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Today, Coffee Time Romance has the pleasure of speaking to the very talented, Augusta Blythe. Thanks so much for granting us this interview, Augusta. Just relax in our cozy recliner and put on the fuzzy bunny slippers while I pour you a cup of hot coffee.

I do hope that you are completely over your food poisoning and the vertigo is at bay. I know how that vertigo can be.

Just a run o'the mill cold now. One of the minor hazards of small children.

Your alarm goes off and you climb out of bed, what five words describe your morning?

Blurry. Lethargic. Faster. Organized. Gone.
You have an interesting blog. Why not begin by telling us about Hostel Takeover? I like the cover.

Thanks! Hostel Takeover (written under the pseudonym Keeley Bates) is about three middle-aged women from the 'burbs who end up way out of their comfort zone, backpacking through Europe and staying in youth hostels. Karen's husband has just left her and, with the help of her two girlfriends, she discovers it's never too late to find that fun, spontaneous side of yourself.

How long does it take you to finish a book from start to submission?

I'd say an average of six months, but it totally depends on the story and what else I'm working on. I rarely work on one project at a time so things probably take longer than they should.

When reading, what is your favorite genre that keeps you thumbing through the pages?

There's no single genre. It depends on the author and the story. I found the first The Hunger Games book engrossing. Equally, I couldn't put down Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Two very different types of books!

Why not tell the readers what you are working on for the future?

I've just finished the sequel to Winterborne and it will be on Amazon, B&N and iBookstore in the next 2 weeks. It's called Ravenstoke and I'm excited to continue Loie and Mia's story.

Do you 'lose' your track of thought, story thread or whatever emotional pitch you happen to be at when you do leave your story for a bit? If so, what do you do to get that leave of emotion back?

That definitely happens and I usually end up reading through that part of the story several times over until I find my feet again. Another thing I do is make notes on the page where I leave off, creating a word association that will trigger a certain vibe the next time I sit down to write.

Where do you get the inspiration to pen your stories?

Everywhere. Books. Events in my life. Events in someone else's life. A gardening article in a home decor magazine. When composing do you outline, or go with the flow? Both. I do a very broad outline taking me through the major plot points and making sure I know where I'm headed. In between, I go where the story takes me.

You have planned for a lovely night out with your loved ones but when your order arrives; your meal is a disappointment. Do you complain to the waitress/waiter, ask to see the manager, or just let it slide?

Depends on why I'm disappointed. If it's simply not what I expected, I would let it slide and make my husband eat it. If it's undercooked or inedible, I'll complain.

If you were to replenish your cabinets with one junk food, what would it be?

Cadbury Fruit & Nut bar. I'm a choco-holic.

Congratulations, you have won a vacation to an exciting island of your choice and you can take four people with you. What island would you choose and who are you taking with you?

Bora Bora since it's on my 'must do' list. I'm sure I should say my husband and children, but instead I'll go with Eric Northman, Damon Salvatore (my fave TV vamps), and my best friend. No one else - I don't want a fifth wheel situation.

You wake up one morning to learn you are on a different planet. It is similar to earth in every way for the exception; the people are all the same. You feel like you are in a Twilight Zone episode. You learn you can return to earth immediately or spend the day learning about the strange sect. What would be your choice?

This scenario reminds me of A Wrinkle In Time. With that in mind, I'd need to stay and make sure there isn't some insidious IT controlling the people. If so, I couldn't return to earth until I kicked its ass!

Do you have a favorite children’s story?

I have several, but Anne of Green Gables is definitely one. I used to read all the Nancy Drew books. I obsessed over Edith Hamilton's Mythology book from about nine years old and onward.
Augusta, I cannot thank you enough for this interview. I had fun today and enjoyed our chat. I wish you the best in your writing. I’ve got some coffee to go, if you would like to take a cup with you, along with some fresh baked brownies and chocolate chip cookies. The fuzzy slippers are yours to keep. Everyone, be sure to check out Augusta’s blog site, where you can learn all about her wonderful books.






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