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Good morning Christy, my name is Cherokee, and at this time I would like to do an interview with you for Coffee Time Romance. So if you have some time, the readers would love to hear something about Christy Poff and her stupendous works.

Christy, first let me say you are a truly talented storyteller. Every time I pick up one of your books to read, I am enthralled. The Best of Christy Poff is no exception. Wow, these three stories are incredible.

Internet Bonds Series Book 1 - The Rebirth of Rachel – This story held my attention. I was mesmerized with the characters. Where did you get the idea to create this story and the characters of Rafe and Rachel? And William Wainwright was one character where I could almost feel his rage escape the pages.

Rachel came out of an argument and went down on paper in about two, maybe three days. I find I write some of my best villains when I’m angry because it’s better to write how I feel that way than open up and say something I’ll regret later.

In the second story: Eyes of Darkness Book 1: Dante’s Flame - I love these characters Jacob Dante and Melanie Walters. It was as if they finally found that one thing they were missing in their lives. You have a way of interconnecting the reader with the characters and really pulling them into the story.

Thank you. They came about as an entry into a contest which I didn’t win. I have cousins who live in the neighborhood I based it in and it went from there. I also love vampire stories with happy endings.

Entranced by Jasmyne – This tale had such a colorful cast of characters and I really enjoyed how you added the names at the end and their specific meaning.

I thought the different meanings would help my readers get a picture of how names come about. It’s what makes the research interesting and fun.

As I read the book, I was captivated by each tale and it amazed me how you captured such an essence with all the characters. Was it difficult trying to keep all the different characters in their own perspective with each story?

Because they were written at different times, I didn’t have a problem though I have found myself writing the name of a heroine from a recently finished work into something new. I make notes big time so I can keep them all straight.

Christy, your tales are so unique, is it hard to come up with new stories, or do they just come to you naturally?

They come to me naturally. I can be sitting and doing something totally away from writing – like taking a shower – and an idea comes to me. If I don’t write it down, I’m sunk. Like I said, Post-its are a life-saver. Sometimes I get bogged down a little enhancing the idea into a story line but it works out in the end.

I believe you have some other upcoming releases. Would you like to share those with the readers at this time?

In June, the latest volume in the Internet Bonds series comes out with This Just In…. As always, Brett and Ainsley get together on-line and everything heats up once they meet but this one has some twists and turns I don’t think readers will be expecting. In August, Dark Illusions releases and tell a story which starts in Santa Fe and goes to Mazatlan. After that I have several others as well as four in 2008.

How would you describe your work area?

A mess – I have Post-it notes all over and notebooks with research and other things I need in order to keep things straight. Everything is at hand and near the computer although the story goes on a steno pad before it ever goes into the computer. Losing several works that way made me a true believer in writing things out longhand and having a back-up. I also have CD’s near by for when I’m in the mood.

How long does it generally take you to compose a book?

That depends on the flow of the book as well as things going on in my life. If I have stuff to do release wise or with the family, writing might take a little longer.

Please tell us something else about yourself that you would like to share with others.

A piece of my personality or family history makes its way into each of my books so readers might know me better than they think.

Okay, let’s have some fun: I know everyone has a favorite season, what is yours? And where is your favorite vacation spot?

I love Spring and Autumn equally and Wyoming tops my list for the best vacation spot – the sunrises are gorgeous.

What would you say is your number one hobby?

Writing actually. How many others turn a hobby into a profession?

Christy, after a long day, what do you do to relax?

Stretch out and watch tv or read.

If you could choose any famous person to spend the day with, who would be your choice?

Good question – historically, I would say Robert E. Lee. He was a military genius while very caring and very learned. Currently – there are so many but I think at this point – I’d have to say Daniel Craig. His eyes are so startling blue and he is an amazing actor. I’d love to talk with him about some of his roles.

Christy, I absolutely love your stories. Thank you so very much for sharing some things about yourself with us today. I wish you the best with your writing career. For those who have yet to read The Best of Christy Poff, this is one exceptional read that should not be missed.

Thank you so much. It’s been my pleasure.






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