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Hello, We are happy to have Denise Skelton with us today. On behalf of Coffee Time Romance We want to wish Ms. Skelton a warm Welcome. Today, we are asking Ms. Skelton about her story, My Angel, a Contemporary Suspense. Dense can you please tell us a little about you and how you got started writing?

I live in Maryland with my husband and 5 children. I am a former Private Investigator and Army vet. I started writing when I was around 12. I use to write short stories and poems. When I graduated from high school, I went into the military and I stopped writing. I’ve always loved to read, especially romance (When I was a kid, I use to sneak True Romance magazines up to my room to read.) Five years ago, I started writing again. It was just going to be a short story but it went from a short story to my first book My Everything.

I have read My Angel a wonderful book can you tell us about this book?

My Angel is about Simone, a woman who strives for independence from her over-bearing mother, and Matt who is devastated after he divorces the woman who he believed was the love of his life. Simone saves Matt from an almost deadly accident and they become friends. When Matt tries to help Simone find her independence, Simone helps Matt find his heart. But what Matt and Simone don’t know is that the relationship that Matt’s ex-wife has with her new boyfriend could be deadly.

What kind of research did you have to do for My Angel? How much time does research take before you start writing a story?

I didn’t have to do much research for My Angel, it was set in my home state. The research that I needed I was able to do via Internet. Most times, I do the research as I write the story.

When is your favorite time to write? Do you have a schedule?

I would really like to write in the morning, but I have so many things that I have to take care of during business hours that I find it impossible to write before late afternoon. I usually get around to doing my serious writing around 4 PM, which unfortunately for my family, is around the same time that I start cooking dinner. Lets just say that they’ve had their share of seared chickens and steaks. I usually write until 10:30 – 11:00 PM sometimes later.

Denise how long have you been writing and when was your first book Published?

I’ve been writing seriously for close to five years. My first book My Everything was published November of 2005

Do your characters ever give you a hard time and change the story plot?

Defiantly. In My Angel, it was Simone’s mother and Matt’s father. I wanted to show their controlling natures without having them dominate the entire story or have Matt and Simone come off too weak. In My Everything, when I began writing the Janet, who was Ben’s ex-girlfriend’s character, she started out being just a jealous woman by the end of the book she evolved into a crazed killer changing the plot of the story.

Where is your favorite place in your house to write?

I spend most of my time in my office. But my favorite place to write is my bedroom. We have a massive four post bed that you have to almost crawl up into, with pillows galore. The atmosphere is very soothing which puts me in the right frame of mind.

Denise you have another book out can you tell us about it?

In My Everything Benjamin Harrison’s father dies, leaving him to provide for his mother and sister. Years later, his sister is in need of a bone marrow transplant, and Ben seeks the help of Meyer’s Investigations to find an unknown sibling to save her. Private investigator Deanna Meyers senses her attraction toward Ben, but she is reluctant to date him. Ben’s ex girlfriend Janet and Dee’s cousin Terry will go to any lengths to keep Ben and Dee apart, but only will resort to killing.

When you have a moment to yourself what is you favorite thing to do besides write?

Of course I love reading, but I also love music. I like singing and dancing. I’m a great dancer, the singing, not so good. I like crafts and watching horror movies and old black and white movies, (my favorites are the old Twilight Zones, Outer Limits, and the movie Imitation Too Life). I enjoy our family time. My family is a little nuts so there’s always a great deal of entertainment.

What is you favorite Holiday and why?

I love Christmas. Most people think it’s to commercialized, but it’s still my favorite holiday. I come from a large family and we all get together on Christmas afternoon, my nine brothers and sisters, brother in-law, and my dad with my 5 children and twenty something nieces and nephews. When you smell the turkey and ham baking, and hear the children laughing running through the house…That’s the best feeling ever.

What is your favorite flowers to get from your husband?

I like almost all flowers, but I love tulips and calla lilies

Denise can you tell us about your job as a PI?

It was interesting, but certainly noting like you see on television. The job mostly consist of hurry up and wait. Hurry up and get to the surveillance and wait until something happens. Most times when I followed someone they didn’t know I was in tailing them. I was trained by this really nice guy, he had been a PI for years but he definitely didn’t look like the type. He took me out on a job with him, the case was of a wife that was cheating on her husband. She saw my partner take her picture and she lost it. He started the car and preceded to drive away, when all of a sudden she jumped on the hood of the car and begin banged on the windshield, yelling and cursing. He slowly rolled down the window in inch saying “lady get the hell off my car”. As they went back and forwards, I’m sitting there thinking “Whew, I don’t know about this”, but he just stayed calm telling her to get off his car or he was going to call the cops. After a few minutes he slowly pulled the car forwards and she slid from the hood looking like she could eat nails. Needless to say I survived the incident emotionally and was able to become a pretty good PI.

Denise before you go I just have to ask what are you working on now?

I’m working on a sequel to my first book My Everything. In the new book, many of the original characters will be returning and there will be a few new ones. I haven’t given anyone a sneak peak yet, but once I do it will be worth the wait.

We love to know how to contact you and please give us your web site?

My website address is, or I can be found on My email address is

Thank you so much for chatting with us today Denise. Don't forget to pick up your copy of My Angel today!






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