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Hello and welcome, Awarding Winning Author Eva Gordon! I am so excited you are here to tell us about your romantic steampunk and paranormal book, The Hand of Miriam, book 1 of the Bayla and the Golem series.

Eva, thank you so much for visiting with us at Coffee Time Romance and More.

Thank you for having me.

I understand you describe your writing as a mixture of genres, particularly a blend of steampunk, paranormal and fantasy. What do you love about these genres and mixing them together?

First of all, I love the creative world-building aspect of writing paranormal, fantasy and steampunk. You make up the rules about what creatures, what form of magic and what fantastic inventions exist. Steampunk, especially, works well in blending several genres.
Readers familiar with my work know I write paranormal romance of the werewolf variety, but little do they know that I’m often found in full neo Victorian style dress at your local steampunk convention. I love using my steam name, Sadie Winstone, and presenting myself as a naturalist with the British Royal Science Academy. I had a steampunk identity long before I even thought of writing a steampunk novel. I knew I would write a steampunk novel or series and it would include paranormal creatures, fantastical worlds, Victorian era manner and clothing, and of course romance.

Those genres are perfect for you! Please tell us about The Hand of Miriam. What can readers expect from this book?

Readers can expect an adventure in a Victorian world of gadgets and airships, paranormal creatures such as werewolves, vampires, demons, angels and a secret society known as the Grigori (the sons of Fallen Angels). They will be swept up by the romance between Bayla and the Golem. My story, Hand of Miriam takes a different fork from the average paranormal romance, not because it takes place in an alternative late Victorian era England, but because I also include Jewish elements, such as the golem and the Hand of Miriam. I love multicultural steampunk and I would love to see more books that include stories and myths outside England and America. In book 2, Her Majesty’s Witch, my characters travel to other countries, which I found to be fun.

Wow. There is so much in this book! When I think of a golem, I imagine some kind of monster. Is the golem in your story a monster?

Steampunk and the Golem of Prague, Oy Vay! Yes and no.
The golem character is a monster based on Jewish mythology. It is a creature made of inanimate matter such as clay or mud. Golem myths date back to early Judaism and there are many versions of a golem story.
The most famous story is the Golem of Prague. In the late 16th century, Rabbi Lowe created the golem to guard the Jewish ghetto against anti-Semitic thugs. There are numerous other versions, including one in which the golem falls in love and becomes violent. My golem is based on a mixture of several versions, but I then add my own new twist into the old legend and explain who the golem really is.
My golem, true to any romance story, shifts into his former handsome self (must read to find out) before he was turned into a golem. Since I first heard the romantic version of the golem story, I have been in love with him. I even had the chance to visit Prague a few years ago, where the golem still rests, so they say. No one knows exactly where.

That sounds exciting. Is book 2 in this series in progress? I didn’t see a blurb on your website. Can we be the first to get a sneak peek of what is coming next?
Her Majesty’s Witch, book 2 of the Bayla and the Golem series is finished. However, a big publisher is reading book 1 and so I need to wait to see what happens. If the series is not picked up, I will publish it myself. I must be patient, which is not easy. I will keep you posted.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.

Tell us about your journey to writing. Your bio says you were a high school biology teacher in the past. What made you make a change?

I love teaching, but discovered my muse while telling my students made-up stories, which, for example, included me telling my students I had to get home early because tonight was the full moon and I need to cage my werewolf husband. I loved inventing stories and that’s when the bug bit, not hit me.

What has surprised you most about your journey? Do you have any advice for anyone interested in a career in writing?

I’m surprised about how passionate I am about writing and how my muse is relentless. One story after another lines up to be written. No writer’s block, and often, I force myself to take a break. One must eat and bathe, right?
Advice for writing as a career? Hmm…keep on writing, but don’t give up a steady income.

That’s good advice. It’s tough to make good money writing.

Share with us more about you. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

I volunteer at a raptor center. I love working with the falcons, hawks and owls. I love hiking and being outdoors. I also enjoy world eco-travel.  Naturally, spending time with family and friends completes my life.

You are so much more interesting than me. All I seem to do in my spare time is read. Who are your favorite authors? Have they influenced your work?

I have so many. I would need to write a book about each one. I tend to read fantasy, but love all genres. I’m a big fan of Terry Goodkind and Diane Gabaldon. Yes, like my favorite authors, I like to have memorable characters with flaws we can all relate to.

What are you reading now?

Re-reading my first fantasy novel I’m preparing for re-release, however, I’m also reading a non-fiction, Wild Connection, What Animal Courtship and Mating Tell us About Human Relationship by Jennifer Verdolin. In the meantime, I’m also editing other works, so I have so little time to read for fun.

What would it surprise readers to know about you?

I’ve volunteered at a wolf sanctuary. And I also do presentations and classes on animal lore.

That’s fascinating. I love wolves!

For fun, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Tell us a good story about the best or worst Valentine’s Day that you can remember.

LOL. Not exciting. Hubby and I go out for candlelit dinner. Our best Valentine dates are on our wedding anniversary celebrations in August.

No bad Valentine’s Day to share? You are one lucky girl.

Do you have a message you would like to share with readers?

I hope you check out my website and discover my novels and novellas. Here are some links to follow me.

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