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Hello and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. How are you? Anything exciting happening in your life? Other than the visit to ancient Egypt of course.

Hey Hollie, I'm awesome! How are you? Yes, there is always something going on in Charisma's world!  Oh no, please don't even mention that trip to ancient Egypt! Lord Daegan is a tyrant and such a handful!

My latest releases are Spiritwalker and My Serbian Wolf.  Spiritwalker was released in August, and tells the tale of how my Scottish hunk, Magnus Abernethy will move mountains for the sake of my heroine, Vivian Patterson. 

My Serbian Wolf is about my shifter Niko who sacrifices himself for the good of his pack in 1389.  Centuries later, he is reunited with his soulmate Rebecca Johnson in modern times through her dreams. Actually, Rebecca's spirit roams, and she meets with Niko in his alternate realm.

The next group of stories are anthologies with different publishers. Revealing Thorn is one of the six books for Amira Press' Bad Boys Incorporated anthology. In this story, you'll meet my hero, hunky Thorn Magnusson who is a descendant of Beowulf. He's coerced by leader Wolfe McCoy, leader of Bad Boys to save sassy witch Lena Hendrix from demonic forces.

My Dark Lord and Master is part of the Halloween anthology for XoXo Publishing, and tells the tale of how a woman's darkest desires turn her spirit lover into a real flesh and blood human.  This beast/man appears, and takes her off to his land in ancient Serbia....

Now we have Alone, which was released December 17th. This is part of Silver Publishing's 25 Days of Christmas, about a woman who has lived her entire life surrounded by walls she's built over the years to keep others out. Her guardian angel Jack is placed on earth to prevent darkness from taking her over completely. If she doesn't open her heart, she will lose herself and the man's she's destined to be with forever.  

I have one upcoming release through Beautiful Trouble Publishing called Menage Unchained!!  

Akaisha is a very spirited young lady she seems to handle a move from one century to another very well is that the case?

Oh yes, Akaisha is very spirited. You figure after being whisked away from ancient Egypt to 17th century Ireland, hell! I'd be spirited too. You've got to roll with the punches, and that's what my heroine did. She adjusted when she found herself in an overwhelming situation, and found herself hopelessly falling for Lord Daegan.  

Over 3000 years is a long way to travel for a bride what made Daegan look so far into the past?

Well, you see, Akaisha is no ordinary vampire. She's a daywalker(or dampir) blessed with the power to see into the future and past. Daegan sensed her aura through the layers of time, and had his magus utilize his darkest magic to propel him 3000 years into the past to obtain her. Readers will discover there is so much more to my hero and heroine when they become lost in their story. 

Daegan is often called away or is too busy to spend time with Akaisha what is it that keeps him away from her so often?

Daegan is a complicated vampire and a very tortured being. Darkness has almost consumed his soul, and well...anytime he gets too close for comfort with Akaisha, he puts a wall between them. She invokes certain feelings within him he can't fathom. These are one of many barriers my daywalker must break through in order to save my hero. 

Daywalker is the first book is there anything you can tell us about the second book?

All I can tell you at this point is, this story is still in the early stages of development and takes place in ancient Egypt.  There, you will be introduced to Akaisha's family, Isis, and Horus. That's all I'm at liberty to say. Now mind you, this is a paranormal time travel story.  For those of you who have read the first book, more will be explained and wrapped up in the second book.

Akaisha doesn’t trust Elizabeth from fairly early on is she right to miss trust her and not the man who kidnapped her?

Yes, Elizabeth is an old snake in the grass.  At first, Akaisha does trust her, until her instincts warns her not to. Akaisha and Daegan have a certain connection that is so strong, she can't help but trust him.  

If I was to ask your closest friend for three words to describe you what do you think they would be?

Loving, Carefree, Funny

What is your favourite childhood book character?

Curious George!!

How do you write? Do you plot and plan your stories or just sit down and start?

Well, I usually just sit down and start when a story is fresh in my mind. This is how Daywalker started out. It was something that I couldn't just leave alone. Everything unfolded in my mind for three evenings straight. Its like the story was haunting me.  Now, originally Daegan was going to be my villain, but starting out, I had made him far too cruel, so I took some of that darkness away from him. 

If you could live in one of your stories for one day which would it be and why? Who would you spend your time with?

Oooh, now that's an awesome question. Wow, I'd have to say I'd love to live in Spiritwalker, a story that was just released in August from Sugar and Spice Press!  I'd spend time with hunky Magnus, but then I guess Vivian and I would have to duke it out over him! Ha ha!!

What was the last movie you saw? Liked it, loved it, hated it?

OMG, the last movie I saw was Hot Tub Time Machine! LOL I loved it, sorry, it was a goofy movie, but I so loved it!! I love good comedies!

Is there any news you would like to share with your readers? Any upcoming books?

Oh yes, why of course!  I have two upcoming releases.  I hope to have Menage Unchained released in December, as I'm currently working hard on the edits as we speak.  This story is from Beautiful Trouble Publishing! It's going to be a panty melter, going to be hawt, hawt, hawt! So if you're into menages, you'll definitely want to check it out!

I have another wonderful story coming in January from Sugar and Spice Press called Dark Hearts of Charm City! This is the second book of The Beast Within! This story takes place in Baltimore City, home to the Ravens and Edgar Allen Poe! It's a scorcher, and laced with some darkness and a tad bit humor, and a new player in town. His name is Michael Vitello, a sadistic vampire elder who stops at nothing to claim my heroine, Diana!

Thank you for spending your evening with me and sharing yourself and your characters

Why, you're welcome! I enjoyed myself, and thank you so much for having me!






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