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WELCOME! Come and join us for a chat today. We have Cindy Appel talking about her book, Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures. Coffee Time Romance wants to take this time to welcome Ms. Appel for joining us today. Welcome Ms. Appel. Please tell us about yourself.

I enjoy writing funny, sexy, romantic fiction and have done so for about decade now... I live with my husband and two teenage daughters and one very bossy cat in the suburbs of a large Midwestern American city where I’m afraid to drive because The roads are actually slow moving parking lots… I like to sing barbershop harmony when I’m not Writing... I like to read just about everything And watch movies on DVD when I’m not writing or Singing… I actually have a college degree... It’ll never land me a “real job”, but at least it Helps cover the cracks in the plaster.

I help tutor refugees and immigrants in how to Speak/read/write English... I figure one of these Days they may eventually become readers, and I Want to get on the ground floor with them... I Have an incredibly dry, somewhat off-the-wall Sense of humor… I rarely take myself seriously… I Mean, how can I? I’m blonde and I could stand to Lose a few pounds… I hope others think I’m as Funny as I’d like to think I am. :)

How did you get started writing? When did you first become published?

The first thing I remember writing (or having my mother write down for me acted as illustrator) was a children's storybook when I was about five. As a teen I wrote poetry, short stories and the occasionally article for our high school paper. The idea for my first romantic novel came to me one summer after my mom told me to “lighten up”.

I had been writing and selling mostly non-fiction articles and essays up to this point. I was acting very sensibly, you see, and had tried writing a super-serious novel. I originally thought Oprah had the right idea-now I think just the opposite. The Fixer-Uppers, the story of a single mom trying hard not to fall in love, was published in the fall of 2001. I’ve published seven other romances/erotic-romances since then, and a few more are in the works even as I type this… (Readers can stay on top of my next releases by joining my e-newsletter

What do you like most about being a writer? What do you like the least?

The thing I like most about being a writer is that essentially I’m working to please myself. I’m free to use my overactive imagination in a fun way and I don’t have a big, scary boss standing over me in my cubicle office screaming, “Get back to work or you’re fired!” Of course, if you want to be published you have to write things that please both your sensibilities and a few other folks’ tastes. But the pluses of being your own boss and the chance to create all kinds of fantastical places, situations and characters can’t be beat.

The thing I like the least is the lack of steady income. It’s a pretty “hit or miss” sort of career. Ninety-nine percent of writers can’t live on their writing income alone… I think actors and oil painters are better off than most writers!

And occasionally non-writers act weird when you tell them you write. They ask snidely, “Tell me what’s your real job?” “What’s a ‘real job’?” I reply. “One with a steady paycheck.” “Oh… “ I shrug. “I’m unemployed then.”

What do you consider to be the key elements to a good story?

Good characters. If the reader cannot sympathize with the main character of a story, then I don’t care how good the pacing, plotting or prose is the reader will walk away from the book wondering what the big deal is. (“Literary novelists” are free to debate this issue. All I know is that I enjoy a good yarn with intriguing characters and that seems to be the stories that sell the most, too.)

I think that’s why the classics stand up decade after decade. We fall in love with the characters. Think of Gone With the Wind and Jane Eyre. Is it the riveting prose or fast paced action or witty banter that you fell in love with? Or was it simply Scarlet and Jane?

Do you ever dream about your characters?

Occasionally. Robin Manhood from Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures is an excellent
character to dream about… He looks great both in and out of those green tights! :)

What is your favorite genre to write? Is there any genre you would rather not write about?

My favorite genre would have to be romance. I adore HEA endings. And deep, deep down, who doesn’t?

My least favorite would be horror. I just don’t care for scaring people through gratuitous violence and making them cringe needlessly. You can turn on the news and experience those feelings any day of the week. I’d rather write to
entertain and provide an escape from the worries of life. I’d rather readers cry tears of joy and not sorrow. That’s not to say I don’t sometimes write about violent characters or situations-I do-but I don’t dwell on the evil as much as how good will eventually triumph in the end.

What is your favorite book that you have written so far?

All of them. That’s like asking a mother to say she has a favorite child! :)

I have to admit to having a lot of fun writing Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures. There’s something liberating about writing campy, off-the-wall, sci-fi-erotica. My imagination just goes totally wild… I don’t have to tell myself, “No! You can’t possibly have her do something like that!” I mean, why not? It’s erotica set in a futuristic setting the Characters can do anything they want. (And frequently do.)

Most Romance Authors are also avid readers. What is your favorite reading material?

I’m a very eclectic reader. When I have time to read for enjoyment, I enjoy reading Science fiction, romantic subplot or not. I also Enjoy reading Regencies and other historical novels. I like non-fiction, too, especially biographies. And the classics are always fun, too.

