Once dead, always dead.

Christopher Beaufort works in what could easily be the most cheerful place on earth, Santa’s Christmas Realm, but as a vampire, he is nothing more than a shadow among the living.

Worn out by the demands of his job as Chief Toy Officer, Santa assigns a human woman to help him, Samantha Kraus. Tantalized by the fiery red-head, Christopher makes it his business to seduce her, but as he does, something within him begins to stir.

Life is a gift in which every moment counts.

When Samantha Kraus accepted the job of assistant manager at Santa’s, she expected elves, fairies and maybe some shifters, but definitely not vampires, and least of all did she imagine her boss would be one of them or that she’d be attracted to him.

Though she tries to remain professional, Samantha finds herself falling for Christopher. But, can a vampire’s heart ever beat again?



“Helping you is my job and to do so, I need to know more about the business. Its ins and outs. Its people.”

“You were a regional manager before, a much better position than this one. You demoted yourself and you expect me to believe you’re only here to help?”

She gave him a wry grin. “Been reading up on my CV, haven’t you? Yes, believe it or not, I simply wanted to do something different. I wasn’t ready to commit to McIntosh’s for life.”

Christopher’s tilted his head. A lock of hair hid his expression from her and the wild impulse to sweep it aside, skimming her fingertips over his skin, drove her hands into fists. He brushed it aside.

“Forgive me if I’m skeptical. I’ve seen it all too often in your kind.”

“My kind?” Samantha tensed. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Christopher stretched, resting his arm on the top of the chair at his side. He spread his legs. Samantha bit her lip. The man took up space effortlessly, commanding it without even realizing it, or perhaps he did.

“You’re not magical, Samantha. You are human. You are food,” he stated.

Uncomfortable with his blatant reply, she shifted in her seat.

Christopher leaned forward, resting his forearms on his knees. His blue gaze pierced into her.

“I would however, give you a better use.”

“A better use?”

He grinned so his fangs stood out sharply, and   his eyes twinkled with mischief. Samantha held her breath.

“If it were up to me, doll, I’d keep you chained to my bed to use whenever I wanted.”

Her eyes widened as she interiorized his words.

I’d keep you chained to my bed to use whenever I wanted.

As food? As a sex slave? Her mind painted pictures both gruesome and erotic. To be his. At the mercy of his touch. Naked. Hot. Her flesh flared to life, tingling with desire which quickly zeroed in on her pussy, sending it into a rhythmic pulse. She swallowed a moan.

Say something, Samantha.

“That’s insane,” she managed. Could he hear the husk in her voice?

“Is it? You took your time to respond to such an outrageous proposition.”

She opened her mouth to defend herself but Christopher’s laughter filled the space. Rich. Dark. Devilish. Sensual. She pressed her legs together.

“Don’t deny it, Samantha. I can tell when you’re lying. You humans are usually so easy to read. You were wondering what it would be like. Your cheeks flushed the delightful pink they usually do and it crept all the way down to your cleavage. The pulse in your neck thumped with excitement and your eyes took a faraway look. It’s okay, doll. I was envisioning it too.”






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