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Good morning, Angeline, it is good to have you with us this morning. The audience would love to learn more about, Contemporary Romance and Young Adult Author, Angeline M. Bishop. We have a comfy chair for you to relax in, some fuzzy slippers to relax your feet, as well as some delicious desserts, with some hot tea or coffee for you to enjoy.

Tell me, Angeline, how does your day begin once the alarm goes off and you climb out of bed?

The first thing I do after hitting the alarm clock is post a Facebook message from my smartphone. Whatever motivational thought I’m thinking about is what I post for my friends, family and fans. After that it’s off for that morning shower to wake me up and get me running on all cylinders so I can head to the university.

I must tell you that I love the North Star soundtrack on your site. Why don’t you tell the audience about your debut release, North Star? I believe it is part of the Sheridan Series. We would love to hear about the characters.

I’m so glad you like it. Most of my fans enjoy being able to play the song selections for their favorite scenes, so I’m glad you had a chance to review it. Music is a big part of North Star and my North Star iPod Touch contest in February will give me a chance to measure how much my fans enjoy when romance novels and music are weaved together.

Now about my debut novel. North Star centers Graham Sheridan, Caresse Aldana and the dynamic Sheridan siblings. It’s the first novel in the Sheridan series. I love Caresse’s story because it highlights how some single mothers struggle with the dream of being loved by the right man.

Many single moms can’t afford to have just any man in their world, or warming their bed. They put their responsibilities and careers in front of everything else because they don’t want the drama a bad love choice to sidetrack them. They’ll bury themselves in work, child-rearing and community service in order not to face the fact that love is a risk and sometimes a battle. But you have to put your heart on the line to get the love you deserve.

Love isn’t not for the timid or faint of heart. Men and women have to get out there and fight for their happiness because only the brave receive the spoils from Love’s battlefield.

Was there any experience from anyone that led you to compose this story?

I’ve learned a lot from the men and women that volunteer their time in a few community centers. The ideal came to me one day after a long talk with a one of the volunteer teachers that expressed that she’d rather spend her time with the youth than to begin dating after a messy divorce.

I hadn’t read a romance based in a community center so I thought it would be a good way to bring some awareness to what is going on in the YMCAs and Boys& Girls Clubs in our nation. Sometimes think society fails to remember these volunteers have lives outside of caring for our children. They struggle with love and trust too.

What does your work area look like?

I work in my office and in my bedroom; I guess that’s the beautiful of a laptop. And when the weather’s nice, I love to write at the local Starbucks and area parks like many other writers.

How long does it take you to compose a story?

It usually takes me three months but some times of the year are easier to write than others. The holiday time at the end of the year is very hard for my writing schedule with all of the family responsibilities, award banquets and holiday parties going on.

What is your writing routine once you start a book?

I’m a plotter so character bios and motivations come pretty quickly after the main idea. After drafting a few outlines, I get to work and just get the story out of my head and on to the computer so I can go back and really give the characters vibrancy.

I also travel to the locations and research as much as possible. Or I rely on other authors that live in those areas. North Star takes place in Toms River, New Jersey so the research was in my own backyard. For South Beach, my next novel location will be in Florida so I’ve been to South Beach a few times already.

How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

Well I’m not sure if the characters have my personality at all. They are very distinct and I make sure their voices are as colorful as their lives. As far as my life experiences, I would say it has some baring on the depth of the characters but it’s never a carbon copy of the road I’ve traveled.

What do you find most fascinating about writing?

How my characters can make me cry and laugh aloud. I never knew writing fiction could transport the author in such a way but after you’re sitting there reading your final galley of your novel it happens. You become a reader transported by characters you enjoy.

What do you find most absorbing about reading a book?

The way the characters interact with each other. I guess that’s why the Sheridan series was born. I love family sagas. It comes from the time I’ve sat at my grandfather’s dining room table and heard stories about my relatives. I think everyone remembers what it’s like to review old photo albums and hear how their grandparents met. So for me, I love how the characters interact and reveal pieces of their background.

When you choose a book, what grabs you first, the cover, the synopsis or the author?

The cover makes me pick it up but the synopsis makes me want to read it.

If you and your daughters had the choice to either go skydiving for the day, or spend the day river rafting down the Grand Canyon, or ride the mule ride down the Grand Canyon, which would you choose?

We would skydive! But only with certified skydivers… that haven’t been drinking… and don’t have a record of killing anyone. We love adventure but we’re not crazy. LOL

Angeline, if we were invited to your house for the day, what preparations would you make for our visit, and what delights can we expect?

My place is pretty clean so I wouldn’t have to scramble to do that but since I am a southern girl at heart, cooking would be the first thing I would do. Welcoming someone to my home has always means good food, good wine, good music and laughter.

What important lesson in life have you passed on to your children?

I have two daughters, one in college and the other is a high school senior. So I would tell them God bless the child that has their own. I want to make sure they take care of themselves and have complete autonomy from their parents so they can enter their romance relationships as a whole person.

Angeline, I don’t know if you are into much cooking but let’s have a little fun. Paula Deen, along with Gina and Pat Neely arrive at your home and invite you to prepare a meal with them, what dish or dishes would you add to their meal?

Oh that’s easy. If Pat makes his favorite short ribs with his special sauce, Gina makes her famous Peach Cobbler, then I’m making my favorite Macaroni and Cheese and all of us can wait for Paula to surprise us with her contribution.

Thanks again for the opportunity,






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