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 GOOD MORNING, today we have Chris Marie Green with us promoting a new book and a new series coming out.

Chris: Hi, all!

Lainey: I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy weekend to talk to us here at Coffee Time Romance.

Chris: It's great to be here; thank *you* for getting up and fitting this into your schedule. *smiles*

Lainey: I am at your disposal this morning besides this way I can always go nap if needed. *smiles*

Chris: It's always good to have an excuse.

Lainey: I wanted to ask you about your interest in writing and in fact the genre you prefer?

Chris: As you know, I write in quite a few genres. There are things to love about each of them, but I have to say that I have major fun with action/adventure--and that includes vampires plus atmospheric thrillers. In fact, I'd say NIGHT RISING has both of those elements in equal measure.

Lainey: That was my next question... how did you get into this paranormal writing including vampires, what inspired you?

Chris: I've always loved scary movies; actually, my love for horror got stronger as I grew up. I wrote scary stories in junior high and watched slasher movies. There's nothing I can't watch! But, with my writing, I found myself gravitating toward "home and hearth" stories, then "hot" stories. I was busy writing those books, but when I saw that a new line for Silhouette--Bombshell--was looking for a "vampire hunter," I immediately had an idea. The term "vampire hunter" in itself brought images of the old world and I knew I wanted to write about Transylvania. That book came to be THE HUNTRESS, and it came to me almost fully formed. Then I had another vampire-based idea, and I knew it wasn't a Bombshell. It'd have to cover three books. That sold as the Vampire Babylon trilogy to Ace books, and NIGHT RISING is the first.

Lainey: I wondered if it also help with TV shows and Movies to inspire you also?

Chris: Oh, yes. I'm a pop culture junkie. Images from NOSFERATU--the black-and-white silent film--first sparked this love of vampires, so that movie definitely has an effect on the ones I write. My vampires tend to be somewhat feral--but not all the time. The thing about Vampire Babylon is that you can never trust what you think you know...things aren't always as they seem. Also, ALIAS and Harry Potter were big inspirations. That sounds weird, but Vampire Babylon has a big mythology that's carried out over the trilogy. Also, there are big-time family elements that play into the plot and action. When people read NIGHT RISING, They'll also find tons of movie references--first and foremost is that urban legend about THREE MEN AND A BABY. You know the one--about the little boy who was supposedly lingering in the back of a camera shot? The mystery is based on that story.

Lainey: Now that is what our readers love to know how you germinate an idea and get not only a book from that but a series also.

Chris: It's fun to know the behind-the-scenes stuff! You know, while writing these books, I read DUNE novels, just to remind me how important the details of world building are. That's another fact.

Lainey: This is true. So do you want to tell us a bit about Night Rising and the Series as a whole, a little background for us so they know they will be not only buying a new book from you but the first in a trilogy?

Chris: Sure. The trilogy starts out with a stuntwoman, Dawn Madison, who is on the skids with her career. She's contacted by someone she doesn't know about the fact that her father has gone missing. That's it. When she gets back to Los Angeles, her old stomping grounds, she discovers that her dad has been involved in some pretty heavy, weird...stuff. She joins up with his co-workers in a paranormal investigative agency, and things go from there. Dawn isn't so much a vampire slayer or hunter as much as a woman who's fighting for her own sanity and existence, as well as her dad's. She has to solve the mystery of where he is as well as deal with the surprise of discovering that the world isn't what she always thought it was. Book two will continue uncovering the main mythology questions while concentrating on a new mystery that ties into this vampire underground the agency has discovered; also, book two will solve the mystery of what the master vampire is all about. Book three will tie up the loose ends while solving the mystery of the cryptic boss of the agency: "the Voice." There *will* be answers, so fans of the X-FILES and TWIN PEAKS needn't worry about the closure. *smiles*

Lainey: That sounds great and I am sure everyone will be thrilled to have a new series come out soon. Do you have any dates for the books and any public appearances or chats coming up anytime soon?

