I think the hardest part of creating a character can sometimes be the name.  Usually they tell me the name…and insist on it.  Sometimes the name they insist on is wrong for various reasons…and that is when it gets tricky.

Edward DeVere always insisted quite strongly that that was his name.  And I never minded it…in fact I always loved it, thought it was the perfect blend of swashbuckling and noble.  But the name also felt…familiar.

So, one day, I googled it.  And realized that I knew the name from a debate I’d had with a dear friend…who believes Shakespeare did not write his plays.  I do, fervently, but considering Edward De Vere was the 17th Earl of Oxford and someone various people consider the real author of Shakespeare’s plays, well.  I keep wanting to say “I’m no Oxfordian!” and then realizing that the number of people who actually would care equals roughly to about zero.

But then there is Charlotte…who considers herself more of a rascal than a murderess, but she is a spy, self centered, grandiose, clever creature who is often not up to any good.  She gives out main character, Avriel, a bit of trouble.  Now…the to Charlottes I’ve known have both been the sweetest people I’ve ever known.  I wonder how many people are writing evil characters and who are going “Nope, can’t name them that, it will hurt so and so’s feelings…or that, everyone will think I am hinting at something…”

So, now, I blanket state – if you ever see your name in a book, and the person isn’t awesome…it’s not based off of you.  Unless you WANT them to be.  Then.  Um.  Whatever makes you happy?

So, have you ever come across your name in a book?  Was the character anything like you?

Tune in again soon…I will talk about where my ideas come from.

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