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I am pleased to announce I have Ciana Stone with me as my featured author here for another Live Chat Interview via AOL and a Private Chat Room. So this will hopefully be a very fun and exciting day today to share with both her followers and Coffee Time Romance and our Readers too.

Lainey: Good Afternoon or rather good evening there to you …

Ciana: Thanks - good afternoon to you. It's a real pleasure to be here.

Lainey: Welcome Ciana

Ciana: Thank you so much for having me here.

Lainey: I must say we are in for a real treat for our readers today with your newest release coming out this month.

Ciana: That's sweet, thank you. I hope it will be something readers will enjoy.

Lainey: Why don't we start with what is most currently happening to you at the moment? Tell us about the new book, please?

Ciana: Okay. My upcoming book is from Ellora's Cave. It's the 2nd in my Hot in the Saddle series, titled Molding Clay.

Lainey: Maybe we should start with your first one then introduce this one for those that may not have read Chase 'N' Ana? I should state that is how I was first introduced to you myself. I reviewed Chase 'N' Ana for you here at Coffee Time Romance. So I have read that book the first in the series.

Ciana: And I really appreciate that review, Lainey. I love that writers can always trust the reviewers at CTR for an honest opinion.

Lainey: Why don't you give us a quick run down on the series and Chase and Ana so our readers know a bit about it and will want to know more and for your new one, hint hint ... *smiles*

CianaStone: okay, great! Chase Hawks is a rodeo roper and rancher who has a way with the ladies and a pretty good life. He hasn't found the love of his life, but figures all things come in their own time. Then one day while heading to see a pretty lady, he runs over a woman with his truck. And that's how the new age witch Ana Stillwater enters his life.

Ana hasn’t had much luck lately. Her husband beat her up and put her into the hospital, she lost her job and things are not looking so good. So she runs away. And would you know it, her car breaks down and she finds herself in no-where land Arizona, trying to figure out what to do. That's when Chase runs over her and suddenly both their lives are changed.

In Chase “N’ Ana readers are introduced to all of Chase’s family, including his hunky younger brothers: the twins, Cole and Clay and the youngest Caleb. Each of the brothers will have their own stories. Chase just starts the ball rolling with his story and how a quirky witch changes life for him forever.
It's a tale of how people who seemingly have nothing in common, from radically different backgrounds and beliefs come together and find love. And how there's always a little magic in the world. *smiles* Molding Clay is the second book.

Clay Russell (Chase’s half brother) has a graduate degree in animal husbandry but his secret passion is bull riding. He wants to win the nationals, and would be well on his way, but he lets his family talk him into heading for North Carolina to get a struggling ranch back on its feet.

That’s the only thing that interests him about it (aside from the fact that he’s proud they put so much faith in him to succeed) is that the owner of the ranch Rusty Blackhawk is a horse breeder and trainer and has bred and trained the last several years champions for barrel racing.

But Rusty Blackhawk isn’t what he expected at all. First of all, he‘s a she, and a she she that makes Clay‘s blood run hot. And then there‘s the little matter of her being a witch with a big wolf as her familiar who has a dry sense of humor and little tolerance for anyone who might prove harmful to Rusty. Neither of them expect the passion that explodes between them, or the danger that threatens their lives.

And without giving away too much, that’s it in a nutshell. *smiles*

I can tell you that each hero in this series is modeled after cowboys I have known. I’m a big fan of cowboys and the rodeo, so I wanted to do a series featuring the personalities of some I’ve known and called friends.

Lainey: Wow, that now makes me want to go and meet those cowboy friends of yours, and by the way do they know you are writing about them and have they guessed which character they are? *smiles*

Ciana: LOL, yes they do know I'm writing about them. And I must say that the man behind the character of Chase had no clue it was him when he read it, except for the fact that Chase calls Ana Fancy and that's what the real cowboy has always called me.
Clay figured it out pretty fast - as soon as he read the words Bull Rider he said "Hey is this me?" Both of them were thrilled about it. But then the characters in the books are very hunky sexy guys, who what man would not want to say "Hey that was modeled after me!"?

Lainey: Hmm now do those cowboys happen to be single and available, I wonder because now our readers will probably want to go see exactly who they are *laughs*

Ciana: Well some of them are and some are not. And maybe I'll talk them into letting me post some pics. Actually there is a pic of Clay on my blog with the HunksnHussies - nice body shot, I just didn't show his face.

Lainey: OK now we should probably find out if there is anything else going on in your life right now, especially pertaining to your writing, any current news or updates?

Ciana: Well, right now I'm working on the third in this series Scout “N' Cole, and am getting ready to start a series with Sally Painter and Susie Charles that will feature a bevy of adventurous Hussies and quite a few delicious Hunks. Aside from that, I would like to invite everyone to pay a visit to my yahoo group, HunksnHussiesClub. We have a lot of fun there and there's always a Hunk or two popping in to treat the ladies. You can find a link to the group on my web site, at the bottom of the home page at You can find a link to the group on my web site, at the bottom of the home page at Oh, and I am also currently working on a book with Nathalie Gray that is bound to be entertaining, exciting and sexy. We're having great fun with it. Nat's a super gal and wonderful writer.

Lainey: I was going to ask that to introduce use to your HunksnHussies, but I guess I do not have to after all you just did it *smiles* but can you also give us an email address for our readers and do you have a myspace or other web site they can get to see all of your great work?

Ciana: My email is and my sites are and and my blog is I also have a MySpace page

Lainey: Well that is definitely a lot of sites that our readers can definitely go looking for and look forward to seeing more of especially your new HunksNHussies.

Ciana: I'm really excited about the HunksnHussies. Sally Painter, Susie Charles and Denise Rossetti are fabulous writers and fantastic women. We have just the greatest time with the Hussies and are eager to share the fun. Which reminds me, I've been given the honor of making you an honorary Hussy *smiles* Which is indeed a high compliment, you know. Hussies are bright, talented, independent women who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it.

Lainey: Oh wow does that then make my boyfriend a Hunk I wonder? *evil grin*

Ciana: If anyone deserves the title, then it's you and all the wonderful gals at CTR. And as far as the boyfriend goes, why don't you share some pics with the Hussies so we can see just how Hunky that fella is. <anticipatory grin>

Lainey: Oh in that case I accept I would love to be a Hussy and have it a good thing for once *laughs* and as for him well he has to be incognito for a while longer so no pics or anything of him yet but maybe later, how about that?

Ciana: Sure that works *smiles*

Lainey: Well I am thinking, what would you like to talk about that I had not asked you yet or is there something else you want to tell us before we conclude this wild ride we have had here today?

Ciana: Well the only thing I would like to say in conclusion is thank you. I'm a big fan and supporter of CTR and think you all ROCK!!

Lainey: Why thank you and by the way why don't you come over and join our family and be part of our bulletin board and forum especially for all authors?

Ciana: I'd love to!! How do I go about it?

Lainey: Just stop by our site and the forum and we will get you all set up.

Ciana: I'll do that. Thanks, Lainey

Lainey: Well I will now let you go get your dinner I know it is getting late there.

Ciana: Thanks so much honey. This was fun.

Lainey: Oh I had a ton of fun here too Ciana and I truly appreciate the time you took today with me.

Ciana: Thanks again, so very much. You're just a doll.

Lainey: Well on that note I will let you go eat and thanks again ever so much Ciana this was fantastic and now I can say I am a Hussy and be proud of it too.

Ciana: LOL - thanks so much sista Hussy *smiles* have a great afternoon!!

Lainey: Take care Ciana and we will be seeing you soon and talking again. Goodbye.






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