Welcome to Coffee, Books, and a Blog part 4. This is my last post to introduce you to the heroes in the first four books of the series. Now, don’t forget to comment for a chance to win one of the eBooks in the series.

Christmas and Politics. Joy and Jeopardy. Love and Murder. That’s how it all comes together in my latest release, book four of the Love and Murder Series, The Power of Love and Murder.

Jake Winters is an ex-rock star, not long out of rehab. He’s still got a positive outlook in spite of being down on his luck. He’s come to Flagstaff, Arizona to stay with his sister, Mandy, and meets her best friend, Penny.

Q: Good morning, Jake. I’m a little flustered sitting across from a rock and roll hotty.

A: Oh, please, don’t embarrass me. Those days are over with good and bad memories behind me.

Q: You’re single. Widowed or divorced and any children?

A: I’ve never been married. There was never time to get serious about anyone.

Q: But with Penny there might be a chance?

A: If she can forget our first meeting. I was a rocker, stoned, and full of myself. Now, I’m trying to be her friend…or something.

Q: Sounds like she’s caught your attention. Tell me more.

A: I don’t know how long I’ll be in Flagstaff. It’s cold, but it’s Christmas and my sister wants me to stay. Penny has secrets, and I’d suddenly like to break through the wall she’s built. She’s a pixie of a lady with a sharp wit.

Q: Let’s try some flash questions to get to know you more personally.

A: Hey, I was once all about flash.

Q: Night or Day?

A: Penny drove us up to the Snow Bowl on top of the San Francisco Peaks. I have to say, sun sparkling on the snow was pretty breathtaking.

Q: Love or lust?

A: I used to be all about lust. Maybe I should try my hand at love

Q: Boxers, briefs, or commando.

A: Well, bugger, you got me. Commando!

You can find out even more about Mason Meadowlark here: http://brendawhiteside.blogspot.com/p/get-to-know-characters.html

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