mysticstouch_msrThe kiss.

It’s a powerful form of communication.

A kiss may hold anything from respect and affection to a mother’s love, or even the burning desire of a lover. How you deliver that kiss often holds the key to interpreting its meaning.

We kiss in many ways. A kiss on the hand as a greeting. A peck on the cheek to show a friend you’re happy to see them. Mothers may drop one on top of a head of a child in farewell. And girlfriends may give their sweetie a quick kiss on the lips just because they can. But let’s face it, a long, meaningful kiss -a French kiss- with the right partner is simply heaven.

Scientists have proven there are physical changes in the body when we kiss. If you thought goose bumps and that slightly dazed feeling was the only thing going on you were wrong. Several chemicals in the brain are released when you kiss. Chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. The things that make us feel good, happy, and want to cuddle.

Humans aren’t the only ones to kiss though. Animals lick and groom each other. Some rub noses. And even birds have been known to tap beaks together. That’s kind of a kiss too, right?

Being in close proximity to another person allows your other senses to take over. Your sense of taste, smell, touch, and sight delivers lots of subconscious data to your brain. The number one being whether or not the person you are kissing is a good match or mate for you. It may even give hints as to whether your partner is in poor health.

Kissing reduces stress, increases relationship satisfaction and even burns calories. So this Valentine’s Day, grab that someone special and get caught up on kisses!

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