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Welcome, today we are happy to have Charlene Teglia here, to answer some questions, so thank you Charlene for taking time to let us get to know more about you and your books.

Charlene, first off, I want to tell everyone that the proceeds of this book is going to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund.  That is fantastic Charlene!

Like everybody else who watched the aftermath of Katrina in horror, I wanted to do something. But not just anything. I wanted to do something that would provide ongoing help, rather than just send a single donation, because I could see that rebuilding the home and businesses lost would take years.

The need for help will go on long after media attention has moved on. So I dedicated a book to the cause. That it's a romantic comedy seemed especially appropriate to me. Love and laughter heal and help people get through rough times.

Charlene, would you tell us a little bit about your self?

I'm a work from home mom with a toddler and an infant. When I'm not feeding or changing small people, I'm reading and writing! My imagination never stops; I have to have someplace to channel it. ;)

I just finished Catalyst and LOVED IT!  Could you tell us where the inspiration for this book came from?

Catalyst, like Love and Rockets and Yule Be Mine, represents all my favorite things about living in New England. The people, the places, the history, the food. I learned to cook living in New Hampshire. The Victorian town of Franklin is a lovely place and the perfect setting or a romance.

In Catalyst she has a man-hating cat, do you have a cat? And if so did your cat come in to mind when writing this part?

I do have a cat, but Sebastian is more a representative of cat characteristics I've seen over the years than based on any individual cat.

Charlene, in your bio, you used to work for HP, when did you decide to start writing?

I started writing short fiction and poetry when I was 12. I knew I wanted to be a novelist when I grew up and I kept working towards that goal through various jobs. My writing skills actually led to several good jobs, including my position at HP where I wrote many online help scripts for troubleshooting printers.

Catalyst is a light and funny read, is that your favorite type of romances to write?

I do love romantic comedy best, although I also find it fun to toy with all the sub genres. The beauty of romance is that it's so broad. You can do a million different things and never leave the genre.  

How long did it take you to write Catalyst?

It took me three months. I wrote about 3 pages every day after work. Fortunately I'm a lot faster now!

Do you have a set routine for writing a book?

More of a process than a routine. Every story goes through a development stage where I'm getting a handle on the theme, the core of the story, the characters, the setting, writing scenes. When the development stage is done, I write the book. I have several stories past the development stage, which makes the actual writing go a whole lot faster.

Charlene; what is your idea of the perfect hero? for example is he the dark brooding type ect.....

I love alpha heroes best. I love the ones who are born leaders, who take charge and take responsibility, but who are also capable of deep love and lifelong commitment. He can be brooding or lighthearted, but my favorite hero always has those qualities.

What are you working on now?

Right now I'm finishing up a comic paranormal Quickie for Ellora's Cave called A Wolf In Cheap Clothing. My first werewolf story, with more to come. After all the work I put into developing the rules of my fantasy world, I want to keep using it!

Charlene do you read a lot, and if so what type of romances do you read?

I read nonstop. I read the back of detergent boxes while I'm doing laundry! I've just finished reading two paranormal romances, but I also read contemporaries and historicals.

What do you consider the hardest part (if any) is writing a book?  and the easiest (if any)?

Writing a book is easy once you've learned the craft. Or at least, it comes easily to me now that I've learned how to work with my process instead of trying to work with somebody else's. Selling it, that's the hard part! Learning the market, the process, being patient and not giving up until you find a publisher who believes in your story, that truly is the hard part. It's where most people quit.

Charlene, is there anything new or exciting going on right now with  you?

Many new things! I'm a new mom, which is exciting all by itself, and I have many new stories in the works.

Is there a type of  genre  book you would like to try writing but  never have?

I'd love to write a mystery. The first story I ever had published was actually a short comic mystery for kids.

Charlene would you give us you web site address?

Sure, it's

Do you have a favorite among your books? if so which one, and why?

Oh, that's like asking me which of my children I love best! I love them all for different reasons. Catalyst will always be very special to me because it was my first complete novel, and writing it proved to me that I really could do it. Writing a novel is like climbing a mountain, it's a huge accomplishment and if you've never done it before, it's very intimidating. When I typed "The End" I felt like I'd scaled Everest. I'd done the impossible, created an entire book where it hadn't existed before.  

Charlene, what tips would you give to aspiring writers?

Learn the craft and learn the business. Be patient and persistent. Believe in yourself and don't give up.

We hear the term "writers block"  do you think, all writers get them, and have you ever had it?

Writer's block is a sign that something has gone terribly wrong. It might be burnout, it might be your muse telling you to take a different direction, to slow down, to change the way you're working. The best way to avoid writer's block is to pay attention to yourself. If you pick up on the little signs that tell you something isn't working and needs to change, you won't be forced to come to a full stop. My own experience with writer's block taught me how to never get it again. I pay attention to the subtle cues now, I don't have to be clubbed over the head.

Charlene, thanks I really enjoyed doing this interview.

Thank you, Wateena, it's been fun!

I want to thank Charlene Teglia on behalf of Coffee Time Romance for chatting with us today!






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