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Welcome, Coffee Time not only do we give information about your favorite authors, but sometimes about new publishers as well.  So today we are excited to introduce a new publishing group, and we will be chatting with Sable Grey and Deanna Lee about it.There's a new publishing house in town Cobblestone Press digital publishing-- brain child of multi-published authors Sable Grey and Deanna LeeWelcome Deanna Lee thanks so much for talking with Coffee Time Romance.

Where did the idea of Cobblestone Press come from?

Deanna Sable and I spent a great deal of time over the last year talking about what we wanted out of the electronic publishing experience. It occurred to us, eventually, that we were capable of creating the kind of publishing environment we wanted and Cobblestone was born.

What makes your publishing house different from others?

We are pro-author in practically every arena of the publishing process. Our contract is for one year with an option to renew. We consider publishing a book a team effort and we’ll be promoting the publisher and the books every chance we get. Beyond that, we’ve also worked hard to create a website that is work-environment friendly. We want our customers to feel comfortable browsing our website.

What type of books are ya'll looking for in your submissions?

Since we are new and our catalog is still filling out we are pursuing all genres and will consider manuscripts that fit within our guidelines.

Can you tell us about your rating system so readers will know how to buy to types of books they like to read.

Our rating system runs from Wild to Wicked.
Wild- Sensual romance- sex but no explicit language
Wanton- Erotic romance- sex with explicit language
Wicked- Erotic romance- sex with explicit language and themes that some might find objectionable.

I notice at your publisher house you have a readers group can you tell us about this?

The Cobblestone Press Inn is our discussion group. A place for readers and authors to chat and get to know each other. Sable and I hang out there as well. You can join the group by going to the Community page on the website.

What is number one reason for a author book to be rejected from you publishing house?

Failure to read the guidelines. It’s amazing what reading all the way down to the end of the page will do for your career.

Does more than one editer check over a submission from a author?

Currently Sable and I handle all incoming submissions. We imagine in the future we’ll have to hire an Acquisitions editor to help with the evaluation process.

Who does your cover art for your books?

The majority of the cover art currently on the website has been done by Sable Grey. A few exceptions would be Rafe’s War which came from the forever young Dan Skinner, Bound by Love drawn by Louisa Gallie, and Lycan Instinct created by Cris Griffin. We are very fortunate to have a talented art staff who deliver every time they come up to the plate.

Who came up with the name of the Cobbstone Press and does it have a special meaning to ya'll?

Cobblestone is actually Sable’s favorite word. You can all be fortunate we didn’t go with my favorite word <grin>.

Can you tell us some of the name of the books coming out and the authors?

Our first six books are: Tourist Attraction by Shelli Stevens, Bound by Love by Loribelle Hunt, Five Alarm Neighbor by Anna Leigh Keaton, Fire and Ice by Vivienne King, Fool’s Fortune by Sara Dennis and Rafe’s War by Jade James. Readers can read blurbs on these and more upcoming titles here:

Where do Sable and you see Cobblestone Press at in 5 years?

We’d like to see our full length titles in print, RWA recognition, and of course authors who are happy and very successful.

Can you tell us about your community activities!

We have a library (forum based), the discussion group, a chat room, an announcements only list for people who don’t like all of the mail of a discussion group, and an html newsletter. We wanted to give people plenty of ways to get information on Cobblestone.

Can you tell us about your newsletter and how to join it?

Our HTML newsletter will go out weekly. It is customizeable to reader preference and will include interviews, writing articles, and of course new release information. The Community Center is here:

I notice you have a chat on June 2 , 2006 can you tell us a little about it?

The June 2 chat will be our grand-opening party. Authors and readers are encouraged to drop in during the night to meet, greet, and of course buy books!

Deanna Lee thanks so much for chatting with me at Coffee Time Romance! We want to thank Sable Grey and Deanna Lee for chatting with us today and giving us a heads-up on this new publishing group.






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