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Coffee Time Readers today we get to visit with Delilah Devlin, author of the Dark Realm series.  Our focus for the discussion today is the fourth book in the series, Darkness Captured. 
Good Afternoon Delilah: Welcome to Coffee Time Romance and More.  How are you this afternoon?

I’m a little frazzled and still recovering from some overlapping deadlines. It’s hard to find calm after the storm.

After visiting your website I see the list of awards and honors you have received.  Can you share with us the feeling of receiving your first award?

Elation, validation, gratitude, and yeah, more than a little giddy.

There is a lot of pressure and competition in becoming an author.  What made you decide to take a leap and become a writer?

My goal since I was very young was to live an extraordinary life. Settling into a corporate career after years in the military wasn’t doing that for me. When I assessed my talents and interests, writing seemed the most natural path. I took the leap three years ago to write full time.

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about your amazing book Darkness Captured.  Let us start of by you telling us a little about the novel as well as the Dark Realm Series?

In 2005, I think, I kicked around the idea of doing a vampire book set in New Orleans. My challenge was to come up with a unique premise. Since I’ve been to New Orleans many times, I knew the geography and how vulnerable it really is. I wrote a proposal for the book (a synopsis and three chapters) where the city was bracing for a huge storm that swamped New Orleans. I began sending it out. The story didn’t sell until Katrina hit. Imagine that. I based the history of my vampires, mages and werewolves around ancient Sumerian and Judeo-Christian lore. Sprinkled in my own imaginings of how the chaos would affect the creatures of the night, and ran with it. The final book, Darkness Captured follows one of my character’s journey into the Sumerian Land of the Dead. Here’s the blurb:

Driven by insatiable desire, a werewolf will enter hell to rescue a princess captured by the Master of Demons…

Headstrong and proud—a royal creature of sinuous grace, all primal instinct and lethal beauty—the shapeshifter Gabriella has agreed to serve as emissary to the vampires who rule in the shadows of the New Orleans night. But she cannot resist the pull of the demon she glimpses on the other side of a mirror, and she is drawn to him hungrily, through a magical portal into the Land of the Dead. Now an eternal nightmare awaits Gabriella at the hands of a mesmerizing dark lord who satisfies her every erotic need…while slowly devouring her soul.

The powerful warrior wolf Guntram Brandt is responsible for the safety of the vanished princess he swore allegiance to years before. Yet it is more than a soldier’s loyalty that pulls Guntram down into the depths of nightmare—for Gabriella ignites within him a burning animal passion that must be satisfied.

But when offered an escape, will she follow her rescuer to safety—torn between her lustful obsession with the dark lord who has enslaved her and her fierce sensual attraction to the only wolf who could ever master her?

Can you share what you have in store for the Dark Realm Series?  For instance have you started writing the next book?  If so can you tell us whose story is next?  I loved getting to know Guntram and the demon world and I look forward to reading more about this erotic world.

Unfortunately, Avon won’t be publishing any more of the series, so I’m planning to write the next story, the dragon-shifter Marduk’s, and publish it myself on Kindle and the Nook Store. I also want to write about Simon who is separated from the love of his life. And I’d love to flash forward to the next generation of vampires—Miki’s and Chessa’s children.

With the hype of the Twilight Series moving into the movies and sweeping the world what actors could you envision playing the parts of your characters?

I always pictured Olivier Martinez as Nicolas, Gerard Butler as Alex, and Russell Crow as Rene. Beyond that, I don’t have a clue.

You mention on your site that you love to travel.  I myself have done quite a bit and I was wondering if you think traveling enhances your writing? Is there a particular place you would like to see?

I’ve lived on three continents, and I think living in other cultures, knowing there are other belief systems, makes it easier for me to suspend disbelief when I write about the moral and ethical codes of supernatural and otherworld creatures. I’m planning a trip to Iceland next year, toward the end of summer. My daughter and I are going, and you know I’ll be soaking up everything Viking when I do. Travel always inspired stories. Sometimes, I have the story in mind and make a deliberate travel choice to soak up location and atmosphere for a story. Sometimes, I just like to be open to whatever ideas come during the trip.
Every author has some way they are most comfortable when writing do you have a method by which your write?  Surrounded by music, dim lighting, snuggled on the couch, time of day etc. 

I have a basement office. My PC faces a corner so that all I see is the blank screen. It’s quiet. I empty my head of whatever’s pulling me in real life that day and begin writing. Sometimes, when I’m trying to get into a mood so that I can write in a particular tone, I’ll put on music before I start. When I have an action scene, I pull out Disturbed or some other heavy metal band. When I have a love scene, I look for something dirty and dance a little before I sit down. Lord, I hope my daughter doesn’t read that. She’ll laugh herself silly.

I think that a good book should move me in some way.  What do you look for in a good novel? Which genre are you personally drawn to?

I am drawn to romantic suspense and an intense, hard-edged hero. I also love a good medieval romance like those Julie Garwood used to write.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors out there who are looking to break into the romance genre and battle with all the competition?

Successful writers don’t ever quit. They write and write and write. Aspiring authors need support to help them develop their skills. Join a writers’ group, find a critique group. Decide you will be a success. Imagine what that success will look like, then step out every day like you’re already living that life. Be stubborn and selfish about all the time you have to put into learning the craft and practicing it. Try not to let others’ success get you down. If you’re diligent, if you look for helpful criticism, if you learn, you can do this.

Is there a particular question you are most often asked regarding your writing?  Is so can you please share the question as well as your typical response to us nosy ones? 

I am always asked where I get my inspiration for the stories I write. The truth is I get inspiration EVERYWHERE. From really bad Sci-Fi movies, from the newspapers, from eavesdropping on other people’s conversations, from dreams… If an idea interests me, I live with it for a while, and let it fill my daydreams. It’s like living in two dimensions, the here and now and that other world. I like to dream that idea until it’s playing like a movie, that I’m starring in, inside my head. Then it’s time to write.
Do you have anything to add or say to our readers? 

Only that I love hearing from them. I do respond to queries. I do live chats. I blog all the time and look for interaction with fans. They tell me what they want to see, and sometimes, I give them what they ask for. :)
Delilah, thank you for spending time with us today and giving some wonderfully insightful responses and sharing your experiences with our readers.  I look forward to reading more from you in the future.






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