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Desi, thank you so much for being here at Coffee Time Romance today to share your journey of writing Summerland. I have to admit, I was captivated from the moment I began reading it, especially with the opening scene, which still haunts me. You have a way of inserting your readers into the scenes and I was riveted until the fascinating conclusion.

Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Okay, let’s start with a few questions specific to Summerland: What makes Rhiann so vulnerable yet strong?

Rhiann has been through a lot in her life, losing her mother at an early age and Reed twice. But through it all she is a survivor, and stubborn J

I loved that about her. Did you ever have to do a re-write of any scenes / chapter in Summerland because your editor did not agree with what was written and suggested changes?

The original draft was written in 2000, it had a very different flavor to it. I rewrote it again in 2009. When it was picked up by Noble, the submissions editor suggested I cut my original manuscript in half, it had wrapped itself up nicely and the second half didn’t seem as exciting as the first. So there is another half of the story including the birth scene and a very tragic accident.

Wow, that is a bit of a change. What in your opinion makes good chemistry between your leading characters?

I love the way they can be honest with each other, argue, get angry but at the end of the day they are there for each other.

What do you hope readers take with them, after reading Summerland? What do you hope they feel, or learn?

At the end of reading Summerland, I hope the reader feels it had not been time wasted. LoL There have been a few books I have read where I ended up scratching my head thinking there were so many more important things I could have done.

I can certainly relate to that. If you could sit down with any of your characters for lunch, which would it be and why?

Brett and Jimmy because, frankly, they are nice eye candy.

LOL. Yes, I see your point. Are there any non-fiction moments in Summerland based on your own experience?

Oh, well, Keeley is based on a real person so there might be a sprinkle of truth in some of her scenes J (Yes, the real “Keeley” is obsessed with purple as well) The dogs I mentioned were some of my favorites from the animal shelter I worked at.

Now…a little bit about Desi Moon: Tell us a bit about your journey, from writing to revisions to query letter then obtaining a contract.

Summerland was originally written in 2000. That story was much different, darker than the light romance it turned into. I dusted it off in January of 2009, really as a “dare” for lack of a better word. My husband challenged me to actually finish a manuscript. Up until then I had started close to 20 stories but never finished them for one reason or another. So instead of finishing one of my other stories I chose to rewrite what is now known as Summerland. It took me about six months and when I was finished I started submitting. I had received fifty some odd rejections and decided to give up until I heard about Noble, I thought 'what was one more rejection?'

Do you like your books/stories when they are finished or are you overly critical of your own writing?

I am my own worst critic! When I received the congratulations letter from Noble I was convinced they had gotten me confused with another writer. Three stories later (Coming out this year) I still wonder if the editors read my things before they send the contract LoL

LOL…What piece of writing advice did you get that meant the most to you and how you wrote?

I haven’t really received any advice per se, I like hearing that people like what I write. I really enjoy emails from readers telling me what they liked about my story, makes me feel like I am doing something right.

What is the most zaniest response you have had from a reader? And if any what is the most profound or memorable?

I haven’t gotten any zany feedback, but one reader had mentioned she would have liked to know more about Jimmy. I am taking that into future stories to make sure both sides are told.

Very exciting and great info to have. Now tell us about the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

The most romantic thing??? That would have to be my husband, when we first moved in together. I was a little nervous over the huge leap we were making, so one day while I was at work, he took those plastic glow-in-the dark stars and created an entire star system over our bed. When I got home he said that this was the only way he could give me the universe. After all these years I still remember that cramped room with the glowing solar system. My husband is just a born romantic, what can I say?

Awww. Nice. Tell us a little more about yourself and hubby. Where you were born, do you have any kids, a dog, cat, or snake or a bird?

Well I was born in California, have moved all over the country and am now settled in Boulder, Colorado with my wonderful husband, Eben. He is a board game designer and writer as well. We have two kids who keep me on my toes, three incredibly entitled cats and one issue plagued but loveable dog. Oh an Ewwwwwww snakes Blech!!!!!! No snakes here!

Finally, tell us what other fascinating stories you have up your sleeve. Maybe… "My Humiliating Valentine" A short in the Tempting Cupid Anthology- Rebel Ink Press.

Tempting Cupid will be released on February 3rd. Miranda Vincent woke up one morning in jail with no memory of the night before, a long line of charges against her, and a very scary cell mate. Her only hope for release is to put her trust in a very handsome stranger and Accidental Intent- Rebel Ink Press

My first romantic murder mystery that has gone to the dogs, and some really killer footwear. Coming March 17th.

There is also “For the Love of Mac” a short in the Dad Plan Anthology- Rebel Ink Press. June 2012. Mac finds himself an instant dad of a four year old and tries to make the transition by trading in his disco shoes for a day planner. Could a stable relationship be far behind?

Desi, it was an absolute pleasure for me to do this interview and you are a fascinating author with many layers.

Thank you so much for the visit! I don’t get out too much, the voices in my head (ie. my characters) hold me hostage most days J

That is too funny but I am grateful they let you out today. I just have a final question because…well, it is Coffee Time Romance and this is a topic near and dear to our hearts.

Do you still prefer Mocha Frappuccino?

Oh I am an equal opportunity coffee connoisseur! But have recently developed a liking for peppermint mochas from Starbucks, and can’t seem to get enough of them.

Yummy…sounds heavenly and I might just have to try that. Thank you again Desi. As mentioned, you are a delight and I enjoyed this time with you. Best wishes to you and I look forward to reading your future work as well!






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