Journey #5

The lost diary entry of Rhys Matthews


After rummaging through the old trunk that contained the hand-written diary entries of Rhys Matthews and Rain Calisto that became Flesh Fantasy, I found entries hidden behind the fabric that lined the trunk. For those that read Flesh Fantasy, this entry gives you a glimpse of what Rhys was waiting for the night he met Rain at Zen Grooves. For those that did not read Flesh Fantasy, you can access the FREE READ portion of Flesh Fantasy on my website that continues this story. To experience the full adventure of Rhys and Rain, pick up your eBook copy today at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Siren Bookstrand or Mobipocket.

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Rhys Matthews- lost diary entry 1

Mirth was the flavor in my Hookah pipe for the evening.

It was extremely rare and a complete indulgence, even for my family that had considerable wealth. In fact, Steffan had to negotiate a trade of even more of our Defender Serums this time just to get a small batch for me.

Mirth was made from the pulp of the Black Sapote. Considered one of the most exotic tropical fruit known on Earth, the black pulp tasted like dark chocolate pudding, but oddly had hints of a rich coconut scent.

But taste and scent alone wasn’t what made Mirth sought after by vampires.

A vampire lair in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico created Mirth. It was a Shisha that contained Black Sapote pulp soaked in human blood.  The human blood came from willing donors. Extracted at the height of a sexual encounter, the blood had a unique sweet and spiciness. This blending created a taste that was simply divine. And most importantly, the pairing of the Black Sapote and Blood acted like a calming agent— known to settle the raging instinct of an unmated male vampire to sexually devour and blood claim a human female.

And tonight, I didn’t just want the Mirth. I needed the Mirth.

It was Saturday night and Rain was going to be in my club.

Like clockwork, I was certain she would walk through those doors, playing her game with her friends. And if this night was going to be like other nights I had to bear witness to, she would pull the short stick and I would have to watch her go home with another man from in my club.

Yes, there was no doubt about it.  I needed to be calm.

There are few things in my life that I needed. I was the vampire protector and guardian of Ambrose Heights. The allure I had on mortal woman was almost comical- they would literally fall at my feet. And my unique strength created fear in other male vampires allowing me the first picking of mortal women. Yet, I wanted women for one thing and one thing only. Even as an unmated vampire and living once as a rogue, I never felt the need to devour, claim and blood sample a woman as a mate.  

That is, until Rain stepped in my club weeks ago.

I was drawn to this woman. Something inside of me ached for her. The magnetic pull she had on me was devastating. Even more overwhelming was the fact that her pull on every fiber of my body was insistent and never stopped.  I imagined myself as one of the lovers she took home. I visualized us skin on skin, fantasized the way her kiss would taste and how her eyes on me would feel.

And while I was once again in a full-blown fantasy about Rain, she walked into Zen Grooves and stole the last piece of reserve I had.

Mirth. I needed more Mirth.

I sank back in my private booth and drew the silk curtains closed. I left a little slither open so I could watch her with unsuspecting eyes. I leaned in close to the curtain, my Hookah hose shaking in my hand.

Rain walked through the club, as if in slow motion. I took in a deep breath. I could smell the mix of her blood and perfume.

It was intoxicating.

She was laughing, bringing her hand up to her face. Wouldn’t you know it, she in fact pulled the shortest stick…again.

My body wanted to jump straight out of the booth and put myself out on display at the bar. I wanted to summon her with my eyes and offer myself up as a contestant for her game.

All the things I wanted were the exact things I shouldn’t.

This was going to be a long night.




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