Four-legged Friends

Tori Carson

Many of us turn to our four-legged friends when our hearts have been broken and with good reason. They don’t ask questions. They snuggle and bring us comfort without asking for much in return. Their non-judgmental companionship is a treasure.woman-with-dog-1522330-640x480

It certainly was for Sasha, the heroine in Against the Odds, book two of the Bound for Justice Series. She had always found solace in the company of abused animals. In whatever town she landed in, while on the run from both the police and her would-be killer, she’d seek out an animal shelter. After settling in Phoenix, Arizona, Sasha discovered a horse rescue. These kindred spirits shared her first-hand knowledge of what it was like to be battered and abused by their guardian. She was familiar with the pain reflected in their soulful eyes. They were just as afraid and untrusting as she’d grown to be.

Sasha poured her love and support into providing for these animals. It was far from a selfless act though. Unable to confide in anyone else, these horses became her only true friends. In their company, she could let her hair down and be herself. She didn’t have to remember the plethora of lies she’d woven to hide her past.

While animals can share a place of honor in our hearts, humans still crave the love and touch of our own kind. Though Sasha tried to deny her need for human companionship, she was inexplicably drawn to Sid Townsend, fellow rescue supporter and self-proclaimed animal lover.

Unlike humans, our four-legged friends don’t waste their energy building elaborate false personas. What you see is what you get from animals. For the most part, their reactions are instinctual not coldly calculated. Like any intelligent being though, they can develop learned responses. When beaten they learn distrust. However, with love and patience they can overcome their emotional and physical scars.

Sasha worked hard to help. She whispered of a better life, one where they would be given unconditional love and acceptance. She urged those wounded, battered souls to give hope a second try, yet she never believed such a chance was there for her. Then Sid Townsend rode in like a knight in shining armor, a handsome stranger who promised to make her wishes come true. She began to believe in him.

Some rescued animals are lucky enough to be placed in loving homes. Though their new environment is supportive and caring, many battered pets even years after leaving the abusive situation will still respond sharply to loud noises or a raised hand. Those old memories are quick to resurface. Fear of betrayal is never far away.

Imagine how Sasha feels when she learns Sid lied to her. He’s not who he said he was. The person she’d grown to love was simply a façade designed specially to appeal to her vulnerabilities. He found her weakness and used it against her.

Once all his lies are exposed, he begs her to believe in him anyway, to place her life in his hands and trust that he will keep her safe. Unlike pets that live at the mercy of their owners, Sasha has a choice and the decision she makes will change the course of her life forever.


Blurb for Against the Odds:againsttheodds_800

Once their paths cross, their fates are sealed.

Sid is a master at solving cold cases. His mind thrives on the challenge. He has a knack for finding elusive clues and piecing the puzzle together, until he starts on the trail of a privileged teenage debutante who in a fit of rage burned down her design studio and brutally murdered her closest competitor.

As the years go by, the case becomes an obsession. Using age progression techniques, he knows the girl has grown into a beautiful woman. He wonders how many others have fallen into her web of deadly deceit.

Sasha is a brilliant interior decorator. Her designs are coveted by the rich and influential. She has a mysterious air. No one knows about her murky past and she’s determined to keep it that way. She survives by relying on no one and avoiding all personal connections. After a break-in at her office brings unwanted police attention, she feels the noose tightening. She must choose between escape and making a stand. To break free, she’ll have to do the unthinkable. She’ll have to learn to trust.


About Tori Carson:

Tori lives in the beautiful Sonoran Desert with her loving husband of almost thirty years. She wakes up each morning to the howls of coyotes and the barking of her family dogs wanting to join the fray.

When Tori isn’t writing, she’s either spending time with her two, wonderful adult children, or creating stained glass art.

She likes her love stories scorching hot. She tries to infuse a fire and passion between her characters that rivals the blazing summer sun that Arizona is known for. Tori encourages you to bask in the heat between the covers of a Dominant/submissive, happily-ever-after, bondage romance.


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