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I always love “meeting” new authors which makes my interview with Alanna Lucas such a treat. So let’s get comfy with our coffee cups and learn a little bit more about Alanna.

Welcome to Coffee Time Romance, Alanna! Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in Southern California, but always dreamed of far places. While in college I was extremely fortunate to be able to study Art History in Paris, France. This experience fed my growing love affair for art, architecture, and history. A couple of career changes and two children later, I decided to pen my first novel. I was hooked! Five years later, I have four published books, three more soon-to-be released, and dozens of stories swirling about in my head (it gets rather crowded in there at times!).

I can certainly relate to that. It’s like the story ideas never stop coming. Tell me about your latest novel, When we Dance?

Here is the blurb:

Miss Artemisia Germayne is used to gossip. She is far from the ton’s version of an ideal beauty. Worse still, she cannot dance. But when she finds herself in the uncomfortable predicament of abandonment on her wedding day, embarrassed and humiliated she retreats to the country.

Nigel Rochefort, second son of the Earl of Monfort, has always taken his good fortune for granted, so when the woman for whom he has a secret tendre is about to marry his friend, the only logical thing to do is break up the wedding. But that scandal is only the start. The bride’s sister has also disappeared, and Nigel must first clear his name to assure Artemisia’s affections. As he gives chase, many truths are yet to be learned. This is no simple country dance or game of seduction but an unstoppable waltz of desire—and true love.

When We Dance sounds like an interesting read. Romance, scandal, and a mystery. This certainly tweaks my interest in the rest of the series. Tell me more about your In His Arms series.

While writing When We Dance, it became clear that dancing was a common thread between the first two books. I thought it would be fun to have the hero and heroine in each story indulge in the seductiveness of the waltz in a world full of restrictions.

I’ll admit that my favorite part of many historical romances is when the hero and heroine waltz.  What was your inspiration behind When We Dance?

I was in the car one day and heard When We Dance by Sting, an image of Artemisia and Nigel dancing in a meadow popped into my head. Four weeks later, I had a first draft. 

I love how music inspires so many writers. Do you have a favorite scene from your book? Which one and why?

My favorite scene is when Artemisia hits Nigel, the hero. It is the moment when she finally decides to take control of her life, rather than just accept her lot. That’s not to say that she does not stumble along the way, but it is the first step.

I saw on your website that you’re a big traveler? How does traveling inspire your writing?

I do love to travel, especially in Europe. I have family in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Italy. Spending time with them, sampling the local flavors, and visiting historic places is always rejuvenating. It is inspiring to visit the places I enjoy writing about, it gives me a sense of time, place, and history.

Do you have any other projects coming soon?

I just finished book #4 and 5 and now I am writing the last book in the In His Arms series- Waltzing with the Earl.

For someone who hasn’t read your work before, why should they give When We Dance a try?

The heroine is not your typical lady of the ton, which makes for a fun read. Artemisia is awkward and passionate, devoted to her family, and is one of my favorite characters that I have ever written. Shh! Don’t tell the others ;-)

I promise I’ll keep your secret J Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Join a writer’s group, take classes, and never give up!

Great advice! Last fun question, if money were no object what hobby would you pick up?

Collecting cars (and of course driving them!). My first three purchases would be- in no particular order- Aston Martin DB5, BMW M5, and a Ferrari FXX.

Hmm, do I hear the possibility of a race car driver heroine in the future? Lol. Thanks Alanna for a fun interview. To learn more about Alanna and her books be sure to visit her online.

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