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Hello Gail Chianese! Welcome to Coffee Time Romance and More. We are so excited you are here to talk to us about your debut contemporary romance, Bachelorette for Sale, book 1 of your West Side Romance series. It is scheduled for release June 22, 2015.

Let me start off by saying I read Bachelorette for Sale’s blurb and I’m ready to preorder it right now! It sounds so good. Tell us about your book. Is there a story behind the story?

Aw, thank you. You just made my day.
Obviously, I’m a fan of the show, The Bachelor/Bachelorette. One night while watching, I started wondering what life must be like for those sent home, those who didn’t find their HEA at the end of the season. From there, the story started forming in my head, and now you get to read it.

This is your first published book! Congratulations! What does this accomplishment mean to you?

It is very exciting to know my book is being published. I’ve always loved to read and always wanted to write, but life can get busy and sometimes you lose track of your dreams. Hitting this milestone is really seeing a lifelong dream come true for me, and it proves that good things do come to those who wait and persist.

There are some exciting pictures on your website from writing conventions. What was the most exciting experience you’ve had from a convention?

This journey has been wicked fun, and I’ve met some amazing writers along the way. The pictures posted are just a few highlights. I’m not sure what the most exciting experience was yet. There are so many to choose from. Of course, meeting Nora Roberts and Sherrilyn Kenyon was a total fangirl moment for me. Then there’s the time our writers group went to see A Streetcar Named Desire with Joe Manganiello, and we might have called him out on Twitter to see if he could handle us. I’m happy to report, he responded and came out after the show to meet us and take pictures. I think, if I had to narrow it down to one moment at a conference, it would be at CTRWA’s Fiction Fest in 2011, where I got my first manuscript request and my husband was there to share it with me.

You’re making us so jealous! Nora Roberts! Sherrilyn Kenyon! Joe Manganiello! Wow! Not to mention, how exciting to get a manuscript request! Tell us about the whole journey to publication. Is this the first book you’ve ever written?

The journey has been an amazing learning experience. What I knew when I started and what I know now is such a difference, and I know the learning isn’t over. I’m excited about that prospect. Bachelorette for Sale is actually my third completed book. My first was Dangerous Enchantments, a paranormal romance with a half-fae and half-human heroine. I loved that story and always will, but it definitely wasn’t ready to meet the world.

I understand you are donating a portion of all pre-sales and first week sales revenue to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. That is so wonderful. Why is that organization important to you?

Thank you, Destiny. I’ve been donating to St. Jude for years because they do a wonderful and important job, saving children’s lives at no cost to the family. I’m very lucky that I have three healthy children, and I can’t even imagine my life without them. St. Jude helps change the odds for kids with cancer. They give their parents hope for a future and give the children a chance at life. I can’t think of a better charity to support.

So, as a reader, I can be a bit impatient. After I read the first book, I’m going to want the second. Can you share with us a little about the sequel? Will it be out this year?

Sure, and I totally know what you mean. The next book is Boyfriend for Hire, which is scheduled to release November 24, 2015 (and is available for pre-order now). Here’s the back cover blurb to wet your whistle, as the saying goes…

The only girl in a family of five brothers, Tawny Torres has had enough of waiting on men. She has her life and her career all mapped out, and neither includes an apron, an iron, or a husband—yet. But when a new job emphasizes a healthy balance of work and play, she needs a guy to stand in as her love interest at a company picnic. Gorgeous charmer David “King of Pleasure” Farber fits the bill perfectly—so well that Tawny is shocked to realize she’s having a hard time letting him go…

David’s a confirmed bachelor, but he can’t get enough of Tawny’s firecracker combination of tough and tender. Unfortunately, he’s overloaded with work at his construction firm and now definitely isn’t the time for distraction—he struggles enough with that already. Still, he can’t ignore his feelings for Tawny. He’ll just have to convince her that he’s more than a boyfriend-for-hire. And she’ll have to prove he can trust her with his biggest secret…

This one sounds like it will be just as good as the first one! We can’t wait! Do you mind a few personal questions? I read where you said that you are married to your hero. That is so sweet! What makes your husband a hero to you?

Not at all, and thanks. There are so many things that make him a hero to me. First is his 26 years of active duty service in the Navy, which isn’t to be outdone by all the sacrifices he makes for our children and me. He gives of himself all the time, not just to family, but to others. He also believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself and never lets me forget that he loves me.

He does sound like a hero! :) What would it surprise readers to know about you?

Oh gosh, good question. They’d probably be surprised to hear that I ghost hunt with my husband in my spare time. We’ve investigated both historical sites and private residential homes.

Well, that sure surprises me. That sounds exciting! Your bio states you are an avid reader. What are you reading now? Would you like to make some recommendations?

My TBR pile is huge, but I’m currently reading Virginia Kantra’s The Passion of Patrick Macneill (love her). Next up is Regina Kyle’s Triple Threat (if you like it hot, Regina’s your girl). In contemporary, you can’t go wrong with: Jesse Haworth, Laura Moore, Kristan Higgins, Kimberly Kincaid, and Roxanne St. Clair. If you’re in the mood for a cozy mystery, I recommend Susannah Hardy’s A Greek To Me Mystery series. I’m totally hooked, and I can’t wait for the next one. For paranormal, you can’t go wrong with Keri Aurthur and Sherrilyn Kenyon, but I also love Casey Wyatt’s books. They’re not your fang and fur variety, and she’s got a great voice. What’s missing from my pile right now is a good romantic suspense, so if you’ve got suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

You really are an avid reader! Well, I’m sure we can definitely come up with some good romantic suspense suggestions. Readers, I’ll refer to your good judgement for Gail. Be sure to reach out to her and let her know what she should read.

Gail, thank you so much for being with us today. Is there a message you would like to pass along to interested readers?

Thank you, Destiny, for visiting with me. It’s been a lot of fun. And THANK YOU to the readers for taking a moment out of your busy lives to hang with us. I hope you’ll give Bachelorette for Sale a chance, and if you do, that you’ll write to me and let me know what you thought.






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