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We are not only welcoming Spring in we are also welcoming some of your favorite Authors. Today we have Cheri Valmont, talking about her book Sweet Summer Rain And a little about herself. Coffee Time Romance wants to take this time to welcome Cheri Valmont. Welcome.

I’m always interested in learning about different places. Tell us about your hometown.

Since our family moved around some, I consider a couple of places as my hometown. In my younger years, we lived in the country, the nearest small towns being about 20 or 30 minutes away from our farm. It was a wonderful place to grow up. We had freedom there, with plenty of great places to explore and play. When I was starting the 7th grade we moved to town. Lafayette, Louisiana is in the southwestern part of the state, in the heart of Cajun country. It is a town rich in the Cajun culture, good food, good music, and the “joie de vie”, which means joy of life, which is very much a part of the life in Lafayette. I’ve moved around since I married, but my husband and I will always consider Lafayette as our hometown.

You have an anthology coming soon from Whiskey Creek Press. In it, you have characters engage in a bit of S & M. Is this something you enjoy in your personal life?

Actually, Shannon, I can say I’m not averse to the use of a paddle. . . For Sweet Summer Rain and Cajun Fire, the next in a series, which will be released in December 2006 from Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid, I did delve into the lifestyle of BDSM, Dom/sub, Master/slave relationship. I hoped to look at the two sides of the lifestyle, and although I do have characters in the story that live the lifestyle 24/7, my heroes and heroines are delving into aspects of the lifestyle, searching for what makes them happy. I do have a futuristic erotica, Sex Machine, which has just been accepted for the Torrid Teaser line with Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid, it does not have BDSM as a theme.

Have you ever had a dream where your characters appeared?

My dreams are very vivid and yes, most of my characters come to me in dreams. I blame my naughty muse. He always comes to me with ideas in the middle of the night. Some of my stories run in my dreams like a movie. The first Regency Set Romance I started working on woke me at 4 AM one morning and by 10 AM I had a full outline done for the book. Same with Sweet Summer Rain. You can ask my critique partners, some mornings I’ll pop up and send them an e-mail, complete with the full ideas for short stories and novels.

Which of your heroes do you think is the most drool worthy?

Honestly, to me, all my heroes are very drool worthy, but if I had to pick one, it would have to be Ranulf. He’s the hero in a Short Medieval Erotica I have submitted for consideration for an anthology. He’s pure warrior. Big, tall, blond, with a war ravaged body. Battle scars that make him feel he is no longer desirable to gently bred ladies.

Tell us a little about Cheri, the person.

I’m the youngest of a large close-knit Cajun family. I’m married to a military man, which is why I’ve lived in some great places and made some great friends. I’ve been a nurse for 22 years, but I’m trying to make my writing a priority in my life right now.

Now tell us more about Cheri, the author. When did you write your first book? Any favorite genres?

I started taking my writing seriously since this last move with my husband, which was 2003. I, actually, wrote my first romance when I was in the 7th grade, which stayed in the closet I shared with my sister, until she pitched one day when she was in a cleaning mood. I’m sure it was horrible, but I’d love to have it now, just to see how bad it was. Of course, I love Romance of all types. My very favorite is the Historical Romance.

If you could live one day as any character from your books, which would it be and why?

I’d like to live one day, only one mind you, as my heroine, Thera, from Taming Thera. Medieval Times, of course. I wouldn’t mind just seeing what it was like to live in a castle, during the time of knights. I’d like to see what it was really like, and not just the romanticism. Every grimy, dirty part of it and come back safely to the present.

What is something about you that most would be surprised to learn?

That one of the genres I write is erotica.

What is the first book you recall reading? Any favorite authors from childhood?

There used to be a set of books that were about the individual countries, Japan, Spain, France, etc. I used to love to read those books. Don’t remember the authors, though. I discovered romance books around the age of 11 or 12. I still have the copy I read. It was a Harlequin Romance. Kyle’s Kingdom by Mary Wimberley. My favorite authors, from the earlier times were, Violet Winsper, Anne Mather, Penny Jorden, Janet Dailey, just to name a few.

When did you first begin to write?

Around the 7th grade.

Tell us a bit about your early work, published or hidden in File 13.

Well, that’s the book that my sister threw away. When I think about it now, I have to laugh. I wrote an amnesia story about a girl who finds her way, somehow, to Florida and an Orange Grove. Who knows how I came up with that idea? But I find it funny, because I’d never been to Florida before, yet somehow Florida became the state I was going to set my book. But I do remember I always liked the blighted characters that got into accidents and whose whole life was thrown upside down and had to figure out what was more important in their life.

Which of your heroes would you most likely end up in bed with?

It would probably be Jubal from Cajun Fire. The devil-may-care Jubal reminds me of my honey.

What did you do before Romance writing?

Well, Nursing for 22 years, but before that, I worked as a cashier at several places and I even spent the summer before nursing school working in construction, which is why some of my contemporary characters do construction work and some work with motorcycles, which I love.

What made you decide to become a romance writer?

That’s easy. I’ve loved reading romance through the years and if I can give a little of the feelings a good romance gave me to other people, I’d be a happy woman.

Thanks for all the great questions, Shannon! I look forward to hearing from readers and hope they enjoy Sweet Summer Rain and love my characters enough to meet the rest of the family. The second in the series that started with Sweet Summer Rain, Cajun Fire, will be released December 2006. I’m presently working on the third in the series, which will be about the third sibling, Lucas Horville. My first futuristic erotica, Sex Machine, will be released in the Torrid Teaser line with Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid. I’ve just completed the third short in the series set on the same planet as Sex Machine. For the news on new releases visit:

Thank you so much Cheri for taking time out to talk with us, on behalf of Coffee Time Romance we give an especially big THANK YOU.

WOW, What a great month for Interviews!

Shannon Anicas
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