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Hello to Erotica Romance Author Elena Kincaid! Welcome to Coffee Time Romance and More!

Hi, thanks so much for having me…figuratively.  ;)

May I start off by saying I was instantly grabbed by the blurb for Three Made in Heaven. The characters meet inside their dreams? I love that idea! How did you come up with that? Please, tell us more!

I actually had a dream about a man and a woman sitting in an igloo and he was scantily clad while she was dressed for winter. She was distraught, telling him she didn’t want to live in a dream anymore.  The next day, I woke up and basically plotted the majority of the novel.  You can read the igloo scene, almost like I dreamed it in the book.

Is this book a part of a series?

Yes.  I am almost done with book two in the series, Ocean’s Three, which incorporates the same soul mate and psychic elements as Three Made in Heaven, but will actually delve deeper into them.  A large part of Ocean’s Three takes place on a cruise. I actually got to write some of this story while on a cruise, poolside, surrounded by the ocean.  It was pretty awesome actually.

That sounds awesome! Who was your favorite character to write in this story? What drew you to that character in particular?

I am not sure I can pick a favorite between my trio, but being inside Charlie’s head and writing his dialogue was probably the most fun.  He delivered the funny lines and provided levity.

Tell us more about you. If you had to describe yourself without using the word author, what would you say?

Mom, nerd, book whore, chocolate and coffee addict. 

Great description! What accomplishment are you proudest of? What means the most to you that you’ve achieved in your writing career or in your personal life?

Personal life would be my daughter.  She is the best thing I ever did.  Career wise, just getting published I would say.  I cried when I found out I was finally getting published, and three books later, I still get all teary eyed every time I get an acceptance.

I saw on your bio that you own a graphic design business. Do you do your own covers?

I do some memes and teasers, but no, the amazing Jay Aheer did my cover for Alpha Blood, my latest release from Evernight Publishing.  And Harris Channing designed Three Made in Heaven and Unshattered for Siren Publishing.  Both are very talented.

What would it surprise readers to learn about you?

I am a terrible cook.  Not surprising to my family and friends, though.

I’m a terrible cook as well. We have that in common! Lol. How did you become affiliated with your publisher? Was your journey to publication a smooth journey?

I just did my research and found that both Siren and Evernight are great publishers, and I am very fortunate to have been picked up by them.  It’s been a pretty smooth journey since my first book got published.  I’ve learned that perseverance and polishing your craft is key, as well as believing in yourself.

The holidays are upon us. What is your favorite holiday?

Halloween.  Dressing up is so much fun, plus it’s a great excuse to eat yourself sick with candy.  :)

Exactly. Who doesn’t want to get sick off of candy, right? Yum! What’s next for you? What are you working on now?

Right now I am working on several projects, not an easy feat.  I am finishing up Ocean’s Three (Made in Heaven #2) as well as a short add on to Alpha Blood. And I am also working on Beta Wars (Pack Warriors #2).  Beta Wars will pick up where Alpha Blood left off.  It will be my first ever MM and will focus on another pack in the same wolf universe who deal with the fallout of the Pack Wars from book one.

Do you have any other news you wish to share?

I have a brand new series plotted about Dragon shifters which I am hoping to start working on sometime in 2016.  I am so excited about this series and can’t wait to actually start writing it.  I have three books planned so far.  All three will be MFM.  All three will feature two very sexy Alpha males, and I can tell you that my ladies will not be damsels in distress, but fierce women who are not to be messed with either.  Oh, and of course, I can’t forget about the scorching love scenes.  ;)

Do you have a final message for readers?

I love you. :)

Thank you for dropping by CTR, Elena! Do you have any links to pass along for readers to connect with you online?





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