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Hi Cynthia and welcome to Coffee Time Romance, we’re so glad you could take a few minutes with us.

Thank you!  I’m very excited to be here at Coffee Time Romance!

Tell us something NOT on your blog or website.

The one book that I love to re-read over and over is Linda Howard’s DREAM MAN.   I really think that the psychic heroine in that book is one of the best characters I’ve ever come across. 

Why Lois Lane?

I love her. Seriously. She’s smart, independent, and she gets both Clark Kent and Superman—the best of both worlds in my mind.  ?

Tell us about “Hotter After Midnight.”

HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT is my first Kensington Brava release.  It’s the story of Dr. Emily Drake, a psychologist who only treats paranormal patients, and Atlanta Police Detective Colin Gyth, a wolf shifter who is on the hunt for a serial killer. The two of them team up on the investigation when Emily starts working as a profiler.   They’re trying to find the killer—they didn’t plan on falling for each other. 

I can’t wait to read this book.  How did you come up with the Premise for Hotter After Midnight?

Well, I’ve always been a paranormal fan and when I started writing this story, I knew that I wanted my heroine to be a psychologist—one with empathic powers. But, I wanted to twist the story a bit, so I decided her powers would only work on paranormal beings (vampires, demons, djinn, shifters—well, I think you get the idea!).  Emily’s character is very reserved (extremely guarded!), and I knew that I had to pair her up with someone who was her complete opposite—someone wild and fierce…and in walked Colin Gyth.

Where did you get the inspiration for Colin?

I love the idea of a man who is strong and brave, and one who has a core of wildness within him. For Colin, I used my love of werewolves (because I’ve always been fascinated by the werewolf legend), to create a wolf shifter hero.  Colin isn’t bound by the moon—he controls his beast and can transform at will, but he does like to walk on the wild side.

I was a vampire, which creature in your Creature Feature are you, and why? 
LOL—you took my quiz, huh? I had so much fun creating my Creature Feature Quiz—and I’m a vampire, too!  What can I say?  I do love the night life! 

How do you write?  Are you methodical and write every day or do you plot and plan? 

I write every day, ten pages a day (minimum) when I’m on a deadline.  Sometimes, I’ll plot out the story in pretty extensive detail before I write—and other times, I’ll just wing it and go where the characters take me. It really all depends on the particular book.

Who are your favorite authors?

Oh, there are a lot!  Christine Feehan. Jayne Ann Krentz.  Shannon McKenna. Alyssa Day and Linda Howard are a few.  My book shelves are overflowing (and so are my closets, my tables…)

What else is coming up for Cynthia Eden fans?

I will be releasing two paranormal novellas with Kensington Brava this year:  “Wicked Ways” in WHEN HE WAS BAD (May 27, 2008) and “Spellbound” in EVERLASTING BAD BOYS (September 2008). Then, in December, my second full-length novel from Kensington Brava will be available:  MIDNIGHT SINS (the hero is Atlanta Detective Todd Brooks—Colin’s partner in HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT).

Do you find that your family is supportive of your writing?  Have they always held that stance?

I’m very, very lucky. My husband is extremely supportive and so is my mom and my sister.  My mom takes bookmarks up to her beauty salon for me so that her friends can all keep track of my books.  I love that!

Last, any unusual habits that you have as a “writers” quirk?

This is embarrassing but…when I write, I whisper. I whisper pretty much every word that I type. I also make faces when I write. If my character is angry or afraid or surprised—I make that face so that I can feel what my facial muscles are doing and accurately relate that move in my book.

I lied, last, where can readers find you?

I’m on the web at and I’m at MySpace:

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us!

Thank you very, very much for the interview!  I appreciate you taking the time to ask me these questions!  It has been a pleasure!






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