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Today we have the opportunity to have with us today, erotic author, Annie Alvarez. Good morning, Annie, just relax in our cozy recliner and put on the fuzzy bunny slippers while I pour you a cup of hot coffee. 

Annie, we would love to hear how your morning begins once you wake. With video camera in hand, Why not tell us about Annie’s day if we were to follow you around.

Well, my mornings are pretty boring. I stagger into the kitchen for coffee, and then let the two dogs out. Once the two dogs are situated, I take a shower, get dressed and tackle the creative process of writing...sitting down and doing it. Lunch typically creeps up on me around 1:30, then it's back to writing. I make time to read the chapter I just wrote before moving on to the next one. The rest of the day is allocated to cleaning house, cooking dinner and challenging my creative process.

First let me say, Cheating Death has an alluring cover. Would you tell the readers something about this fascinating book that hooks the reader and keeps them glued until the end?

It's really a simple love story. We have all had those relationships where we chewed off more than we can handle. We change for our partners and sometimes things happen that spiral us into something we did want to do, oh, the joys of relationships. The only difference is that Izzy, fell in love with the vampire Tamara. There is an element of their relationship that people can relate to. Okay, I do have to admit that the sex is awesome. :)

Was it difficult composing characters like Izzy and Tamara, with their slight differences?

Yes and No. I had a good idea about Izzy's character but wanted someone to balance her out. Tamara is more cautious, down to earth and has the dry sense of humor Izzy lacks. I think they make a cute couple.

I like the diversity of secondary characters that you instill into this story. Where did you get the idea to compose this series and develop the variety of players?

I've read a lot of books by great authors, Harrison, Galenorn, Hamilton but the stories focus on external things, not a lot of character internalizations going on. I wanted to reserve that and make it an intimate story with external stuff happening. After all, isn't that what life is truly about?

Can you give us a peek into the next book of the Hightower series, Dying to Live?

Sure! My editors haven't even seen this, so remember that it may not read exactly the same once it goes into publication. This is a scene where Izzy encounters the Goddess Aisha, who has taken over Abby's body.

A sinister grin broke across her face, then she ripped my shirt off and kissed my breast, her teeth digging into my skin.

“Whoa.” I pushed her back. “Don’t you know what foreplay is?”

“Of course, my apologies,” she said and backhanded me so hard I landed against the wall. “Oh, this is better than I imagine,” she exclaimed. “You’re such a turn on!” And leapt toward me.

The impact rattled me but not enough to keep me still, waiting for her to pounce on me. I slid to the floor and crouched. As she got close, I grabbed her shirt collar and swung her around, throwing her against the wall.

 “So forceful.” She moaned.

That just seemed wrong. I wasn’t expecting her to say that, but I had agreed to this mess and I had to finish it.

Her eyes glowed more brilliantly then before and her sinister smile scared the hell out of me.

She sniffed the air and sputtered, “Where is it? Where is your hunger, bloodsucker?” Then she lunged for me, I was too slow, her openhanded slap rattled my teeth and her nails scraped down my face, drawing blood.

Shit! That hurt. The burning on my face washed over me and my eyes turned black. No, I haven’t gotten used to the pressure of my eyes changing color. It’s still too bizarre. I wanted to rip her throat out but that would only hurt Abby, whose body Aisha, had taken over. Well, fuck me, I was running out of options.

I hissed and rushed her, wrapping my arms around her waist, she struggled bringing us both to the floor, lying on top of me, she stuck her hand between my legs and squeezed my crotch.

 “You are going to be fun,” she gloated, licking my wounded face. “Oh, you’re delicious!”

She had called my hunger and it had obeyed, arriving for the main part of her festivities. She rolled off and I sprinted to my feet, grabbing her arm, but again, I was too slow, she spun under my arm and had it locked behind my back, pressing her body tightly against mine. Grabbing a handful of hair, she pulled my head back, planting her warm lips against my cool neck.

“I haven’t played like this in a very long time. I’m so wet.” She released her grip and I stumbled away from her.

Is it difficult for you to let a story go?

Absolutely! I always look back and say I could have done that differently.

How long does it take you to finish a book from start to submission?

On a perfect timetable, I'd say 6 to 8 weeks. Recently, I had to put Dying to Live on the back burner and go to Florida on a family emergency. Everything is okay, thank goodness. When life doesn't get in the way, I can usually sit down and knock it out pretty quickly.

What is the hardest part of creating a book? Surviving the editor? Promoting? The last chapter?

Promoting, promoting, promoting...It's hard for me to toot-my-horn. I fall into the, what if the readers don't like me, what if I missed something that will cost me sales. I am plagued by the what, if's.

You and your partner have been chosen to take a thirty day trip to three fabulous spots in the world. Where would the trip start and end?

I would start with Cuba, I would love to see where my family came from. Then off to Spain, again, for the same reason and as a treat, I would end the trip at Bora Bora. The name has always fascinated me. :)

What does the future hold for Annie?

Hopefully, more writing and more book releases.

You have the opportunity to either sky-dive, climb Mt. Everest, or go on a wild animal adventure to find a rare crocodile, would you take your partner with you and which adventure would you choose?

Wow! I had to do some soul searching for that answer. Yes, I would definitely take my partner; we travel so well together and have so much fun that the trip would seem incomplete without her. What would we do? The wild animal adventure, even if we didn't find the rare crocodile, I'm sure we'd find something interesting.

What is your favorite food and dessert that could eat all the time?

Sushi and pineapple upside down cake. Strange combination huh? I also love, popcorn with M&M's.

You wake up one morning to learn you are an astronaut about to make a journey into space. What planet do you wish to go and see?

A planet that hasn't been discovered yet. I'm a pioneer of sorts. Beam me up!

LOL Annie, I cannot thank you enough for being our guest today. You are a great storyteller. I look forward to your next sensational story and many more.

Thanks for the coffee and the wonderful conversation. Hope to do it again soon!

Thank you Annie for an awesome journey into a piece of your life.






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