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We are honored to have Annmarie Ortega  with us today, and on behalf of Coffee Time Romance, we want to give her a warm welcome. Ms. Ortega will be talking about her book Diary of Annalise, in the Red Silk Diaries Volume Two.  Welcome Ms. Ortega, and thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to learn about your work and a little about yourself.

I live in Chicago. I'm going to school part time to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Fiction Writing.

Annmarie, I just read Red Silk Diaries volume Two.  I loved all the wonderful stories in it, could you tell us a little bit about the story Diary of Annalise that you wrote?

The Diary of Annalise is about this woman in the 1800's whose father dies and leaves her his tavern. It's after she inherits it that she discovers that her father was in serious debt and now she's inherited that as well. One night a handsome stranger comes into the tavern and Annalise ends up having a one night stand with him without even learning his name. A week later she's kidnapped by pirates and runs into the stranger again, but under most surprising circumstances.

Annalise is a very strong and independent character.  Would you say you are a lot like her?

I think there are a few characteristics in Annalise that I possess as well. The first that I can think of is we both speak our mind! I love that she is so honest and despite all her troubles she is so full of spirit.

What made you decide on a pirate story for Red silk Diaries?

The reason I decided on a pirate story for the Red Silk Diaries was because I had the idea of Annalise's story, and I thought telling it in the first person would be really fun, using her voice to speak directly to the reader. I also have a weakness for drop dead gorgeous pirates, and Drake was definitely one of those...

I noticed you are working on a book Guarding Pandora, which you will be working with another author.   Is this another anthology, or is this something you wanted to do with another author?

Guarding Pandora is a book that I've been working on with another author for the past month. We had discussed writing together and finally found the time to start after the new year. We should be finished with it in another few weeks, and I'm really excited with the story. It's a great romance with lots of adventure too.

Annmarie could you tell us how long you have been writing?

I have been writing for a long time now. I was going to Columbia College to get my Bachelor's Degree in Fiction Writing. I have four classes left to take and I will be finished. I started writing romance and erotica a few years ago and it just took off for me.

Where do you see yourself in your writing career, in say about 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself still writing, only with my Bachelors Degree in Fiction Writing.

On your website, you say you like to read when you find the time.  Is there a particular

When I have time I do love to read romance and erotica. I really enjoy paranormals and historicals. I love a good vampire, pirate or cowboy...especially when they have fantastic abs...LOL.

Does reading other author’s work, help your writing?

I do think reading other author's works helps my writing. While I was taking a class last semester I could see my writing change and I think it was from reading the assigned books from the class. (It was Contemporary European Authors)

Would you please give us your website address?

My current website address is  It should be changing in the next month or so, but I will keep everyone posted when that occurs.

Okay Annmarie I am going to put you on the spot;  <g>   Can you tell your readers one thing about yourself,  that they may not know and something they could not find on your website?

One thing people might not know about me is my love for NASCAR! I love watching all the races and last year I got to ride in a NASCAR at the Chicago Motor Speedway. I wore the jumpsuit and helmet and had to climb in through the window. While the driver took us around the track all I could do was laugh at 160 miles per hour! When I climbed out the window when my ride was finished I couldn't walk a straight line I was so dizzy....It was an awesome experience I'll never forget.

Annmarie is there anything you would like to mention or remind your reader before we leave?

I invite readers to check out my MySpace page. I also have a blog. My blog is a bit different than the "typical" author blog so I hope everyone will be able to take a look at that as well.

Thanks Annmarie;   I had a  great time interviewing you; and reading your work.  It was a pleasure.

Thanks so much and take care.

Another wonderful author; giving some insight to her writing and life.  On behalf of Coffee Time Romance; we want to thank Ms. Ortega for giving us to chat with her today.






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