SF Romance. Aliens. Space Captains. Androids. Cyborgs. The limits are endless in SF romance and that’s why I love it. 

SFR ranges from sweet too erotic. M/F, M/M, and any combination thereof. One lover, two lovers, or three. On a future earth or in a far galaxy. 

I got the idea for Terran Temptation on a rare day off from work. With a lot of rain; not much to do,;and no car at the time; I wanted to keep myself entertained. I came up with the idea of imaging myself as a brilliant scientist designing a weapon on a space station. It took some hasty notes and a few drafts until I added a strong, sexy, human hybrid commander and lots of reading about Ancient Rome to let the idea come together. And, well, I made her a ‘bigger’ girl because I wanted ladies of all sizes and body shapes to meet that perfect hero made for them. 

I listen to a lot of SF theme songs while I write to get me in the mood and well as ambient music mixes. Nothing like drifting off into a alternate world and letting music carry you there.

This is my first series and I’m very excited about it. I have a giveaway open until next Thursday.  I’ll choose one winner from comments for a free copy of Terran Temptation (Terran #1)

Just answer in the comments:

What’s your favorite SF romantic couple? TV, movies, or books. Or comic books. 

Dr. Annalisha Montague has earned a glowing reputation as a Terran scientist. She has also attracted the attention of two men, a senator who wants her for her bloodline and a Terran commander who wants her heart and soul. Will she choose to honor her bloodline or her heart?




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