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Welcome to Rita’s Bower where readers gather to visit with our favorite or soon-to-be favorite authors while sipping delicious drinks and savoring decadent treats. Fix yourself a plate and drink, settle back in a comfortable chair, prop up your feet, and welcome our guest author, Angela Scavone.

Angela is the author of Love by the Book, a hilarious contemporary romance released in December, 2011 by Soul Mate Publishing.

Angela, tell us about yourself and writing Love by the Book.

I'm an easygoing, lighthearted person that tries to laugh every day. I try not to take life too seriously, and I procrastinate A LOT.

Writing Love by the Book was a fun and very rewarding experience. It was the first time I let the characters take control of the story. They dictated how it went and I think they did a good job...for a bunch of characters.

Without giving away too much, please share with our guests some of your story.

Jack and Jenn got married right out of college. They had a fairy tale life plan but plans don't always work out the way you want. Between work and children (four very active children) their marriage had become dull and routine.

Jenn, with the help of her friends, hatches a plan to recreate love scenes from romance novels to try to spark up the marriage. Unfortunately, the scenes go wrong and she ends up injuring her husband on more than one funny occasion.

Most of us can identify with Jenn at some point in our lives. Did you model her character or Jack’s on real-life people?

Funny enough, I didn't. I got the idea for the story one day. When I started writing, the characters just created themselves.

A debut novel is very special to an author. Tell us about your release day.

My release day was on a Wednesday, I had to go to work, so I did my usual morning routine. It was also garbage day so I had to bring that out before going to work.

I went to work and tried very hard to concentrate on what I was doing but inside I was screaming with excitement the whole day.

Your cover by Rae Monet is gorgeous.  What was your reaction when you saw it for the first time?

When she asked what I wanted, I was adamant that there weren't to be any people on the cover. When I saw the cover and saw that she had placed a couple on it, my first reaction was "I love it!!" I really didn't think it would look good with people but I'm glad I was wrong.

It was beautifully done. You have without a doubt the longest Acknowledgement page ever. Is there a story behind it?

Ha! It is long! Every one of those people helped me in some way finish the book. When I sent the query into the publisher, the book wasn't finished. I know. I know that’s wrong and I don't recommend it to anyone. In fact, I only had a chapter and a half completed. Then one day I got an email from Debby Gilbert at Soulmate asking, not just for a few pages or a couple of chapters, but for the whole manuscript!

I literally spent night and day finishing that manuscript for her (thank God I was on vacation at the time). I received texts from everyone who is on the acknowledgment page encouraging me to finish and asking for page counts. They really did help in the process and I had to thank them all.

Where can we find out more about you and your writing?

You can find me at, as well as on Facebook Follow me on twitter @busterwhyte

Thank you, Angela, for visiting. Drop by again any time.  The door to Rita’s Bower is always open to authors and readers who appreciate happily-ever-afters.

Thank you for having me! It was fun!! 

Happy reading until our next visit,






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