winningbackwednesday_msrWinning Back Wednesday

Austin and Wednesday have been friends for years. He values their friendship, though he’s horrible at showing it, and she loves him more deeply than she’s willing to admit. When he discovers she’s never celebrated a birthday, he plans a special night for just the two of them. Too bad he forgets to show up.

Wednesday has always been the Mistress of Denial. But this time she’s had it. Austin is not good for her, so she packs up and moves on. Now that Austin knows what he’s lost he’s not willing to let her go. And it’s going to take every trick in his arsenal to prove his love and win back Wednesday.


Missy: In celebration of Valentine’s Day I want to introduce you to one of my most unlikely heroes, Austin Severs. He’s kind of a self-centered playboy, or he was, until sweet unassuming Wednesday pulled the rug from beneath him. So tell us, Austin, how did you meet your sweet heroine, and how did you know it was love?

Austin: (clears throat) Um, self-centered playboy? Don’t you think that’s a little harsh? I mean, I know it took me a while to realize how perfect Wen is. I’ve never claimed to be brilliant, but come on. Cut me some slack here.

Missy: Well, you did forget all about her special day after promising to celebrate it with her. And you missed out on her very first birthday cake.

Austin: Crap, you just had to bring that up, huh? Yeah, okay. I was pretty much a self-centered jerk where Wen was concerned for a long time. We met when my car broke down on the side of a busy street in north Houston one Sunday. Traffic was zooming past like I wasn’t standing there needing help. Then, just as I was about to call for a tow truck that probably would’ve bankrupted me, along comes this cute, young woman in denim shorts and a Metallica t-shirt. At first I thought it was some kind of joke, her looking at the engine of my Mustang like she knew what was wrong with it. No one could’ve been more surprised than me when she actually fixed it right then and there.

Missy: Just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Austin: Tell me about it. I can’t imagine how many guys have met Wen while she’s worked as a mechanic, but she’s never had a boyfriend the whole time we’ve known each other. I had set her up on a few dates, but those guys didn’t appreciate her.

Missy: And you did?

Austin: (sighs deeply) Not at first. No, I really took her for granted until she was suddenly gone. Then I realized that the woman I thought was just a fun buddy to watch B-movies with and hang out with, was actually the woman I’ve needed my whole adult life. I really can’t live without her. My chest ached when I realized she had left. I thought I was having a damn heart attack. That’s when I realized how much I love her.

Missy: That’s so sweet! You’re damn lucky she was still willing to talk to you after the stunt you pulled.

Austin:  Don’t I know it. But hey, lets not give everything away. The readers should check out our full story. It’s a short one anyway, and a really sweet deal, if I do say so myself.

Missy: (Laughs) Way to plug your book. Okay, that’s enough for now and readers can find it here to get the full story.  Like Austin said, it’s a short story and a sweet deal at just $1.99. And in honor of Valentine’s Day I’m giving away a little gift box of fun: V-day headband, play cuffs, a photo holder, heart-shaped string of beads, and lots of buttercream mints. Plus a $5 Amazon gift card. Just comment below to enter. Don’t forget to include your email address!IMG_3803

Austin: Hey, they can use that gift card to buy my book.

Missy: (snort) Sure Austin.


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