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Hey everyone! Welcome to Coffee Time Romance. I’m excited to get to know today’s author TK Lawyer. So sit back, grab your mug and lets go. Hey, TK, why don’t you tell me about yourself.

I am a crazy, passionate, animal lover married to my best friend whom I’ve known for twenty-one years.  I’ve been a published author for three years now with three published titles but I have over thirty-plus ideas for future novels, most of them including wolf-shifters and angels- the two primary paranormal beings I enjoy writing about.  I write Paranormal Erotic Romance and I love it!

I just got into shifter paranormal romances, but I really love angel paranormals! Tell me about your novel.

About Centurion, The Guardian League, Book One:

Centurion has it all.  A talented charge, ladies at his disposal for a single encounter or more and access to all the coffee he wants once he lands on Earth.  Plus, he’s second in command of the volunteer band of angels called the Guardian League.  The one thing he never wanted was an intimate relationship with a human beyond the usual angel-charge boundaries.

So when he finds a woman as strong and hot as the human beverage that tickles his fancy, what else can he do but pursue her until he figures out what to do with her.

April loves her enticing, hunky angel but he’s a lot to handle.  He’s cocky, unpredictable but most of all… incorrigible.  What is she to do with a male who lives life by his own schedule?

Can April and Centurion form a compromise and allow love to bind them together?  Or will Centurion’s inability to commit wedge them apart, forever?

A hot angel and coffee, sounds like a winner to me. What was your inspiration for the novel?

Hmmm….  I think I was making a cup of coffee for me when I thought, what if there was an Angel that liked coffee.  An Angel who loved ‘strong and hot things’ and he found a partner that mirrored his love of the beverage?  Then it kind of just spiraled from there.

I’m always fascinated about the small things that can spark a new novel. This is part of your Guardian series. Tell me about your plans for the rest of the series.

Apollo, the third book in the series is under contract and has a projected release date of August 2016.  I am currently writing the fourth in the series and the fifth in the series will be written; thereafter.  The series concludes with five books- five Guardian Angels who find mates on Earth.  I tackle different subjects in each book and therefore, each book has a unique experience. 

My first book, Jasper, features a female- Tatiana- who is not sure if an Angel/human relationship can work.  Though she loves Jasper, she thinks he is too incredible for her and fears she will blow the whole relationship.  Through their shared adventures, they find the answers they’re seeking.

Centurion deals with a coffee-loving Angel who doesn’t want a mate; however, when he finds her, he can’t let her go but won’t give her what she needs because he doesn’t want to be tied down.  He learns what love is and the value of a human/Angel relationship.

Do you have a favorite scene from your book? Which one and why?

This is a tough one.  There are many really good quips and fun bantering between the two main characters that are completely wonderful that it’s hard to pinpoint one scene that is my favorite.  However, I will say the Passion Party was the most fun scene to write.  I actually got the idea from listening to a radio station.  Before then, I had no idea what a Passion Party was.  As I listened to the radio station, I started thinking what if an Angel was exposed to something like this?  What would he do?  What would he say?  What would his mate do or say?  It bloomed from that point and was filled with fun, comical parts that had me literally laughing as I wrote it.

That sounds like a fun, and sexy, scene! I know we talked about the Guardian series but do you have any other projects coming soon?

I plan to submit a short story book of seven stories to Publishers by the end of the year and hope to receive a contract for publication. 

I wish you much luck with that! For someone who’s afraid of trying a new author tell me why should they give your novel a try?

Romance and deep, abiding love are the key to my Paranormal Romance tales; however, my stories are different.  They involve real women with real world issues and insecurities.   My females are not meek- they are fiery, headstrong and independent and they all end up with amazing men –confidant, strong men with incredible bodies.  These men look beyond physical attributes and they fall hard for their mates.  Their love, admiration and respect for their females propel them to woo and convince their mates they are capable of satisfying them in every way.   

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Writing is a non-stop project.  It actually involves 5-10% writing and 90-95% other.  If you have a story that must be heard, go for it and realize your dream.  With self-publishing, there is nothing stopping writers from becoming published any more. 

Very true, and great advice. Last fun question, if money were no object what hobby would you pick up?

Traveling.  I love traveling but it costs so much to go anywhere, anymore.  I would love to travel the world beyond the fifty states and incorporate what I see and experience into the background of my novels.

I hear you, TK. Traveling would get all my money if it could. Thank you for the wonderful interview.




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