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Hello to all our Coffee Time Romance Readers. I have a special treat today in that I am interviewing Dara Edmondson and talking about her new book The Kitten Club.

Lainey: Hi Dara, thanks for coming and interviewing with me this afternoon. And just so everyone knows we are doing a live interview on Yahoo Messenger so this makes it so much fun.

Dara: Hi Lainey. Thanks for having me. I'm a big fan of Coffee Time Romance

Lainey: Yes *smiles* so am I actually.

Dara: *smiles*

Lainey: I know we are going to talk about your latest release and anything good you have coming up happening too today.

Dara: Great! I have many irons in the fire - I always do. I'm currently gearing up for several book signings and am writing a novella and putting the finishing touches on a contemporary romance.

Lainey: Thanks so much for that Dara. Now we can get right into whichever work you want to talk about first, your choice here.

Dara: How about THE KITTEN CLUB. I've been thrilled to get loads of terrific reviews. This is my first print book after several years of being an E-book author, although it is also available in digital format.

THE KITTEN CLUB takes place in my hometown of Orlando and is the story of Kitty Murphy, salon owner, hairdresser and single mom of a grown son. She gives a handsome man a haircut and realizes he is the real estate developer who is trying to buy her building out from under her to build a high rise condo tower. She fights him tooth and nail. The story is also about her son Josh's battle with drugs. He has a pregnant girlfriend, Brooke, who Kitty befriends.

Lainey: That sounds like a great book so far and I hope everyone will now go out and read it.

Dara: I sure hope so! It's an emotional read.

Lainey: Well in that case you better not tell us the ending though maybe you can give us a hanky count needed instead? *smiles*

Dara: 3 hankies. I’ve also got a Young Adult short story coming out with The Wild Rose Press that I co-wrote with my 13 year old daughter. POOR ME should be out early next year. It's my first YA book

Lainey: Wow 3 hankies ... OH my ... that means readers be prepared to read a great story and have the hanky nearby just in case you need it.

Dara: Yes. One reviewer started with "Have a box of tissues at the ready..." It tugs on the heartstrings.

Lainey: That is fantastic Dara, I am so happy for you. .

Dara: My next full length print book will be out next year. COMPROMISING POSITIONS is a book about very different women - each strong yet vulnerable in her own way.

Lainey: That is nice that you can write in different genres and for all ages also. I love that about you and now your daughter too. *smiles*

Dara: The married Crystal has a secret crush on a co-worker. Patsy catches her Neanderthal husband with his bowling buddy Ralph wearing women's underwear and Maureen has a rebellious teenaged daughter who has the hots for her teacher, whom Maureen is secretly dating. Yes - I loved working with her

Lainey: Has a 13 yr old niece too so it must be awesome to write with her.

Dara: I started working on POOR ME alone and asking her advice. Before long, she was helping with plot and dialog. It was a good experience for us both.

Lainey: Can you give us approximate dates on when you think they will be out for everyone to read?

Dara: POOR ME should be out around February. COMPROMISING POSITIONS will probably be out in E-book around December and in print May or June. Can't wait! Both from The Wild Rose Press

Lainey: Oh no that is fantastic and I bet you and your daughter cannot wait for sure on your Young Adult book. In fact I might have to get it myself and make a present of it to my niece also when it comes out.*smiles*

Dara: Yes - we're both excited. We got the cover for the story a few weeks ago and I must say - it's perfect. You can see it on my website, blog or Yahoo! group photo section. My daughter was hoping for print, but until she's ready to write a longer story, shorts are it. Her social life is way more important right now! I've been really lucky with covers. Check out the cover of JILTED, from Aspen Mountain Press, too. I love that one.

Lainey: I am going to have to double check them all after we finish this interview myself.

Dara: I'm giving away a download of JILTED on my blog to readers who mention this interview. The first 3 will get a copy at Thanks - I have a slide show of all my books and short stories on my site -

Lainey: That is great and I hope 3 lucky readers will appreciate that immensely. What a great thing you are doing Dara for your readers and ours.

Dara: Just saying thanks. Coffee Time Romance readers are great. And so are their interviewers. *smiles*

Lainey: AH SHUCKS Dara and thank you too. I have been having a great time with you today so far.

Dara: I'm working on a fun novella right now, as yet unnamed. It's about an obsessive-compulsive clean freak and the messy guy she's forced to live with. Thanks.

Lainey: Another great story coming from you, this is wonderful Dara.

Dara: Thank you. I always have something in my head - an idea for the next book or story. Probably why I loved playing dolls as a child - my dolls always had a story!

Lainey: That is one way for a budding writer to get her start I am sure.

Dara: I suppose so. I'm loving my work. Been at it about 4 years now and it's never boring.

Lainey: That is awesome in only 4 years Dara and now you have the next generation already started in your daughter.

Dara: I'm also president of my local chapter of the Romance Writers of America. Keeps me super busy - presiding over a group of 65 women.*grins*

Lainey: Hmm all women and no lucky men in the group then? *grins*

Dara: Ha - not one man. We had 1 for about a week. I think we scared him off. Not many men write romance.

Lainey: Actually there are more than you think and many have pen names that are not always gender specific if you get my meaning. *laughs*

Dara: Although my husband reads mine - usually. I’ve heard that. Men probably write some erotica. *smiles*

Lainey: OK now I wonder how many of our male readers and authors out there are going to now write in about that... although that makes that topic something fun to think about.

Dara: Yes – I’m curious now. My husband usually skips to the sex scenes His favorite part. Ah ha! As I suspected. Men don't seem terribly interested in the emotional parts of the story. They think differently, which makes them suited to write erotica, I think.

Lainey: Too funny but is true although we have many female writers in that genre too so it is safe to say there are male romance writers out there in one genre or another.

Dara: I have 1 book - JILTED with Aspen Mountain Press. They have several male authors although they write stuff other than straight romance.

Lainey: Well you yourself have at least a couple different genres under your belt now.

Dara: I do - romantic comedy, straight contemporary, erotica and now YA. Jill of all trades!

Lainey: That is great Dara. And now I should ask is there anything else you wanted our readers to know what is upcoming in the next few months be it a chat or book signing or convention or ?

Dara: Yes – I’ll be signing THE KITTEN CLUB and ROSE PETALS - an anthology on Saturday Sept 8 from 3-5 pm at the Borders in Winter Park - in the Orlando area. Then I'll be at Urban Think! on Wednesday, Sept 26th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm in Orlando. I'll be participating in Romancing the Holidays signing at the Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Springs on Nov. 3 from 2- 5 pm with 23 other Florida authors

Lainey: Now is there anything I did not bring up that you want anyone to know about?

Dara: I think we covered all that's going on in my world

Lainey: Fantastic then, Dara since on here we have your schedule for a bit and on your websites I am sure readers can find out anything more also.

Dara: Yes - including my monthly contest. Oh - if they join my Yahoo! group - author Dara Edmondson, I hold regular loop-only contests. Thanks, Lainey!

Lainey: THAT sounds great and if you can  give us your websites and email addresses online so our readers can be sure to look up all of your work and talk to you? 

Dara: Sure.  My website and blogs are:

Lainey: Well I want to thank you so much Dara for taking your time out of a Friday afternoon and evening for me here today.

Dara:. And thank you - I've enjoyed it.

Lainey: I enjoyed it also but I know I need to let you get back to your weekend since you just came off vacation too. So I wish you continued success and keep up the good works and cannot wait for your newest releases to come out.

Dara: Thanks so much. Have a great weekend.

Lainey: You too and I will keep in touch. Thanks again.






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