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Hi everyone and welcome!  We are fortunate to have with us today Beth Kery, author of Wicked Burn.  Hi Beth and thank you for spending some time with us today.

Thanks, Liadan. Happy to be here!

How long have you been writing and what was the deciding factor for you, that led you to submitting your work?

I've been writing for about three years. I originally submitted traditional romances to New York publishers, but when I had a few books that went no where, I decided to spice up my writing as far as sexual content and try and sell to Ellora's Cave Publishing. I ended up contracted with them for eight books right away. I'm happy that WICKED BURN ended up being accepted by a traditional publisher (Berkley) but I'm glad my journey introduced me to the world of well as erotic romance.

As far as what led me to submit...I love to write, especially romance, so it's only natural to wonder what the heck you should do with the stories once they're done. *grin*

Your characters are very complex and yet the reader can easily connect with them.  Did Vic and Niall "speak" to you while you were writing?

Oh, yeah, these two really did. Both of them took on facets of character I hadn't originally planned. I went through a bit of a grief process when I finished, because I felt like I was saying goodbye to these two passionate, talented...really wonderful souls.

The chemistry between Vic and Niall is scorching.  When you first started writing the love scenes, was it hard to do?  How many days or hours did it take you to get through the first one?

Love scenes have always been easy for me. Not that I don't struggle at times, but I find that narrative is more of a challenge for me. Both dialogue and love scenes flow well for me, so it's a good thing I found erotic romance.

After reading this book, I have to ask, have you let anyone in your family read it and if so, what was their reaction?

My husband and sister have both read it, along with two of my best friends. They all raised their eyebrows for a few pages, but quickly became absorbed. My husband wasn't surprised I possess such carnal knowledge in the

Tell us about Beth Kery, the person.  What do you like to do when you aren't writing?

I'm a real city girl. I love shopping, the museums and traipsing around Chicago to do research for book scenes. I recently did a time travel called DARING TIME--which is the follow-up to WICKED BURN, and I walked all these historic Chicago neighborhoods and took museum tours of mansions. I like to hang out with my husband and my friends, checking out new restaurants, going to the movies and theatre...stuff like that.

What do you have in store for your readers next?

I have a light-hearted, sexy contemporary coming out from Cerridwen Press in March 2009 called FLIRTING IN TRAFFIC. DARING TIME comes out in May 2009 from Berkley Sensation, followed by a scorcher from Berkley Heat called SWEET RESTRAINT. I'll end the year 2009 with an emotionally and sexually intense contemp called PARADISE RULED, also from Berkley Heat.

Would you change anything about Vic or Niall if you could?  What would it be?

That's a hard question, because like I said, these two were very special to me. Difficult to think of changing them.

Can I cheat, and just say that I'd change them being fictional characters, and make them someone I could meet? Except I might want to nab Vic from Niall...

If you could spend one entire day with just one person, who would it be?

Well, I'd say my husband, but I get to do that all the time, so I'll try and not be so boring. I'd probably want to hang out with Jane Austen, and get a better idea of how she saw her world and  turned her vision into such rich, endearing romances that they've stood the test of time and still charm people in the twenty-first century. What a talent.

Before we go, please tell our readers where they can pick up this four-alarm fire, hot book.

At your local bookstore! If you don't see it, just ask. WICKED BURN can also be ordered online at places like Barnes and Noble or Amazon

Thank you for being with us today Beth and we look forward to many more wonderful stories from you.

Thanks for the thought-provoking interview, Liadan!






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