Saoirse and Diego are getting married.  Freddie, back in Boston, is her man of honor.  He outdid himself, because he set up the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and the breakfast the next day.  This allows for Saoirse’s relatives to fly in from Chicago, but no one gets near the Academy compound. After 2 nights of partying, Freddie-style, in Boston, it’s the day before the wedding, and everyone is arriving in town.  Note: John is the son of the previous pack leader–he’s also a werewolf.

Saoirse checked into the Honeymoon Suite. She and Freddie were checking out all of the amenities and laughing at the size of the California King four-poster bed. Freddie nicknamed it the gymnasium, while making suggestions for how to indulge in some light bondage using neck ties.

Suddenly the door opened and Diego called out, “Where’s my woman?”

Saoirse ran over to him and she jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around him. He held her ass with both hands as they kissed as if they’d been separated for years, both completely oblivious that they were being watched.

Freddie shook his head, grinning at their display, before turning to talk to the man who had followed Diego into the room. Suddenly Freddie felt like all of the air had been sucked out of the room, and he stopped breathing, to stare open-mouthed at the most gorgeous man he had ever seen.

John approached him with a casual smile, extending his hand for a shake. “Hi, I’m John Johnson, the best man.”

Freddie held out his hand, while trying to stop his arm from shaking. When their palms met, John looked into his eyes sharply, in surprise, while Freddie felt the tingle race through his whole body, to end up centered in his groin, making his jeans suddenly way too tight.

“I’ll say you are,” he stammered, then blushed as he recovered himself quickly. “I mean–hello, I’m Freddie Landon. I’m the maid–I mean, man of honor.”

“So you’re Saoirse’s best friend from back when you were little kids?”

He nodded. “Yup.” And you’re the man she told me was closeted so tightly the door had never been opened? Sam, we’re not even any more. I owe you big time for this gorgeous man that I’m going to seduce as quickly as possible!  Freddie waved at the wedding couple, saying, “Maybe we should give them a little privacy?”

John glanced at them and nodded.

Both men made for the door, and Freddie announced as they passed, “You guys really need to come up for air or you’re going to pass out from lack of oxygen. John and I are heading down to the bar in the lobby. You can meet us down there when you’re–um–done.”

Diego growled when the door closed behind them. “I need you naked, now!”

*****************************************Copyright 2020, Fiona McGier********************************************************

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