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It was my extreme pleasure to have interviewed Romantic Suspense author, Dawn Brown. She was kind enough to take the time out of to allow me to pick her brain about writing and other fun stuff. Welcome to Coffee Time Romance, Dawn.

Dawn, tell us what it was like when your first book released?

Every time a book releases, it’s exciting. When Living Lies came out, I remember feeling like it was a real full circle moment, especially when I saw the book in print. It was wild to think of that first kernel of an idea while actually holding the book in my hand.

Sounds like a pretty special moment. What kind of books do you enjoy?

I’ll read pretty much anything. My go to books are usually romantic suspense, mysteries and paranormal romances. I read a lot of Nora Roberts, J.R. Ward and Minette Walters.

I love J.R. Ward books! What gave you the idea for BLOOD AND BONE? What sparked the muse?

Blood and Bone started with a very vague idea of a woman investigating a crime and a man who wanted her to leave it alone, but I wasn’t sure where to take it from there. Around the same time, I read an article about men who murder their families and I knew that the premise would be perfect for those characters.

That sounds like an interesting premise. Can you share an excerpt?

The sucking slop of footsteps in wet mud rose from the surrounding black. The hair on the back of her neck bristled, and a chill tickled along her spine.

Was it Hudson coming back to finish her off? Tic?

What was she doing standing around out here anyway? A woman alone, late at night, on a deserted country road, during a thunderstorm? The scene had slasher flick written all over it.

She started for the driver’s side door, but a low moan rose up from the darkness.
The wind? Had to be. Still, she picked up her pace.

The moan came again, louder this time. Shayne stopped and turned. A dark, hunched figure staggered toward her.

“Christ.” She gripped the door handle and yanked open the door.

The stooped outline lurched in front of her single headlight, and the glare illuminated the ugliest Hawaiian shirt she’d ever seen. Relief swamped her like a tidal wave, turning her muscles soft for the second time in one night. The feeling, however, was short-lived. He may not have been the homicidal maniac she’d imagined, but the jerk had scared the life out of her. And all because he was staggering drunk. Even from this distance, the smell of beer was nearly overpowering.

As he pitched forward, the light cast a ghostly pallor over his face. Dark smudges beneath his left eye, along his lip and circling the edges of each nostril stood out from the stark whiteness of his skin.


He wasn’t just drunk, he was hurt. 

This is something I ask every author I interview. Do you write in silence, or do you have a playlist of songs? If you listen to music what kind of music inspired you to write BLOOD AND BONE?

I have music playing while I write. Usually a playlist. Some songs remind of the story and others I just like. By the time I’m done the book, it’s almost like it has it’s own soundtrack. For Blood and Bone, I listened to a lot of Led Zeppelin and Serena Ryder. I realize it’s kind of a strange combination.

Not strange if it works for you! Very eclectic playlist indeed. What is your favourite type of hero, barring your own? ;-)

I think I look for the same sort of heroes in what I read as I like to write about. Smart, sexy and full of angst. I have a soft spot for the bad boy. But who doesn’t?

I know I have a huge spot for bad boys too! *grin* Why do you like writing Romantic Suspense?

I love building the romantic relationship within the tension of the suspense element. I also love trying to figure out who did it. And since I don’t plot, many times I’m figuring it out right along with my characters. Well, maybe a little before them.

How do you relax? What hobbies do you take part in?

I read, mostly. Sometimes I’ll draw and paint badly when I have the time, but spare time is a dwindling commodity for me lately.

What’s the most important advice you can give to a newbie author?

To stick with it. The more you write (and read), the better you get.

Anything new in the works you want to share?

I’ve just finished up a book called The Devil’s Eye. It’s a romantic mystery with a strong paranormal element. I’m really excited about it. And I’m starting work on the sequel, The Devil’s Due.
Sounds awesome! Where can we find out more about you?

My website,, or my blog

I’m also on Twitter, and Facebook.

Now for the fun questions. Muwahahahaha.

What is your favourite colour?

Peacock blue. (Like the pencil crayon.)

I love peacock blue too!

What is your favourite drink?

Margarita or a gin and tonic.

What is your favourite food?

Butter Chicken. So good. And anything chocolate.

Trapped on a desert island what three movies would you take with you? What three books and what three fantasy men?

For movies, Jaws, Romancing the Stone and The Lady Vanishes. For books, The Stand by Stephen King, The Reef by Nora Roberts and Vanish With the Rose by Barbara Michaels. As for fantasy men, Ewan Mcgregor, Hans Matheson and Ian Somerhalder.

I love Ewan McGregor. I’m going to have to look up the other two. Thanks for playing here today Dawn. It was a blast.

If you want to find out more about Dawn and her books please be sure to check her out at her website






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