MissGuided_CVR_SMLChocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. Probably because most women like chocolate. And many men have no clue what else to buy. So aside from flowers, which are hideously expensive on this particular day, chocolate comes in a quick second. And chocolate’s association with love is no coincidence either. It contains phenylethylamine a chemical that mimics the brain chemistry when a person falls in love. The problem is, if you cold-turkey the chocolate you may find you’re not as in love as you thought you were. So if you’re considering a long-term future with someone, you may want to restrict your chocolate intake for a week or so to make sure what you really feel is love and not chocolate-induced euphoria.

Chocolate can also tell you a lot about your relationship. Does your loved one know you well enough to buy your favorite? Or have they just grabbed any old box off the shelf thinking all women like all chocolate? If my husband came home with a box of milk chocolate soft centers then I’d send him straight back to the store. He now knows my catchphrase, “I like my chocolate like my man—dark, nutty, and spicy.” So he never picks up the wrong kind.

Finally, chocolate box compatibility is a legitimate relationship concern. While similar tastes can come in handy to keep a couple together, do you really want to fight over your favorite chocolates for the rest of your life? It would be wiser to limit the like-minded requirements to less important stuff, such as having children or where you want to live. Luckily my husband likes the soft centers. When people who don’t know us so well give us chocolate, he’s relegated to eating those, while I get the dark chocolate covered nuts or ginger.

So, there you have it, the importance of chocolate in a romantic relationship. What’s your favorite type of chocolate? Tell me in the comments below to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Don’t forget to include your email address!

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Alexia once traveled the world, meeting new people, experiencing new sights and tastes. She’s lived in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, and France, as well as spent time in Panama and Russia. When life demanded that she stay rooted in one place, she took to vicarious voyages through the characters she created in her romance novels. Her stories reflect her love of travel and feature locations as diverse as the wind-swept prairies of Canada to hot and humid cities in Asia. To discover other books written by Alexia or read her blog on inspirational destinations, Journey to Love at http://Alexia-Adams.com and sign up for her newsletter to keep up-to-date with new books and adventures.

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