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Hello Mystery and Paranormal Author Cynthia Wise!  Welcome!  Thank you for dropping by for an interview.

It’s my pleasure.  Thank you for having me.

Tell us about The Marcel Experience series.  Where did the series name originate from?

The series is about individuals and their experiences working for a company called Marcel Enterprises.  It is a company comprised of supernaturals and gifted people who pull together to fight corruption and evil.

That sounds good! :) What can fans expect from your next release, Eyes of Autumn?  Do you have a release date yet?  How will this book tie into the series?

Eyes of Autumn is scheduled to be released October 2016.  In this book, the second of the series, the owner and creator of Marcel Enterprises is revealed.  Also, as the plot thickens, several more extraordinary characters are introduced as well.

I saw where this series takes place in your home state of Georgia.  Did you add any specific details natives from your state might appreciate?

I use my knowledge and experiences growing up in Georgia to create my settings.  I love it when readers tell me, “I’ve been there and I could see it in my mind as I read your book!”  I feel like I’ve accomplished a goal when readers feel a connection and get excited about my work.

So, do you believe in the paranormal?  Do you have a real paranormal experience you would like to share?

I absolutely believe in the paranormal.  I’ve had many experiences throughout my life.  It’s part of who I am.

What influences your writing the most?  Is it another writer?  Is it your environment?  Do you have a critique group you use?

I’ve always been a big reader so, of course, other authors have influenced me.  It’s also extremely rewarding to use my imagination and experiences to write a story that others can connect with and enjoy reading.  And the wonderful feedback I’ve received encourages me to keep writing.

What is your greatest challenge as an author?

For me, it’s bringing the different elements of a story together to create a cohesive end.  I want my readers to be enlightened, delighted, and satisfied so they’ll want to read more of my stories.

Where would you like to be as a writer in five years?  Do you think you might venture into other genres?

Who knows what will be in five years?  All I can say is, right now, my path is showing me a clear direction to follow and I intend to stay on my path.  I do know, though, that some form of the paranormal will always be in my writing.  It’s part of who I am.

What would it surprise your fans to learn about you?

That I love wearing leather and riding on the back of a motorcycle with my honey.

Very cool! Do you have a message for your readers?

Keep an open mind and ponder the question ‘what if’.

Great advice! Thank you so much for opening up to us today, Cynthia





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