TBaHB-3-1600px (1)At the moment I’m sitting on a cruise ship travelling the Pacific Ocean while the emotionally wounded Head of Security seduces me, and when I have a free moment I cook him succulent desserts involving chocolate and a lot of cream… Okay, so I’m not actually there. Writing it almost makes it true, but not quite, right? Almost.

A friend of mine has been living a happily ever after that’s so close to my book, I’m starting to wonder if there’s more power in my typing fingers than I thought possible. It’s such a get-out-that-can-not-be-real-life story, I felt I had to share. Said friend was recently dumped, brutally, by long term fiancé. They’d been together over a decade, and while she’d always wanted babies and a home, he wanted to tour the world making music. After prompting him for years to end the relationship if he wasn’t into it, and his assurances that no no, her dream was his dream too, turns out it wasn’t. And on the eve of their pre-planned holiday, when everyone else was away, he pulled the rug out. Dismay ensued. Heartbreak. Heartache. The dividing of furniture, pets, debt., etc. So far, the recipe for a conflicted heroine. Cue new hero.

On an online dating site her brother signed her up for, my friend ticked a box on some page somewhere. The man attached to said box then texted, emailed, called. Steamy flirting, an impulse meeting a three hour drive away, and a month or so later, he’s buying her a ticket to a remote tropical island so they can celebrate their birthdays together (which fall within a day of each other)! See? Get. Out.

The best bit? He desperately wants the kids and home she’s wanted for the last ten years. He moved cities, and now she has a ring on her finger and a gorgeous nine month old baby boy. All I can say is, yay! I mean, what sort of romance writer would I be if I didn’t believe there could be a happily ever after from such a crazy romantic story?LLaF-2-1600px

As to that tropical island cruise I was mentioning, its happening in the last of my Love On Deck books which comes out at the start of March. But this month the first in that series is being released as an audio book by Audible. So if you believe in happily ever afters, flick me a message about true love on Facebook to be in to win a copy of the new audio version of The Boss and Her Billionaire.

I’m also giving away an e-book copy of the second book, Love Lost and Found, to one person who leaves a comment below. Don’t forget to include your email address!

Happily ever after everyone.

xMichele     MDWinton


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