Actually I have been a guest blogger here before, but it was years ago. Most readers here probably don’t know my name, so here’s some background.

So, this is what I looked like for many years.  I dyed my hair red, because I had red highlights when I was much younger, and since I have me faither’s Celtic skin (he was from Glasgow), I don’t tan, I burn and freckle,. So since I have to suffer like a redhead, I wanted to be one.  I also wore glasses for many years, until I was diagnosed with cataracts–at an earlier age than most. I had been wearing tri-focals, with part of the lens for distance, part for reading, and part for computer screens. I had them do what is called mono-vision–so I have a distance lens in my left eye, and a reading lens in my right eye.  So no more glasses!  Yay!

And what else can you tell from the picture? Tattoos rock! I got my first one when I was still in college, as a memento of being young and stupid.  Back then, the only females who got them were Cher and hookers.  My parents were outraged!  But years later, when I was married and raising babies, I started to wonder if I was still the same person.  I was a rebel when young–never going to settle down, never get married, never going to have kids. And here I was, raising 4 young kids, a card-carrying member of the PTA, Girl Scout leader, and WOW! I’d look in the mirror and ask, “Who are you?  Am I still in there, anywhere?:”  So I started getting more tattoos.  Quite a few more.  Most represent my kids, and my husband, or my Celtic background.  And no, I don’t regret any of them.  Actually, I joke that after producing 4 big babies, (the first one was 11#!) they’re the only parts of my body that I still like to look at, because they’re so colorful and decorative. Note: I’ve never gotten a sleeve, because I’m a substitute teacher, and even in high schools, they frown on adults with obvious, excess body art or piercings.

So here’s the first contest question: How many tattoos do you think I have?  2 have been worked on twice, so I usually count them as 2 each.  My plan is to keep track of how many correct answers each reader leaves today.  At the end of the day, I’ll add them up to see who had the most correct answers.  Then I’ll ask that person to tell me which of my books you’d like to read.  So check back to see what question I ask in each post.  And good luck!

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