing things/stories/plots that could happen in that particular place. I adore Mexico and the sultry emotions it generates. Planning a fun erotic romance in one of my favorite places was a real treat.

I read you other career is in the legal field. What made you decide to turn to writing?

To keep my sanity! LOL

Dreama you say the other half of you is a buttoned down no nonsense person. Is writing helping you get the wild side out that has been hiding inside you?

Obviously, my day job would prevent me from kicking up my heels, so writing it the way I’d like to live it seems to do the trick.

Charade, has a lot of sex toys in it, did you have to research any of these toys? And if so does that kind of research bother you or do you think it is fun?

I had a ball researching online for interesting and different sex toys for Lindy to use and, no, it didn’t bother me. If I can write this genre, nothing should embarrass me! One thing about the online research within a day or two, my email was flooded with advertising and links to hot spots on the internet. I wasn’t crazy about that!

Dreama, what you have a lot of things started on your web site, could you tell us what is going on?

My valentine contest was a lot of fun, and I think people who hadn’t heard of me found a new author to keep them warm! Next month, I’m having a treasure hunt for really cool jewelry and copies of my full-length novel, MAIDEN VOYAGE.

Do you write under any other names? Yes, but it’s a secret.

Dreama do you write any other genre? Yes, but it’s a secret.

Are you working on anything now? Yes, but it’s...oh, sorry! I’m working on a fantasy erotic romance.

Dreama what part of writing an erotic romance do you find most difficult, if any?

Believe it or not, the hardest part of writing erotic romance is keeping the sex alive and interesting and non-stop. If you can believe it, sex scene after sex scene can become boring without some, uh, help.

Your heroine was a bbw did you make her that way on purpose or did she create herself ?

I created her that way to showcase just how much state of mind can either cripple you or empower you. Lindy’s journey reinforced her own inner beauty.

Do you think there will come a time when you will write full time and give up your other career?

That would be lovely, and I suppose the day will come when I’m old enough to retire, at which time, I will definitely do nothing else but write!

Dreama is there any research or anything that you do when you come up with the hero or heroine? Or do you usually already have what you want them to look like and be in your mind?

I usually have a story idea/situation in mind, then customize who the characters will be, how they will handle the situation. How they look is usually secondary, but I do try to create realistic men and women, rather than model/movie star models.

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans out there that they may not know?

I wear Garfield slippers while I write.

Thank you Dreama for a very informative chat.  A great Interview with one of our favorite authors.  Coffee Time Romance wants to take this time to thank Ms. Faire for chatting with us today. Thank you!






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