Chris: NIGHT RISING came out February 6, so it's out there! However, MIDNIGHT REIGN, the second book, has a February, 2008, release date. That's a frustrating lag time, so I'm planning to write a couple of Amazon Short stories to fill the gap. I'm told that BREAK OF DAWN will be released a decent time after MIDNIGHT REIGN, so that lag time shouldn't be an issue. As far as appearances, I'm always at my Blog, I write entries frequently, and always post appearances and chats. I just had a book signing, but I don't have any more scheduled at this moment. That could change in a heartbeat though!

Lainey: I wanted to add something about pen names or nom de plume you said you do use those, can you tell us what each name is for which genre?

Chris: Yes--Chris Marie Green is my mainstream name; these books will have romantic elements but the romance isn't at the forefront. Crystal Green is my romance-friendly name: I write Blazes, Special Editions, and Bombshells (RIP) under that nom de plume.

Lainey: Is there anything else you want our readers and yours to know about that I have not touched on yet?

Chris: Hmm--I think we've got everything when we take this session and put them with the questions you'd already asked. Good job. :) Well, actually, maybe they'd want to know that I've got a vampire Blaze coming out in July. It's called THE ULTIMATE BITE, and it's a "hot romance." So...lots o'vampires!

Lainey: OH very nice I am sure everyone will be happy with that. I do know a question about your books, are they in print and E-Book?

Chris: Good question--Vampire Babylon might go e-book in the near future, but there's no promises from Ace yet. No e-books for Harlequin Silhouette at the moment. :(

Lainey: I wondered if with the lag time in the series if the possibility was there for both so people can have it wherever they go on a computer or a paperback *smiles*

Chris: That would be a good idea! I think Ace is going to stay with the trade edition. I hear that's the most profitable paper format. That's what I hear, anyway....

Lainey: Yes that one I know VERY WELL I seem to see more Trades out there than ever now.

Chris: That's no joke--especially erotic romance, huh?

Lainey: True but it is easier to hold so I think they like that and they can have the bigger cover to attract attention too. Do you get to have any input on your own covers by the way?

Chris: I love reading trade, too. *smiles* Yes, I've had cover input. With Vampire Babylon, my editor asks me about the details I'd like to see. She did a great job with the NIGHT RISING cover, and I'm eager to see what happens with the next one.... With Harlequin Silhouette, we fill out Art Fact Sheets with every detail imaginable. Sometimes they take the ideas, sometimes they don't. It's about 50/50.

Lainey: That is great I have found that some publishers give a lot more creative input to the author for the cover art.

Chris: Yup. Some give the marketing department *all* input. I wouldn't love that.

Lainey: The nice part is you are part of a couple different scenes where you can have some input a bit more than the other so it balances it out a bit.

Chris: True!

Lainey: I have the links here for all of our readers to look for your work and a reader friendly email address for them too.

Chris: Excellent. You've been so great about organizing and then dealing with my computer "issues." LOL. Thank you so much!

- : This is the main Vampire Babylon site.
- : This is another VB place.
- : This encompasses all of my writing.

I've got lots here, like travelogues, a monthly contest, and a Blog that visits a lot of pop culture stuff.

Lainey: OK those are the sites you gave us and I have put them up for all to see just as you gave them to me *smiles* I want to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day today to come and chat with us.

Chris: Likewise. You've been so great to work with. Let me know if you need anything else, okay?

Lainey: I also wanted to let our readers know that this was a live interview conducted in an AOL Private Chat so that we can make this as easy and convenient for you.

Chris: That'll work.

Lainey: I have now pioneered the live interview for Coffee Time Romance in the last month or so and it seems to have positive feedback. I hope everyone that reads this will get back to you on your sites too.

Chris: I hope so, too, and this is a great way of interviewing. Great idea!

Lainey: Thanks this is still new and I am the one that gets to see how it goes before everyone else goes live. I think we do have a hit on our hands but we can only do it with authors such as yourself that have the time and I thank you.

Chris: Thank you, too. Take it easy, and let me know if you need anything. Have a good one!!!

Lainey: I think we have it especially here on the live chat. You have a great day and I will see you out the door.

Chris: Okay. Bye!

Lainey: Good bye and have fun.






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