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Hello everyone! Today I have author Rachel Brimble, a very talented author of Romance. Her Templeton Cove series has been published by Harlequin. She lives in England and has kindly agreed to do this interview.

Hello from America! How's the day at Chippenham, England? :)

 Dusk is just beginning to fall...not a winter girl at all!

How long have you been writing, Rachel? You have a lot of books under your belt!

I started writing when my youngest daughter started school full time in 2005. Having had a 'now or never' moment, I started my dream of a becoming a published novelist. The Wild Rose Press published my first book in 2007 and I have had at least one book published every year since :)

Wow, congratulations Rachel! Did you have any background in publishing/writing before? How would you describe your journey to being published by Harleqiun?

I had no publishing/writing experience before - I left school at 16 and went straight to work in a bank, leaving to have my children. I always loved to write stories for myself though and knew deep down writing is what I was destined for. My journey to writing for Harlequin as been hard work - many rejections, many rewrites and then learning my craft through online courses and trial and error. When I submitted Finding Justice to Harlequin (the first book in my Templeton Cove series), I knew I wanted it to be the start of an ongoing series. I never dared to hope that might happen...but it did!

Congratulations again Rachel! That's an impressive feat. In this one-click publishing world, many newbie authors often forget the "hard work" part of it all. Everything is just so easy. Do you find any difference between being published by a small, independent publishing company and a publishing giant like Harlequin? 

Not a huge difference as far as experience is concerned - I am lucky to have had amazing relationships with all the editors I have worked with and learned something from each. Obviously, with Harlequin the market reach is better and, of course, the advances are a nice bonus, lol! I love the camaraderie of romance writers which I have found with every publisher I have written for. I have a special relationship with my Harlequin editor as we have gone through seven books so far together. Long may it continue!

Writing is great, bonuses are always welcome! :D I wholeheartedly agree with that! Now, can you tell us more about the seven books with Harlequin? Do you have a recent release? 

The sixth book is the series, Saved By The Firefighter, was out the first of this month. It is a second chance story between firefighter (obviously!), Trent and photographer, Izzy. This is an emotionally, poignant story as it deals with loss, bereavement and finding your way back to happiness. I actually wrote this book while grieving the loss of my beloved black Lab, Max who was my constant companion. I was really devastated and struggling to move forward, but writing this book was so therapeutic, it pulled me though. I am really happy with the touching reviews I have received so far.

As a series, Templeton Cove, is set in a fictional UK seaside town and all the characters are British. The stories are a mix of mainstream romance and romantic suspense. I have a cast of over 35 characters now who I try to juggle through the books. Marian, the town matriarch is my absolute favourite. She's fabulous!
Oooh British men. You know, we Americans are all over British men and their accents. Marian being your favorite female character, who's your favorite male character and why?

Ooh, there are so many!! I fall in love with ALL of my heroes - I think as a romance author to do so is an absolute must! I suppose my favourite male characters are Jay Garrett, the hero of book one and the town's token millionaire and John Jordon, the hero from book 3 (What Belongs To Her). They have both had their troubles in the past but have overcome them and are good, generous and strong for everyone and anyone who needs their help. Oh, and of course, they are great lovers!

Aha! Your characters are tempting, Rachel. Let's have some fun with them, shall we? Which Hollywood actors fit Jay Garrett and John Jordon? 

Ah, this is an easy one as I'm a very visual writer and start each book trawling the internet for my hero and heroine - Jay was based on Greg Vaughan and John on Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling?? You are killing me here. Don't be surprised if you have a new sale today. :) I know you are busy but before I leave my authors to do other important stuff like writing, I like to embarrass them. Perks of being the interviewer! Tell us your most embarrassing date ever! 

Oh, lordy, that's a tough one! I don't think I've had an embarrassing date for me...but I think my date was embarrassed. It was the boyfriend before i met my husband and he decided he was going to treat me to a meal in a country pub. We went out into the country, had the meal and then on the way back, his car died. It was our second date and we had to walk miles to the nearest phone box (talking early 90s here!) in the pouring rain and wind. Suffice to say, he was mortified but did try his best to be a gentleman, giving me his coat etc.

Other than that, I've been quite lucky!

Lucky you! I am not going to talk about my date where the bra strap finally decided to give up. Nope. Never.  Thank you so much Rachel for spending time with me. Its been a pleasure having you here on CTR! 

Haha!! Oh, dear - not good!! Thanks for having me, Eva




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