Heck, I like reading just about everything especially on my e-reader device. It’s Convenient and infinitely portable.

You write erotic romance as Celine Chatillon, how do those books differ from your other works?

In two words: They’re hotter!

While I’ve written consummated love scenes in my other romantic-comedies (under the pen name of Cynthianna Appel) when I’m writing as Celine the love scenes are ratcheted up a notch-or ten. And there are a lot more of them, especially in the Brandi Whyne serial. They seem to grow exponentially the deeper Brandi travels into the galaxy and meets up with other… partners.

I have just read Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures. I adored the story and laughed so hard my sides hurt. What inspired this indomitable heroine and the world she lives in?

The actual inspiration has been lying dormant in my brain for years. I grew up watching lots of science-fiction movies and Monty Python’s Flying Circus. And I read a lot of category romance novels in junior high. “One of these days,” I told myself, I’m going to throw all these varied influences into a blender and watch what happens.”

But I didn’t act on these impulses until the Romantic Times Convention in St. Louis last year. There I sat down with eXtasy Books publisher Tina Haveman, executive editor Stef Kelsey and their minions (other eXtasy authors) and started shooting the breeze. I was encouraged by Stef’s openness to new ideas and her willingness to take a chance on something as insane as Brandi Whyne.

When I decided to really go “over the top” with the idea brewing in my brain, I decided that at least the main character would act somewhat level-headed. That’s Brandi. She still gets into all kinds of hot, erotic action, but she’s a capable woman in control. I patterned her a little after the heroine of the classic erotic novel Fanny Hill. Once Fanny understood the core between men and women, nothing could stopher from reaching her goals. The same goes for Brandi. (And hopefully for me publishing-wise, that is!)

The description of the Pulsating Purple Parsnip made me crack up laughing I loved the humorous andsatirical aspects of the story. What do you Hope readers will take away with them after having read this book?

Take away? Hmm… That it’s great being a redheaded bombshell in the distant future where the sex is free and fun and all the heroes are red-blooded and look great in tights? ;)

Mostly I want readers to have a good time, relax, enjoy the zaniness and feel inspired to dress up like the Brandi Whyne character of their choice at their local sf-con. Sort of like people do at showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Yet another inspiration of mine, if you haven’t guess already.)

Do you have a plan for more of Brandi's adventures? What can we expect to see next?

Yes, there are at least five more contractedadventures to come out from eXtasy Books, and I’m currently working on a sixth. Reader input is welcomed. If you have an idea for a character or situation in the Brandi Whyne universe, feel free to email and tell me what’s on your mind.

What can we expect to see next?

Well, I don’twant to spoil all the suspense, but let me just say that Brandi will get to know the crazy crew members of the Pulsating Purple Parsnip much, much better… And she will discover that she has the power and determination to battle evil forces in the galaxy while still looking great in a corset and thigh high boots… And that non-human males are sometimes blessed with much larger “body parts” than even she has observed before and that it can be quite fun to “experiment”.

Readers can keep up to date with what’s happening next with Brandi at my web site page:

What would you tell aspiring authors that you wish you had known when you first started?

In order to become published you must “write, write, write and then write some more.” You have to make yourself sit down at the computer, typewriter or notebook and put words on paper. Then you have to force yourself to do it again and again in the midst of monumental, soul-crushing rejection.

You can’t just go around saying, “I want to writea book some day.” You have to believe you can do it and then you have to make yourself do it. You have to be open to allowing other people who are wise in the ways of writing critique your work. And you can’t hesitate to edit out practically everything in your first draft and start completely over again sometimes. The art is in the rewrite, not in the writing.

Where can readers purchase your books? How can they contact you?

Since I have books from several different publishers, the best way is to go to one of my web sites and click on the purchase links there beside the book’s description. I do my best to keep the links up-to-date. (I do have one
Cynthianna Appel book currently up at Fictionwise, and I have several available through Amazon as well as directly from the publishers.)

For my erotic-romances go to   For more info on how to order Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures go to

For my contemporary romances/romantic-comedies go to

Readers can contact me at celinechatillon@hotmail or

What would you like our readers to remember most about you or your work?

I’d like readers to remember that in spite of my overactive imagination that I’m a nice person.Really. I don’t bite. I’m not totally insane-yet.

I’d like them to remember to always, always support their favorite authors by purchasing alltheir favorite author’s books and telling their friends to do likewise. Word of mouth is still the most effective means to promote a book. I
hope that folks will enjoy Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures so much that the word spreads like wildfire.

And if anyone has any leads on where to purchase a pair of kick-ass, thigh high, black leather boots in a size eight and a half, please let me know. Thanks!

WOW, That is one hot interview! Thanks Ms. Appel for taking the time to stop by and talking with us today. And Coffee Time Romance also wants to thank you.
Thank you Ms. Appel.







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