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Good morning, Kari and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Please grab a seat in our cozy recliner, and be sure to get some delicious baked treats off the table. They are all calorie free. Karenne made sure to take all the fattening stuff out. Oh, and don’t forget to slip on the relaxing fuzzy pink slippers. The readers are very eager to learn more about Kari Thomas.

Tell us, Kari, how does your day begin?

Enjoying “calorie free” baked treats! I’m always telling my doc that, too, but she just shakes her head. So, truth? I get up and have coffee while reading for about half an hour.

Now, why don’t we spend time discussing your newest book, Her Demon, His Angel? Sara and Drake seem to blend in together. I love Drake as a male name.

I love him too! His name actually popped into my head BEFORE the story started to piece together. Then, when I realized he was an angel, Sara’s name came. They were meant for each other!

Where did you get the premise to write this story?

I was reading a nonfiction about Fallen Angels. I started wondering HOW such a concept could happen. Angels have pure souls, right? Before I allowed myself to go off in an entirely different, nonfiction-style idea, I started playing the “what if” game, and the story came strong and fast.

Can you tell your readers what other books you have planned for the future?

This is my 9th book, so of course I’m not stopping! I’ve thought of future books for HDHA but right now I’m working on two other books. One is a Paranormal Romance (of course!) with the mythical “Skinwalker” in Native American stories, as my bad guy. As much research as I did before starting this one, it STILL has been a hard one to write. This Evil is hard to deal with and to predict his next moves. Good thing I’ve got the other book to work on. It’s a Paranormal Romance, writing in the First POV (that’s a FIRST for me)and has my family history blended into a fictional story based on a true ghost story dealing with Pirates.  

What does your writing place look like?

My office is done in cream and dark red (red for romance, of course!). I have all my research books, a large desk, and then lots of romantic candles in holders scattered around the room as decorative pieces. It SHOULD be the perfect writing place, but as soon as I open my computer I get distracted with online stuff! LOL!

Do you write on a schedule or as inspiration hits?

I’m a definite “Pantser”. I tried the schedule thing, but it seemed to prevent my muse from being productive. So, even though I make the effort every morning, I still don’t “plan” it.

When looking for a good book to read, what draws you to the book first, the cover, or the synopsis inside the book?

First the title. Then, the synopsis. Even though I’m a professed “Book-A-Holic” and read just about anything, I’m still picky.

Describe your perfect vacation spot.

Would you be curious to know WHY I would say: a month in Scotland, looking for Nessie? LOL! What can I say…!

Is there something in your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets that you must keep completely stocked on your shelves?

Shhhhh. Dont tell. Being a Diabetic, it’s a no-no BUT I have to have chocolate! I’d never make it without that indulgence.

What is your favorite television show?

OMG, very hard to pick my favorite! The Big Bang, Walking Dead, Supernatural, The Originals, Reign, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Asylum, Long Island Medium, Angels among Us, and the list goes on…

Kari, is there anything else you would like to share with us?

BIG THANKS for having me here. My website is temporarily down, but when it goes live again, please do visit me. And BIG THANKS to all my Readers for making HER DEMON, HIS ANGEL a great Seller! The Reviews have been so fantastic and have made me so proud of this one!

Thank you Kari for being with us today. I look forward to reading all your wonderful stories.

Thanks, Cherokee!






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