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In Southwest of Love and Murder, the heroine, Phoebe, is more than a little attracted to Mason Meadowlark. Mason is the sheriff’s brother, but he’s a rancher in Chino Valley, Arizona and the polar opposite of his brother.

Q: Good morning, Mason. I understand you have quite the reputation as a playboy.

A: Someone’s been telling tales.

Q: You’re single. Widowed or divorced and any children?

A: I’m divorced. We, uh, no children. My baby daughter died.

Q: I’m sorry. Anything more you’d like to add?

A: No. That was a long time ago.

Q: Anyone special in your life right now?

A: Hey, they’re all special, right? Although, I do have to say, Phoebe blew into my life, and I can’t get her off my mind any more than I can get the prairie out of my soul.

Q: Sounds like she’s rocked your world. Tell me more.

A: She’s not like anything we have in this ranching country. Phoebe is a murder/mystery writer with a sense of humor and a sexiness you can’t ignore. I call her my gypsy.

Q: Let’s try some flash questions to get to know you more personally.

A: Sure. Shoot.

Q: Night or Day?

A: Night. Moon over the prairie. Coyotes howling. Sitting on the veranda with an after-dinner bourbon and watching the stars twinkle in Phoebe’s eyes.

Q: Love or lust?

A: Ha. Well, let’s start with lust and see where it goes.

Q: Boxers, briefs, or commando.

A: My brother warned me about you. Boxers.

You can find out even more about Mason Meadowlark here: http://brendawhiteside.blogspot.com/p/get-to-know-characters.html

Stay tuned for Love and Murder Hero, part 3 in just a little while.

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