I’ve already mentioned most of my author’s playlist. Here’s an insight into one song that had particular influence on the Dragshi Chronicles. While I have always enjoyed watching pipe and drum bands march in Saint Patrick’s Day parades, a tune they frequently played was more associated with the memory of watching the Seventh Cavalry on television ride out of the fort. One day, the Irish air, Garryowen, played and I closed my eyes and saw the seidheirn prance.

One thing I haven’t written about are magical equines. The Windmaster Novels, the Dragshi Chronicles, and Imprisoned in Stone all have some kind of magical equines. The seidheirn are the ones in the Dragshi Chronicles. Although they look like large horses, among their special attributes besides unusual stamina, strength, and a fierce loyalty, is the fact that they choose their own rider. And no one, neither human nor dragshi, can ride a seidheirn against the animal’s wishes.

Such strong animals also have suitable personalities which adds a challenge to the writing. Not only are there conversations between the dragshi and their dragon soul twins, more than one seidheirn communicate with their riders. One example is Marsainn, the head stallion of his kind and his rider is Lord Branin Llewlyn. During a wall-rocking winter storm, Marsainn helped Branin halt a stampede of panicked animals.

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