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So this is what I look like now.  You can’t see my hair, but I’m not doing it red anymore.  I have what I call “British people hair”, because like my dad, I have silver hair on the top and sides, and dark gray in the back.  And I don’t like to wear hats–they mess up my hair.  So why am I wearing one in this picture? If you look closely,  you’ll see the writing says, Toronzo Cannon’s hat.  He’s a blues guitar-shredder that we saw last year at Chicago’s Blues-fest.  During his set, he tossed the hat from his head, into the audience.  Right at me?  Well, I was near the front, and I did meet him the previous year, at Aurora’s Blues on the Fox, when he signed my CD to Fiona, a FSW.  One of his songs is called Fine, Seasoned Woman, about how he prefers his females older, since they’re more fun.  Yeah–he’s so right!

Besides blues, with screaming guitars, I also love heavy, industrial metal music. Our 4 kids are all young adults now, and 2 of the boys like to take my husband to concerts–they’ve been to see Tool a few times, A Perfect Circle, and Rammstein, which is German heavy metal.  They had tickets for quite a few concerts already for this year, but they’re all being cancelled.  Bummer!  Anyway, a couple of years ago, one son told me he had 2 tickets to see Nine Inch Nails at the Aragon, in downtown Chicago. He got the tickets for his birthday, and said he wanted me to come with him because I was the one to turn him on to Nine Inch Nails back when he was still in grade school.   I didn’t realize the Aragon had no seats until we got there!  It was a tiny venue to see a band that we’d seen before in a huge arena.  We were so close we could almost touch Trent Reznor!  The speakers were gigantic! I wore ear plugs and still felt deaf for a few days.  It was hours spent in a mosh pit, and when we got home, we both showered, since it wasn’t just our own sweat we were covered in!  It was a FABULOUS concert!

So here’s the deal.  I’m going to be doing my Jazzercise class from an on-line live broadcast, until about 10:30, central time.  Then I’ll come on -line to chat with you.  My question for this post is: How old do you think my son was, when he asked his mom to go to the Nine Inch Nails concert with him on his actual birthday?

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