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Here at Coffee Time Romance, we pride ourselves in exceptional service, polite manners and friendly conversation. So, join me at the table, order your favorite cup of joe, and enjoy getting to know Shelynn Jones, author of Ghost Hunter.

Sheylynn lives in Texas, just north of Houston where she is guarded by her tiny toy poodle, Teddy. She’s been writing since 2003 and has published many novellas, novels, and short stories. Welcome, Sheylynn!

Thanks so much for the welcome!

Please tell us about your writing career and what inspired you to become a writer.

I’ve always had an active imagination and a cast of characters running in my head. A Creative Writing class in the third grade revealed that I could write anything I heard in my head and turn it into a story.  Along with being a voracious reader, writing went hand-in-hand and unlocked a beautiful world for me.

How many works have you published in your writing career?

Previously, I wrote as Shara Jones and published a number of novels and novellas before my publishers closed their doors and my rights returned to me.  I now write as Sheylynn Jones and indie publish my books.  It’s very exciting to have that latitude and control to write not just what pleases me, but also what most appeals to my readers.

Before we get too involved with the book, would you tell us about Gable Cove, Texas?

Gable Cove is a fictional bayside town based very loosely on Galveston Island, Texas.  We wanted a place with a familiar setting but one we could build and customize to suit.  As we’ve created it, it’s taken on a life of its own.  When writing each book in the series, the cast and town features become as real and familiar as visiting old friends.

Gable Cove has a lighthouse called Deacon’s Folly. I read about the efforts to save it in 1950’s. Why is this landmark so special to the people of Gable Cove?

Oh the lighthouse! The idea was a school project – Save The Lighthouse and the schoolchildren and townsfolk ‘saved pennies’ to save the lighthouse. Their plan was a success but had an unintended consequence. Nevertheless, it becomes a point of pride for the townsfolk and holds an important place in their lives.

There are two Gable Cover series, one your friend Laura writes and the other you write. Can you tell us about this collaboration and how it began?

My best friend and writing cohort is Laura Hamby. We met online on the eHarlequin website, clicked and have been best friends since. Laura and I have written series together in the past when we shared the same publishers. The creation of Gable Cove sprang from our constant instant messenger conversations and the game What If?  Hilarity and mayhem ensued and our series sprang to life. We share the fictional town of Gable Cove, have overlapping secondary characters and even the appearances and mentions of each other’s primary characters. My series is Gable Cove – Haunted.  Laura Hamby’s is Gable Cove – Gladiolus Garden House. We hope everyone comes to visit our exceptionally friendly and exceptionally haunted bayside Texas town!

Your series, the Haunted series, begins with Ghost Hunter. What can you tell us about the series?
Your tag line Ghost Hunter by name, and ghost hunter by deed really sparked my interest. Will you give us a little glimpse into the book (any part of your synopsis you’d like to give).

Gable Cove – Haunted series concerns three boyhood friends, each affected by the same ghostly experience. The trilogy follows each on their quest to deal with the ghosts of their past, the women in their present, and the hope for their future. Love, laughter, thrills and chills.  Anything is possible in Gable Cove!

Jacob ‘Ghost’ Hunter has seen and experienced spirit activity since he suddenly became an orphan in his youth. Determined to never care for someone too deeply, allow them to care too deeply for him, Jacob needs to find a way to lift the otherworldly veil to communicate with the other side. Because the ghosts of his past won't let him go.

Psychic Serenity Davis is ready to strike out on her own and live her life, and she plans to start in Gable Cove, Texas as office manager for a ghost walk tour business. Daughter of a renowned spirit communicator, Serenity hides her connection to Spencer Davis, and her abilities, to be accepted as just a normal and conventional member of the community. It doesn’t take a psychic to know that Jacob ‘Ghost’ Hunter spells trouble for her plans.

Sheylynn, thank you so much for stopping by for the interview today. It was great to get to know you and your creativity better. I hope we’ve enticed our readers to grab your book and discover Gable Cove. Ladies and gentleman, don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses!

Karen’s book can be found on Amazon here:

You can read more about her and her passions on her website. You can also find her one Facebook and Twitter.






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