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Today, Coffee Time Romance has the pleasure of speaking to romance author, Cassidy McKay. Thanks so much for granting us this interview. I heard your book; A Candle in the Window was awarded the 2006 Reviewers Choice award with ECataRomance and was also number 4 on the 2006 Predators and Editors readers’ choice. Congrats on that. You also are a very busy cover artist for 3 publishers. I must tell you that I have seen your selection of covers, Cassidy and they are excellent! Wow, you have a work load and you still have time to compose some super great stories. Where do you find the time?

It’s a real pleasure to be here, thank you for having me, Cherokee.

To be honest, I was shocked when I opened an e-mail and found out that I’d been awarded the Reviewers Choice award for A Candle in the Window. I didn’t even know it was nominated! I was so involved in writing my new book that I must have missed it. I also recently found out that my fun paranormal romance Sometimes Murphy Wins was also nominated for that award! I’m thrilled, both at the nominations and the award itself. I’ve been a reviewer myself and I know how hard they work. You have to love people who give their own time and creativity to let you know how they feel about your work.

Thank you for the compliment on my book covers. I’ve found a new love in doing book covers, as well as some video book trailers. I’ve always been somewhat artistic, so it’s fun to let that side of me out to play sometimes.

Time? What’s that? Between my four children, my husband, my family farm, and a new business venture, there isn’t much extra time. I squeeze in writing wherever I can, and carry a tape recorder and notebook for those stray ideas that happen when I’m not at the computer.

Is there any special news that you would like to share with your readers before we get into our interview?

Yes, thank you! I’ve started doing some video book trailers for my books (including one for Sometimes in September). I’ve also done one for my husband, who is also a writer and has a book coming out 2 weeks after September does!

Here’s the link for the trailers:

Today I thought we could discuss your release due out in May, Sometimes in September. I must tell you that, Sometimes in September is a great read. I loved the way David sought to find answers to a memory that continued to trouble him for twenty years. He exhibited emotions that really stood out. I enjoyed going back into the time with him and feeling a part of history. Not to mention the compassion he shows for Brandy Lee and Pennie. Henry’s character really comes across well as a bad guy; I have to say you did an incredible job with this story, Cassidy. Brandy Lee is a survivor and I admired her strength. The tossing in with the abuse really adds dimension to the storyline. The breathtaking cover adds a certain warm ambience. This is one story that grabs and it is hard to let go.

Thank you!! This story is very close to my heart, and I’d love to talk with you about it.

Where did you get the idea to compose this story?

I’ve always loved the time period of the California Gold Rush. I grew up right in the heart of all of the history, and as I researched for the book, I fell in love all over again. I actually wrote the story for my teenaged niece. She’s been very supportive of me since I started writing, but since my first three stories were erotic romances—well, obviously I wouldn’t let her read them.

Sometimes in September is a sweet romantic time travel that I think will appeal to a wide variety of readers, whether historians, romantics or adventurous spirits who want to live in another era for awhile.

It is quite engaging. Did you feel drawn into the story where you could not let it go?

Yes, I was very drawn into it, I’d dream of it frequently. Whether I was knee-deep in the ice cold river water mining for placer gold, or traveling to the unlawful Gold Rush towns by stage or on horseback, I definitely feel like I lived the story.

Did it take you long to write Sometimes in September?

From first conception to completion, it took me about seven months to write it. Most of that was in-depth research into the time period. I didn’t want to have some slap-dash story that had no basis in real history. I sincerely hope that I’ve conveyed my love and interest in the era in my book.

When is your best time of the day to write?

I tend to do most of my writing at night while everyone’s asleep… just ignore the bags under my eyes. LOL.

What genre do you prefer to write?

That’s a funny question—I think I have almost all of the romantic genres covered with either published books, contracted works, or works in progress! *laughing*. I have anywhere from sweet romance to ‘singe your pants off’ erotic, and time-travel, historical, contemporary, paranormal to futuristic. I have a very active imagination.

Which genre do you enjoy reading the most?

As with my writing, I tend to read a huge variety of genres. Anything from horror and suspense/thrillers to sweet historical romances and non-fiction. It just depends on what catches my interest at the time. Overall, though, I’d have to say paranormal romance is what I read the most.

Do you prefer to start with an outline when you write or just go with the flow?

I prefer to start with an outline. My characters, however, NEVER follow my outlines. So I’ve learned to let them have their head and just write what they tell me to.
(is it wrong to admit that you listen to the voices in your head??)

Would you like to tell us about any upcoming works in progress?

I have nine additional books contracted for publication, including a contemporary series with a dash of fantasy called Fortune’s Thread, additional books in my Variance Series, a scorching hot contemporary Sinful Temptations, and a gazillion others.

What is your favorite TV Show?

Bones! I love that they have a strong, intelligent heroine who isn’t afraid to be her own quirky person, or to kick ass when it’s needed. And David Boreanaz?

What woman wouldn’t love to sort out his little insecurities or let him think he’s protecting her when she’s perfectly capable of doing it herself?

I love the interaction between them and the sexual tension just adds to it.

Does Cassidy have any pet peeves?

People who try and force their own world views/beliefs on you. I like my little bubble world quite well. LOL.

If you could travel to any place in the world, for a week, where would you go for some rest and recreation?

I’d go to Scotland, definitely!! It has always been my ultimate dream to go there and visit the castles. My Grandfather was born and raised in Edinburgh, and I just loved listening to him telling me stories in his gruff brogue.

I love your website, the colors are vibrant and one glance at it, made me feel like I could just touch it and it would be real. Would you like to share it with the readers?

Thank you! My website is I try to keep it updated frequently, although sometimes writing and life get in the way.

Is there a blog, a myspace or anything else that you would love to share with us?

I’m everywhere!! Here’s some of the places that you can find me on the internet (I admit it—I’m an addict):

Cassidy McKay, I cannot thank you enough for this interview. I had fun today and enjoyed our chat. I wish you the best in your writing.

I had fun, too! I appreciation you taking the time to interview me, it’s been a pleasure! Don’t forget to … Put a little spice in your life!







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