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I have a treat for you all I have Danielle Thorne here to tell us all about her new book Turtle Soup. Hi Danielle and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of reading of such a beautiful place I would love to see somewhere like those islands.

I’m glad you enjoyed the trip. Thanks for having me here today, Hollie.

Jack Brandon is the strong silent type would you like to tell us about him?

Jack is definitely one of those Chief archetypes, but he’s carrying a lot of grief for the death of his fiancée. He tries to throw himself into his work, which is sea turtle conservation, but what he’s really doing is cutting himself off from people, especially women.

What movies do you enjoy?

I enjoy many genres--adventure, sci-fi, comedies, and romances, but they have to really be original. About the only movies I won’t watch are horror. I just can’t get into the macabre.

Sara’s fears stem from the death of her parents but she is learning to draw strength from that as well is she a match for Jack.

Sara is a go-getter but she’s not as independent and ambitious as she thinks she is. At her core, she’s a nurturer and has a quiet need to not just be needed but to be wanted by someone who is confident and courageous, someone who will cancel out her fears. Sara’s lost and Jack’s lost, they both carry that pain. She’s learned to deal with hers in many respects that Jack hasn’t, and vice versa.

If you won a million dollars what you spend it on?

I believe that education is the key to happiness and success in this life. The first thing I would do is set aside college tuition for my four sons. The rest of the money would go to helping my extended family and for travel, which I consider a form of education. I have never lost the desire to see the world since I used to pour over atlases as a child. England is next on my wish list.

Diving is a specialist skill how much research did it take to be able to explain all that is involved?

I took a six week scuba course. While I’m certainly no expert and still green, I was able to do some fresh water diving in a rock quarry and then dove off the Gulf of Mexico. My first salt water dive was 90 feet down and the barracuda were everywhere that day. It was an incredibly spiritual experience. Talk about Alice in Wonderland.

How long did it take to get your first book published?

I signed my first contract with Awe-Struck Books in 2007. It took almost two years to see my freshman release, THE PRIVATEER, come to life. I spent my time honing writing skills, learning about publishing and marketing, and dove into other manuscripts.

What made you think of turtles as a conservation subject? There are a lot of different species that need our help.

Once while on vacation in Pensacola, Florida, a gentleman, and I use the term loosely, was able to catch a young specimen that had come close to shore. It is against the law to handle sea turtles because of their endangered status. He waved the poor turtle about in the air by the shell and tried to put on some kind of show to impress the crowd. I am quiet and shy by nature but something came out of me that day. After complaining loudly to my friends I verbally assaulted the guy, and luckily other onlookers joined in. He did release the turtle and gave me a lovely hand gesture to remember him by.

In essence, I wanted to choose something related to the Caribbean and sea turtles came first to mind. They are so beautiful and timeless. Before finishing TURTLE SOUP I traveled to St. Thomas and went snorkeling in an area known for sea turtles. They were enormous and awesome. If you ever have the opportunity to look one in the eye, you will see this glowing light, this wisdom, and then you’d get it. The world, the sea…it’s all so worth saving. We all have to do our parts.

A cook and a conservationist are a bit of an unusual mix how did you bring them together?

I knew where I wanted to go with TURTLE SOUP and who I wanted to write about. I needed an occupation for Sara, my heroine, and since I knew I’d already have sea turtle research to do, I decided to stick with the wise writers’ adage of “Write what you know.” I’m Southern, I love to cook, and I thought that would make a charming contrast to a big time environmental playboy. Playboys gotta eat, too.

 Do you have any hobbles?

Besides reading and writing? Big time genealogist. I so enjoy dead people. They never talk over you, though they whisper to your heart on occasion. I love researching my ancestors. It makes me feel important, like I matter, and gives me nationalities and stories to be proud of.

What is your favourite colour and why?

Since I can ever remember my standard answer has always been green. I’m a natural, earthy person and have a deep love for the Appalachian Mountains where I spent some of my childhood. I don’t know why, but as recently as three or four years ago I re-evaluated myself a person, a woman, a mother, a wife, and my preferences have changed. I love blue. The color of the sea. The color of a turquoise ring. The color of a cloudless sky. I never owned anything blue until I was thirty-five. Now it’s my color of choice for clothes, home décor--you name it. Perhaps that points to growth. I do feel freer than I ever have in my life.

Is there anywhere the readers can find you on the Internet?

But of course. Besides an assortment of reader and authors groups, you can find me blogging at The Balanced Writer ( and my website,

And please feel free to follow me at Twitter as DanielleThorne. I love keeping in touch with folks.

Do you have any other news you would like to tell your readers?

TURTLE SOUP is a fun, short novel, but it’s my second release. My secret passion is the Age of Sail and those buccaneering Caribbean Pirates. THE PRIVATEER was my first novel and is available through my publisher, Awe-Struck Publishing. It’s a sweet romance with historic and heavy-handed adventure. If you’ve ever wanted to tap into a real pirate, or a good-hearted man with a pirate past, you’d love THE PRIVATEER.






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